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Astonishing Revelations About Banking Crime

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This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the August Riots in England and observe that there is no society, especially not a Big One. Watch out for the use of the phrase “vulgar plundering scum” when Keiser rants about ‘looting’ and understand he’s targeting the City (not the Ghettos) of London.

In the second half of the show Keiser talks to professor of Economics & Law and former bank regulator William K. Black, who ‘put 1,000 bankers behind bars in the 1980s’. Whether you knew or not, the once-AAA-rated USA debt was called TOXIC WASTE at the time and one million fraudulent LIARS LOANS were authorised per year. Look up those terms.

Listen, You The People are not as angry, enraged or furious about the BANKER LOOTING, you’re not baying for banker blood and custodial sentencing, as you are from some territorial yobs’ stolen trainers, track suits or ipod nanos because THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ISN’T TEACHING YOU HOW TO HATE THEM, yet. Imagine the uncontrollable horror if the BBC, SkyNews, CNN, FoxNews, CBNC and all the rest of the ‘news media’ concentrated their ‘coverage’ on institutionalised banker looting and wholesale mortgage fraud for three full days; repeating it every fifteen minutes, day and night.

I’m thinking, “Let them eat cake?”

Max Keiser – William K. Black’s Astonishing Revelations About Banking Crime

[Chimeraworld 6]

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