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Is This The Killer of Northern Europe?

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So Elenin is breaking up, eh? Well how about a new “rain of stuff” coming?

This excerpted from George Ure’s “Urban Survival Week”:

There’s a new feature on the threat board this morning spied by my friend “Age of Desolation” author G.A. Stewart. Stu will be putting a more thorough version of this on his website,, shortly, but he has been kind enough to send me an advance with permission to post it here.

Now, just as a bit of background, Stu’s is “the” follower of Nostradamus prophetic works and with that we’ll just jump right into an email and article from him…


Just a quick note on what I’m getting ready to put on the site. Listened to a Richard Hoagland interview Friday night, he thought the whole Comet Elenin, meteors in the comet’s tail theory was Fear Mongering BS.

Anyway, I broke it down using the JPL website. November 8 close encounter with asteroid 2005 YU55 is the one to be concerned about. Look at the diagrams. Certainly seems like 2005 YU55 is somewhere close to the trajectory of Comet Elenin.Clif has also flagged 11/8 and 11/9 if I’m not mistaken.

I’m working hard to get this up quickly as possible. It’s driven me back to my original manuscript. Read below about my calculations for the asteroid’s size based on Nostradamus’ prophecy. The diameter of the object I calculated is 40 feet off of the size of 2005 YU55.

This is the killer of Northern Europe… specifically Brussels and NATO. More to come… working overtime.Kindest regards, StuDon’t know about you, but when a serious academic-type sends me an email with “This is the killer of Northern Europe” – well, let’s just say I sit up and take notice, shall we say?

Anyway, it’s about here, says my colleague, this is when things will get extremely dicey! He included a link to a Christian Science Monitor report while came out on May 9, 2011 but which you likely missed:“Huge asteroid to buzz Earth in November: On November 8 and 9, the quarter-mile-wide asteroid 2005 YU55 will zoom past the Earth, coming within about 200,000 miles, a distance closer than our moon.”

Images and Diagrams – See Original Article

Back to Stu’s email:

“The upcoming close approach by this relatively large 400 meter-sized, C-type asteroid presents an excellent opportunity for synergistic ground-based observations including optical, near infrared and radar data. That would be an asteroid of 1312 feet. From my book, The Age of Desolation, Chapter Sixteen, page three hundred and sixty-four.Nostradamus writes of a great round mountain rolling very far to sink great nations. It certainly sounds like an asteroid tumbling through space. Originally, I believed that this was the meteorite that falls in Artois, France; however, it is clear from Nostradamus’ Preface that there will be a rain of fire that falls on the Earth just as the book of Revelation describes. Nostradamus says that “nothing will remain unconsumed” and this speaks of a worldwide event. Nostradamus Quatrain I-69

A great round mountain of seven stades, [4247 feet]When peace will end, war, famine, and flood:It will roll far and sink great countries,Even the ancient ones, of great foundations.

A stade is six-hundred and six feet and nine inches. Since Nostradamus mentions a great round mountain, I presume he is mentioning a circumference of 4,247 feet 3 inches, which gives the meteorite a radius of approximately 676 feet.There’s way more, especially some of Nosty’s stuff that seems to have some embedded language in it, like mentioning the constellation Cancer and the stars Castor and Pollux. Elenin is moving toward Cancer and Gemini… Working that all out now and comparing it to my original manuscript. Wanted to get this out quickly…. So, yeah put this stuff up on your site, might take a day or two to finish my stuff, but you can tell folks to check my site for the in-depth story. This could be the asteroid that takes out northern Europe. Being off 40 ft on something I wrote six years ago even shook up the doubters here!I’ll post all the predictions and we’ll see what happens. Remember though, that this is related to humans and the War in Heaven.Sorry to disagree with you and Hoagland on the breakaway civilization idea, but here’s where Hoagland’s theory falls apart. If Comet Elenin is his “Messenger of Horus” why wouldn’t the breakaway civilization just destroy it before it reaches the Earth. Nostradamus Pagan Sect with alien technology is the breakaway sect. The slap down is coming because they don’t want human’s and our murderous ways getting out of Earth Orbit… Don’t believe TR-3B’s are meant for Deep Space, that’s why we’re getting slapped back down… The warning message comes September 11th… “So yes, bookmark the Age of Desolation website, and drop by there in a day or two and Stu should have more details.

By the way, this is not to say that the Earth gets wipes out right then. That might be a little more complicated. The odds of the two objects hitting is probably close to zero. But the thing to look at it changes in orbits. since that’s a lot more complicated than I’m willing to take on, I’ll leave that for the bigger brains to figure.

Still, two scenarios may be considered: One is that 2005 YU55 might have an effect on the debris tail of Elenin while the second is that one, or both, could have their orbits changed to move right up there with Apophis which – as any catastrophist worth their salt knows is asteroid 99924 which is due to be dangerously close to a life ender that there’s already an official JPL/NASA website tracking it.

As long as we’re talking about wide-eyed scary shit (world ending might actually be one of those kinds of events) I hope you noticed that there’s talk circulating once again that the International Space Station may have to be evacuated?

Seems a Russian resupply rocket blew up on the ground and the folks upstairs are going to run out of food and other things you can’t just hop down to 7-11 or the Kwikee Mart to pick up. Soon.

Where this gets to be a potential worst-case roll-up of numerous threats is when we remember that according to many “seers” and “prophetic” types, shortly after the Space Station is abandoned (threatened by a meteor show, which loops back to Stu’s insight and noticing the connections) then shortly after the forced evac will come the biggie: The collapse of the Three Gorges Dam in some accounts, or the “killshot from the Sun” – or both with an intermissions for popcorn and calamity/war in between.

Other than wild prepping and hole digging (at decent elevations) not much one can do about any of these things. One travel note, however: If you’re planning on visiting the Three Gorges Dam – and over one million people did this year, says Beijing, then we’d recommend doing so in, oh, let’s say the next five weeks…

Oh, did I mention the report that Elenin may be disintegrating? That’d be your rain of stuff, alright.

~ End Excerpt ~

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