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Bix Weir: Cartel Guts Metals, Greenspan Goes Pro-Gold

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by Bix Weir
Published on Nov 2, 2014

According to Zero Hedge, last Thursday “Someone/something decided it was an opportune time to dump thousands of contracts of gold and silver futures” causing gold and silver to plummet. And on Friday, things only got worse with silver slicing through $16 at one point and gold breaking below $1170. Meanwhile Greenspan is publicly proclaiming the attributes of gold both for Central Banks and individual citizens, just as Bix Weir predicted. Bix joins us to discuss the end of our fiat Ponzi system as we debate his theory that former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan planned to return us to a gold standard all along.


Bix’s site

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November 6th, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Bix Weir: Deutsche Bank Derivative Problems Leaking Everywhere

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by Bix Weir

This weekend I sent an email blast after learning that one of the head structuring banksters for the largest derivative holder in the world, Deutsche Bank, had committed suicide. Yesterday I had an interview with Paul Sandhu where we touched upon what was going on in the back rooms of this mega-Bad Guy Bank.

Today we learn that the CFO for Deutsche Bank is heading for the hills too!!

Deutsche Bank Preparing to Replace Financial Chief

"The German lender Deutsche Bank is preparing to replace its chief financial officer, Stefan Krause, with a Goldman Sachs Group partner, Marcus Schenck, in a shakeup ahead of its third-quarter results announcement on Wednesday, according to people briefed on the discussions."

"Deutsche Bank is also expected to announce management changes intended to deal with other problems that have been a major distraction for Anshu Jain, the co-chief executive, as he tried to defend the bank's position among global investment banks."

"The lender said last week that it had set aside another 894 million euros, or about $1.13 billion, in legal costs in the third quarter to cover lawsuits and regulatory inquiries into a variety of legacy issues."

YES! This is ALL about gold and silver derivative rigging and that will come out in the not too distant future.

Remember this little newsflash back in January?…

Metals Currency Rigging Worse Than LIBOR, Bafin Says

"Germany's top financial regulator said possible manipulation of currency rates and prices for precious metals is worse than the Libor-rigging scandal, which has already led to fines of about $6 billion."

"Bafin interviewed Deutsche Bank employees as part of a probe of potential manipulation of gold and silver prices, a person with knowledge of the matter has said in December."



Here's the interview I did with Paul yesterday…

Bix Weir Interview: Banker Suicides, Derivatives Nightmares, Big Bank Failures and it's not all Doom and Gloom :)



Things are falling apart for the Bad Guys…just hold on tightly to your physical metal and we will all get through this mess.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank Derivative Problems Leaking Everywhere

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October 29th, 2014 at 5:45 pm

Bix Weir: Another 2008 Right Around the Corner

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Financial writer and analyst Bix Weir says what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri,
is more than just a police action gone deadly.

Published on Aug 19, 2014

Weir says, “There is definitely discontent out there. The press covers so many things up, and the government gives us so many lies on statistics, such as unemployment, about GDP, and you name it, they lie about it. There is so much bubbling up under the surface, and I do think this is the beginning of something much bigger. . . .I see another 2008 coming right around the corner. . . . The majority of Americans are not doing well. . . .The 99% are saying something is wrong here. Something is off, and as soon as there is another hiccup with the economy, with more bank fraud, you are going to see a big uprising throughout the United States.”

So, where does Weir think we are in this downward spiral? Weir contends, “There are a hundred things right now that could tip us over a cliff. One of the big ones is the U.S. dollar. You got China, Russia, the BRICS countries are basically abandoning the U.S. dollar.

How long can they keep this Ponzi scheme of an economy game going? Bix Weir of contends, “It’s almost exactly like the “Wizard of Oz” and the little man behind the curtain. He’s sitting in the basement of the U.S. Treasury and New York Fed orchestrating all these players to do what they are supposed to do. They get all the banks to rig every market to make sure the system stays together. It’s hit a point now that it’s so big and so unwieldy that they want it to crash, so we can move on to something else.” Weir goes on to say, “There are two groups that want it to crash. The bankers, because they know they are in trouble because of so many misdeeds. They want it to crash so they can say who could have helped this. The whole world crashed, it wasn’t our fault.

Then, there are people in the United States that would love the system to crash because when the system crashes and the dollar crashes, all debt goes away. All electronic debt and all mortgage debt will be wiped out because these bankers will be bankrupt.

All debt will be gone because that is the biggest problem right now. . . . If all the debt is gone, then all the electronic assets will be gone too because the debt is somebody’s asset, and it is usually the bankers that claim that. This whole system will shut down. They have been ready to go back to some sort of gold backed system. This will be the biggest thing to happen in human history.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer Bix Weir of

Read More @


Bix Weir: Another 2008 Around the Corner

Bix Weir

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August 21st, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Interesting Times & Opinions

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gordonduff senior editor

Nazi Website Used to Scare Jews, Launder Cash

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Rense Radio Network – 01-22-13 Interview of Gordon Duff

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Gordon Duff on Rense

[Waterman Files]



Bix Weir Update

It looks like the attempt by the Good Guys for a smooth, peaceful transition are being discarded. Although many Bad Guys have stood down, some are not and there’s talk in the “conspiracy world” of an armed confrontation on many fronts . . . but everybody’s waiting for the first shot. It’s clear to me that the movement on banning guns has a hidden agenda and it’s not about “disarming the public”, but the opposite. We The People are being coaxed into arming ourselves by the Good Guys for a potential battle. I’m not a fan of this tactic as it plays into the hands of the Bad Guys.

But there is another option and I am believe that both scenarios are running in parallel. It won’t foster the smooth monetary transition that the Good Guys had hoped for but it will remove the power from the Bad Guys overnight. It comes down to where the Bad Guys get their power and influence. It’s all about MONEY. Without the control of money they can’t control us nor can they hire forces to do their dirty work or even protect themselves. They even told us what their Achilles Heel was centuries ago . . . .

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)

Now let’s reverse it . . . .

“Take away the power to issue and control a nation’s money and the Bankers are totally EXPOSED to the Power of the People.” Bix Weir (2013)

And those of you who have followed me on this Road for so long know just how to take the power of issuing and coining money from the bankers . . . BUY SILVER! Buy enough physical silver to set off the derivative “Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction” and they lose. Everything related to this phantom monetary system will be destroyed and we can start fresh.

We the People can do this without using our guns.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


Bix Weir Update


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January 25th, 2013 at 8:33 pm

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Bix Weir: ALERT: HAARP is Pounding the West Coast . . . Buckle Up!

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A HAARP watchdog site shows that there is significant activity over the West Coast with frequency magnitudes maxing out at 10…

The last time HAARP was this active was during Hurricane Sandy.

Experts have long warned that Central Northern California is at risk of levee failure due to bad storms and earthquakes…both can be enhanced by HAARP!

Something is up.

Bix Weir

Bix Weir: ALERT: HAARP is Pounding the West Coast…Buckle Up!

[Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs]

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December 6th, 2012 at 4:53 pm

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Too Many Coincidences: The DTCC’s $36.5 TRILLION Flood Fraud

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Bix Weir & Andy Hoffman

SPECIAL REPORT: Bix Weir and Andy Hoffman join me to discuss the latest breaking Wall Street Fraud: The DTCC’s claim that a large amount of their $36.5 Trillion in securities holdings at 55 Water Street in NYC have been “damaged” by flooding from Hurricane Sandy. How convenient. Just when the criminality on Wall Street reaches an apex, they come up with a way to burn (or drown) the evidence of their epic crimes. Just like on 9/11 when WTC-7 collapsed at free fall speed taking along with it all of the documents in the ongoing Enron fraud investigation. You can’t make this shit up. That’s why we wanted to get this on the record.

My websites: Music: “Invariance” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in my videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence (DD) BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.



WEB BOT Warns Damaged Documents . . . Related to $36 Trillion Underwater DTCC Documents?

WEB BOT Warns [Damaged Documents] …Related to $36 Trillion Underwater DTCC Documents? – REALIST NEWS


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November 7th, 2012 at 2:37 pm

Bix Weir Interview

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On The Time Monk Radio Network – December 10, 2011

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Martin Armstrong’s New Essay

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Well worth reading and understanding the implications of what he has to say.

Mr. Armstrong like many others sees financial meltdown in our near future. What his models can’t tell us is where we go from there.

I would suggest listening to this from Bix Weir:

I would also suggest tuning into what FOFOA has to say as regards Freegold:

I would also suggest you tune into Jim “Santa” Sinclair:

A helping of Jim Willie would not go astray.

Richard Russell of Dow Theory letters:

There are many others who are willing to put their reputations on the line. Some for money others for the greater good. The bottom line is we are in uncharted territory if the Dollar collapses or at least is no longer the worlds reserve currency.

There are many theories of what could happen or should happen all the way from a brave new world to hunting each other for food. See “The Road” for that particularly depressing thought. On second thoughts don’t. I only managed to get 3/4’s of the way through that miserable movie. It was just too depressing.

Best case scenario is Bix Weir/ FOFOA and worst case is “The Road”. A controlled collapse by the good guys hurting many people but with a return to sound fiscal policy or worse than the dark ages.

What to take away from all this is we may muddle through, there might be a rapture leaving all the bankers here to fend off demons or we may simply have to start a new monetary system that everyone understands and can trust. We don’t know.

But you can make some preparations if you see financial collapse in our future. Think “Mad Max” and “Bartertown” and you should be OK.
What do people want and what do people need?
The basics: Food, Water, Shelter and Self Defense.
Luxuries: Booze, smokes and toilet paper. 

If it’s Hyper Inflation, Stagflation get them now before the prices goes up.
If it’s Hyper Deflation get them now while you still can.

The message is get what you can now.

Martin Armstrong’s new essay

[Screwtape files]

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The Road To Roota by Bix Weir

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It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold & silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America. Interestingly enough it came in the form of a children’s comic book.

The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from the mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer programs that he had invented in the 1960’s. The original articles can be found here:

The Original Road to Roota

My understanding of the way the world worked was blown to bits and replaced with a more unified theory on all things monetary… all things that lead us down The Road to Roota otherwise known as the Road to the Gold Standard.

Greenspan’s Golden Secret

The following concepts are the key support pillars in The Road to Roota Theory and I have linked the support articles as back up. Once you understand these concepts you will understand what is happening all around you as the world you once knew comes crumbling down to be replaced by a new and better system.


1) All markets have been 100% controlled by computer programs since the 1970’s in order to steer and control prices thus prolonging the fiat monetary system.

2) A powerful cabal of the world’s elite have taken over that market manipulation process and twisted it to enhance their own profits while pretending to service their nation’s best interests.

3) In the early 1900’s the United States embarked on a secret policy to hide all of its own natural resources and exploit the rest of the world’s until resource scarcity was fully recognized.

4) In order to support the oil backed US Dollar and the world’s petro-based economic system the “powers that be” have hidden new energy technologies that would greatly benefit the world’s population as well as the environment.

5) Since 911 there is a group of people and governments that have decided “enough is enough” and are in the process of removing the banking cabal from their seat of power.

6) The planned destruction of the fiat monetary system is the type of “Creative Destruction” event that will force the implementation of a new Gold Standard within the United States.

You may argue all you want about my interpretation and conclusions but there will be no arguing the final results. When the final crash comes the facts will show that the Road to Roota Theory was the closest thing to a “correct analysis” of the gold market available at this time in history.

This is your peek behind the curtain of the Great and Powerful OZ!

As we read the papers today the events are unfolding before us. The real question now is what will happen in the future? Will we be cast into a deep and dark depression with no hope for future generations or will we survive and even thrive as we make this transition?

Here is my interpretation of all the information found in the archives:

These conclusions may sound way too positive and outrageously naive but everything I watch points to a very bright future…even if it takes a few bumps to get there!

1) The collapse of the fiat monetary system will be total and complete equalizing the playing field between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

2) All paper/electronic debt and assets will evaporate with the collapse of the fiat money system.3) Those who have perpetrated the outrageous and monstrous crimes of the past 100 years will be hunted down and prosecuted (if they are lucky).4) The US will issue a new gold backed currency (domestically) allocating it according to future social security payments due.5) The US will allocate much of the new gold backed money to support the funding of schools, police, health care, infrastructure and other necessities for a fully functioning society.6) Globalization will end upon the collapse of the derivative structure and all countries will end global trade concentrating on their own internal commerce.7) All US overseas troops will return home to protect our boarders and ensure the safety of our citizens.8) The US population will be fully employed working to replace all the overseas production lost in the reversal of Globalization.9) The United States will tap into its VAST natural resources that have been hidden away for years in National Parks, Military Bases and sites deemed “Ecologically Sensitive”.10) A vast array of new energy technologies will be revealed since there will be no more need for the “oil standard” that has supported the US Dollar for the past 50 years.11) The implementation of the new monetary system will usher in a glorious new “Golden Age” that the world will embrace after years of being lead around like “Sheeple”.We are on the cusp of something truly momentous in the history of the human race. With the full transition there is no need to lose the free markets system. Truthfully, a true “Free Market” system has never been given the chance it deserves with all the market rigging of the past 100 years.We will be free again. We will resurrect our Constitution and we will make the United States of America the Land of Liberty that our forefathers envisioned.Let’s pray that the change is peaceful.

Coming Collapse of The Fiat System

May the Road you choose be the Right Road,
Bix Weir

The Road to Roota Theory
Bix Weir

The Road To Roota Theory (2 Hr Interview)

SGTBull07 Interviews Bix Weir
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Feb 19, 2011
Bix Weir, author of the ‘Road To Roota’ Theory, and Board Member of

CHECK OUT! Bix Weir’s Website
Road To Roota

The Road To Roota by Bix Weir

[Pay Me In Silver]

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Bix Weir Interview, Author of The ‘Road To Roota’ Theory

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February 19, 2011

P l a y l i s t

SGTbull07’s interview with Bix Weir, author of the ‘Road To Roota’ Theory (in three parts)

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