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Obama Undone: The Edge of Impeachment

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The rising tide against Obama, with his current violation of the War Powers Act now setting him up for impeachment, in combination with the growing chorus supporting Glass-Steagall, should tell us that something very big is lurking, just over the horizon of current history. It is our job to bring that desired future into being.

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Obama Undone: The Edge of Impeachment


Weiner and the Washington Cesspool

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Washington exists to prove that religion, family values and even patriotism corrupt as well. Add a dash of “conservatism” and no toddler is safe without a titanium chastity belt. Sex scandals in Washington are old news and Weinergate seems to be way below par.

Of Course His Name Had To Be Weiner….”

While America is Watching the Circus…

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The press loves the Weiner story. America gets to air it’s righteous indignation and closet Antisemitism. American pop culture, at one time, used to be true love and romance. It is now “dirty sex.” Weiner’s escapades on Twitter can help fill the void while we all wait breathlessly for the next Wikileak.

Speaking of rape, and in America, people speak of little else, our good friend Colonel Gaddafi has hit the news with allegations of “rape gangs” while, in Bahrain and Yemen, hundreds are slaughtered without notice. Sex sells. Add a bit of mutilation and you can do a TV series that will run for years.

Weiner, yes, a scumbag who never belonged in government or any position of trust whatsoever, should resign. The GOP is right about that. Weiner’s problem, however, isn’t his morals, it’s that he shares so many core GOP values.


Sex has been around Washington forever. You can’t have politicians without the boys and girls to torture and humiliate. Why have power unless you can use it and the only reason to have power is sex. The abuse of priestly office that brought the Catholic Church low is “small potatoes” compared with what goes on in Washington.

It is said power corrupts. Washington exists to prove that religion, family values and even patriotism corrupt as well. Add a dash of “conservatism” and no toddler is safe without a titanium chastity belt. Sex scandals in Washington are old news, not that the public tires of such things, their patience and attention span for “below the belt” issues is impressive. This one, “moron-boy” Weiner, is grossly substandard, not up to usual Washington levels. Nobody has died, not that we know of. We can’ t have sex without murder, not in Washington.

Many of those, however, don’t make it into the papers, only the dorks like Weiner are newsworthy.

The real sex scandals, the best ones are only rumors though, no matter how much evidence, or how “juicy,” when the wrong target is “on the spot,” one with powerful friends, it is kept quiet. The best sex scandals are real “third rail” issues, everyone that touches a “third rail” dies.


We all remember the Clinton impeachment. Clinton was targeted for sexual blackmail, a “honey trap” like the one used on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, by a foreign intelligence agency. Monica Lewinsky’s friend, Linda Tripp, working for Army Intelligence, got wind of it. The army had their own agenda, control of the presidency, and elimination of the constitution that so many soldiers had, oh so inconveniently, sworn to protect and defend.

Army Intelligence had worked out a way to hack voting machines and had developed an algorithm for piling up votes in swing states like Florida and Ohio. The deal they cut, they would leave Al Gore with the stain of a major Clinton scandal while “dark horse” Texas governor George “W” Bush would be put into office, cleanly and quietly, with a small majority vote while nationwide, 5 million electronic votes were flipped or fabricated.

In return, they were promised the war they wanted, medals, power, toys, tribunals, waterboarding, all of it while their partners in crime would loot the American economy.

When it turned out that they had miscalculated, the Supreme Court stepped in, and in a landmark “extra-constitutional” 5/4 decision, appointed Bush while the “loose ends” were tied up, Mike Connell, the programmer was murdered, the media squelched stories showing the huge spread between exit polling, always “dead on” accurate, and results that, in some areas of Ohio, showed more Bush voters than citizens, living or dead.

Little did Monica Lewinsky know her roll in 9/11.


More importantly, behind the news, suppressed and unreported, under cover of the carefully orchestrated press blitz against Weiner, Senators McCain and Lieberman, have been busy. This shadowy duo, “step’n fetchit” boys for the New World Order, have submitted a bill allowing the US Army, yes, the same crew, to have unlimited arrest and detention power for US citizens within the United States.

This bill totally abrogates ever constitutional right, press, the right to bear arms, habeas corpus, right to counsel, right to trial by jury, cruel and unusual punishment, in fact it is the most unAmerican law ever introduced. There would be no need to rig elections or stage terror attacks like 9/11. It eliminates judges, lawyers and even congress itself.

The army would have the right to arrest congress, overturn any law, even detain the president himself if they felt it was in the national interest.

Some would say this sounds too good to be true but, I assure you, the bill that no member of congress has read, just as with the ill named “Patriot Acts,” allows all of this and more, and may well pass into law.

All of this is made possible by the Weiner scandal. IFM head, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged rape of a hotel maid has left the public’s eye, leaving us Gaddafi’s rape squads and Weiner’s “weiner” to amuse and distract.


Monica Lewinsky should be thankful she went after Clinton, not Cheney as with Chandra Levy, believed to have been tasked with targeting the vice president. Levy’s body was found in Rock Creek Park. A patsy is now doing 60 years in prison for the murder.

When Vince Foster’s body was found on a Washington park bench, the GOP splashed accusations that the first lady, Hillary Clinton, had murdered Foster across the airwaves. It is easy to see who controls the “liberal press” in the US.

Few have heard the stories of George “W” Bush and his overnight male guests at the White House. While conservative think tanks secretly financed a TV series about the Kennedy family, worse, far worse, at least in the eyes of homophobic Bush supporters went on every day, perhaps even under the desk in the oval office.

The FBI investigation into Steve Rosen that brought rise to allegations of spying for Israel revealed, within the highest echelons of the White House, a pervasive culture of sexual mischief, primarily homosexual in nature. From the oval office to the lowest interns, the business of government was mostly “gay sex” and little else. Staffers report rooms set aside for “trysts” between the president’s top advisors and carefully “hand selected” young males.

At the same time cutbacks were being pressed for veterans health care, bills flowed in, sources reveal, for charges from gay bathhouses and highly specialized escort services.

In fact, the reports attributed by Wayne Madsen to Rahm Emmanuel and the president, stories since forgotten by all but the most diehard conservatives were, in fact, true about top Bush staffers including members of the National Security Council.


The granddaddy of all sex scandals is known as the Franklin Affair. There is a public version and a private version. Both are bad, the private version worse. It all began when a top Republican fundraiser, an African American, a pimp by profession, had managed to worm his way into the inner circle of the party. This was during Regan’s first term.

I learned about the Franklin scandal many years later when folks in the CIA told me the President, then George H. W. Bush, was being blackmailed. The version I was given was that the President was at a fundraiser in Omaha where top Republicans were “doing the nasty” with underage boys, just upstairs. Demands were being made of the president who they said was not directly involved, demands that may have caused him to drop out of the election, putting Bill Clinton into the Oval Office. Officially, George H. W. Bush never dropped out of the election but a cursory examination of campaign records and results tell a very different story.

President Bush gave up.

Originally, we thought the “boys” involved were typical male prostitutes, runaways. Later we learned that the “boys” were, in fact, children who had been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. Children were being targeted based on a particular look a client wanted:


6 to 8 years old, slight build, blond hair, light complexion

Children were stolen off streets and playgrounds across America, enslaved, used, abused and later, “disappeared.”

An investigation was done by John W DeCamp, former aide to CIA direction William Colby.


Bush “2″ or “the lesser” as he is generally known, is officially the least successful president in history. Two rigged elections, a massive depression, two lost wars, suspension of constitutional rights, war crimes, torture, military tribunals, secret prisons, and the hits just keep commin’.

Back in 2005, when the FBI was bugging the White House, based on an agreement with Condi Rice, back when the FBI had vans all over Washington, videoing rest rooms, bath houses, catching America’s “best and brightest” at play, much was learned. What we know they got:

  • Evidence of Israeli spy operations reading everything the president did, before he saw it
  • Nuclear secrets being sold at cocktail parties
  • Terror attacks on Americans planned by Americans

With a new election coming up, this is the same GOP, the same gang of bible thumping hypocrites, wanting worm their way back into power. Weiner has to go, certainly. He is an embarrassment. Think about it, in a town filled with thieves and war criminals, dozens of top US officials, current or awaiting another chance to screw up, can’t openly take vacations anymore. They face extradition, including and especially our former President and Vice President.

Both are officially wanted criminals in much of the world.

Weiner and the Washington Cesspool

[Veterans Today]

Bob Chapman on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley

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May 23, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn a high ranking Illuminati was set up in New York because he wanted to change the formula of the IMF and he wanted to use the SDR instead of the US Dollar says Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster.

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[Bob Chapman The International Forecaster Blog]

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Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trying to Torpedo the Dollar?

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Courtesy of Mike Whitney 

It’s all about perception management. The media is trying to dig up as much dirt as they can on Dominique Strauss-Kahn so they can hang the man before he ever sees the inside of a courthouse. It reminds me of the Terry Schiavo case, where devoted-husband Michael was pegged as an insensitive slimeball for carrying out the explicit wishes of his brain-dead wife. Do you remember how the media conducted their disgraceful 24 hour-a-day Blitzkrieg with the endless coverage of weepy Christian fanatics on the front lawn of the hospital while Hannity, Limbaugh and O’ Reilly fired away with their sanctimonious claptrap?

And now you’re telling me that that same media is just “doing their job?”

Give me a break.

Whoever wants to nail IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has really pulled out all the stops.  Their agents have been rummaging through diaries, hotel registries, phone records, yearbooks, yada, yada, yada. The UK Telegraph even paid a visit to a high-priced DC knocking shop to get a little dirt from Madame Botox; whatever it takes to make a randy banker look like the South Hill rapist. And they’re doing a pretty good job, too. The cops have made sure that the “Great Seducer” always appears handcuffed and dressed in a “pervie” raincoat with 3-days stubble before they parade him in front of the media.  On Wednesday–more grist for the mill–they released his mug-shot, an unflattering, deadpan photo that makes him look like Jack-the-Ripper. Was that the intention? 

And, that’s not the half of it. The Big Money is exhuming every woman he’s ever had contact with for the last 30 years hoping they can glean some damning tidbit of information that will convince the doubters that beneath that sophisticated manner and $25,000 suit lurks a closet Bluebeard ready to snap up your daughters and defile your wives.   Next thing you know, they’ll be trotting out Paula Jones and Tanya Harding claiming they spent a torrid night with the Marquis de Kahn in a trailerpark outside Winamucca.

Where does it stop? Or does it stop? Are we in for another year-long Clinton-Lewinski feeding frenzy where everyday we hear more lurid details about the sexploits of people who don’t really interest us at all?

Aren’t you at all curious about who’s behind this “lynching by media” scam? This is an all-out, no-holds-barred, steel-cage, take-down. The big boys save that kind of action for the worst offenders, that is, for the insiders who have broken “Omerta” or wandered off the reservation. I mean, they locked him up on Riker’s Island without bail, for Chrissake. What does that tell you? Even Bernie Madoff was allowed to stay in his $7 million Park Avenue penthouse while he waited for trial, but not Straus-Kahn. Oh, no. He get’s the royal treatment, even though he has no criminal record and nothing but the sketchy accusations of a chambermaid against him, he’s carted off to the state slammer where he can mingle with hardened criminals while dining on corn flakes and Wonder Bread.

You call that justice?

Can I tell you what this is all about? It’s about the dollar. That’s right. Strauss-Kahn was mounting an attack against the dollar and now the wrath of the Empire has descended on him like ton-of-bricks.  Here’s the scoop from the UK Telegraph:

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, has called for a new world currency that would challenge the dominance of the dollar and protect against future financial instability…..

He suggested adding emerging market countries’ currencies, such as the yuan, to a basket of currencies that the IMF administers could add stability to the global system….Strauss-Kahn saw a greater role for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, (SDRs) which is currently composed of the dollar, sterling, euro and yen, over time but said it will take a great deal of international cooperation to make that work.” (“International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn calls for new world currency”, UK Telegraph)

So, Strauss-Kahn finds himself in the same crowd as Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, right? You may recall that Saddam switched from dollars to euros about a year before the war. 12 months later Iraq was invaded, Saddam was hanged, and the dollar was restored to power.  Gaddafi made a similar mistake when “he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar.” (“Libya: All About Oil, or All About Central Banking?” Ellen Brown, Op-Ed News)  Libya has since come under attack by US and NATO forces which have armed a motley group of dissidents, malcontents and terrorists to depose Gaddafi and reimpose dollar hegemony.

And now it’s Strauss-Kahn’s turn to get torn to shreds. And for good reason. After all, DSK actually poses a much greater threat to the dollar than either Saddam or Gaddafi because he’s in the perfect position to shape policy and to persuade foreign heads of state that replacing the dollar is in their best interests. And that is precisely what he was doing; badmouthing the buck. Only he was too dense to figure out that the dollar is the US Mafia’s mealticket, the main way that shifty banksters and corporate scalawags extort tribute from the poorest people on earth. Strauss-Kahn was rocking the boat, and now he’s going to pay.

Here’s a clip from CNN Money:    

“The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system….SDRs represent potential claims on the currencies of IMF members…..The IMF typically lends countries funds denominated in SDRs. While they are not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be used as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar.

“Over time, there may also be a role for the SDR to contribute to a more stable international monetary system,” he said.

The goal is to have a reserve asset for central banks that better reflects the global economy since the dollar is vulnerable to swings in the domestic economy and changes in U.S. policy.

In addition to serving as a reserve currency, the IMF also proposed creating SDR-denominated bonds, which could reduce central banks’ dependence on U.S. Treasuries. The Fund also suggested that certain assets, such as oil and gold, which are traded in U.S. dollars, could be priced using SDRs.” (“IMF discusses dollar alternative”, CNN Money)

Wow. So DSK was zeroing in on US Treasuries as well as the dollar? That’s the whole shooting match.

So, what type of progress was he making in converting USDs to SDRs? According to Reuters: “The IMF general resources credit outstanding increased to 65.5 billion Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, ($104 billion) on May 12 from 6.0 billion SDRs at December 2007. The so-called new arrangement to borrow, which came into effect on April 1, increased the IMF’s available lending resources to 269 billion SDRs on May 12 from 120 billion SDRs on March 31.” (

Not a bad start for such an ambitious project. It looks like DSK’s dream of dethroning the dollar as the de facto “international currency” was beginning to gain momentum.  But didn’t he know that his actions would anger some very powerful and well-connected people?

Well, if he did; he never let on. In fact, he started mucking around in other stuff, too, like when he intervened on behalf of Irish taxpayers, trying to protect them at the expense of foreign bondholders. That’s a big “No no” in banker’s world. They keep a list of “people who count”, and taxpayers are not on that list. Here’s an excerpt from the Irish Times:

“Ireland’s Last Stand began less shambolically than you might expect. The IMF, which believes that lenders should pay for their stupidity before it has to reach into its pocket, presented the Irish with a plan to haircut €30 billion of unguaranteed bonds by two-thirds on average. (Irish finance minister) Lenihan was overjoyed, according to a source who was there, telling the IMF team: “You are Ireland’s salvation.”

The deal was torpedoed from an unexpected direction. At a conference call with the G7 finance ministers, the haircut was vetoed by US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who, as his payment of $13 billion from government-owned AIG to Goldman Sachs showed, believes that bankers take priority over taxpayers. The only one to speak up for the Irish was UK chancellor George Osborne, but Geithner, as always, got his way. An instructive, if painful, lesson in the extent of US soft power, and in who our friends really are.

The negotiations went downhill from there. On one side was the European Central Bank, unabashedly representing Ireland’s creditors and insisting on full repayment of bank bonds. On the other was the IMF, arguing that Irish taxpayers would be doing well to balance their government’s books, let alone repay the losses of private banks.” (“Ireland’s future depends on breaking free from bailout”, Morgan Kelly, Irish Times)

So, Strauss-Kahn stuck up for Irish taxpayers over the banks, the bondholders, the ECB, and the US Treasury. Naturally, that made him persona non grata among the ruling throng. 

And, there’s more, too, because Strauss-Kahn’s vision was not limited to currency alone, but involved broad structural changes to the IMF itself that would have reversed decades of neoliberal policies.  DSK had settled on a new approach to policymaking; one that would abandon the worst elements of globalization and put greater emphasis on social cohesion, cooperation and multilateralism. Here’s an excerpt from the speech titled “Human Development and Wealth Distribution” he gave in November 2010:

“….Adam Smith—one of the founders of modern economics—recognized clearly that a poor distribution of wealth could undermine the free market system, noting that: “The disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful and…neglect persons of poor and mean condition…is the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral sentiments.”

This was over 250 years ago. In today’s world, these problems are magnified under the lens of globalization….globalization also had a dark side. Lurking behind it was a large and growing chasm between rich and poor—especially within countries. An inequitable distribution of wealth can wear down the social fabric. More unequal countries have worse social indicators, a poorer human development record, and higher degrees of economic insecurity and anxiety. In too many countries, inequality increased and real wages stagnated—failing to keep up with productivity—over the past few decades. Ominously, inequality in the United States was back at its pre-Great Depression levels on the eve of the crisis….

An immediate task is to end the scourge of unemployment….Progressive taxation can also promote equity through redistribution, and this should be encouraged….“Inequality is corrosive” ….“it rots societies from within…it illustrates and exacerbates the loss of social cohesion…the pathology of the age and the greatest threat to the health of any democracy.” (“Human Development and Wealth Distribution”, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF)

Can you believe it? DSK is lecturing bankers about redistribution? That’s not what they want to hear. What they want to hear is why ripping off poor people actually makes the world a better place.  DSK’s speech just shows that he wasn’t drinking the Koolaid anymore. He was becoming a nuisance and they needed to get rid of him.

Does that mean he didn’t rape the woman who was in his hotel room?

Of course not. In fact, he could be guilty. But he deserves a fair trial, and someone’s making damn sure he doesn’t get one.

Originally published at Global Research 

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trying to Torpedo the Dollar?

[zero hedge]

Written by testudoetlepus

May 23rd, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Benjamin Fulford: The Arrest of IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Signals New Phase In Financial War

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Vatic Note: As I stated before, I simply want to be a fly on the wall when Kharma strikes hard and fast. Nothing would be more rewarding than to FINALLY see justice done to the criminal mafia satanists that have done this to our country. When we reclaim it, lets take better care of it than we have in the past and do something about wealthy prestigeous psychopaths never ever obtaining this kind of power ever again to do this kind of damage.

The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn signals new phase in financial war

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Benjamin Fulford
May 17, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF, was arrested last week because he was trying to steal the American people’s Social Security money to finance the Euro, according to Rothschild family sources. The charge of rape against him was almost certainly a case of entrapment by a female agent although I am sure no proof of this will ever be found.

The next phase in the battle against the high level financial gangsters is expected to target Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley but, the closing of these criminal enterprises will only mark an intermediate phase in the battle against the criminal elements concentrated in the central banks of the West, according to White Dragon Society sources. The end result is certain to be a historical change of the sort not seen for thousands of years, if ever.

There is much we have been asked not to talk about or write about for security reasons but we can say there is a serious under-current of fear prevalent among the high level financial gangsters. Take a look at this photo of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and you will get the idea:

He is not a happy camper.

The last hold-outs against the new financial system are a group around the German Queen Elizabeth Battenburg (Windsor), a part of the Rothschild clan, and the international drug mafia headed by George Bush Senior, according to dark brotherhood sources. The pentagon, the alphabet agencies, Interpol, the yakuza, the triads, the Saudis, most of the European royalty, the Vatican etc. are now aligned with the new financial system.

Another clear sign that the Old World Order control grid is disintegrating is the widespread publicity of the movie about the death of Princess Diana.

The fact that she was murdered has been known to the aware part of the Western population for a long time. What is different this time is that it is being reported by propaganda outlets such as AP news. This is a clear sign of a high level split in the ranks of the formerly united cabal.

Diana was killed because she was pregnant with the child of her fiancée Dodi al-Fayed and was planning to convert to Islam before her marriage, according to British royal family sources. She was alive after the contrived accident that supposedly led to her death and was killed in the hospital, the sources say. That is why media outlets that used to report propaganda are referring to the British royal family as “Gangsters in tiaras.”

The Battenburg Branch of the European Royalty headed by Elizabeth and Charles in England is expected to be replaced by the Stuart branch of the family that Diana hailed from. More specifically, Diana’s son Harry, who was fathered by Diana’s lover James Hewitt is expected to be the new King of England. Take a look at a picture of Harry and James if you doubt this to be true:

[Oh, my!]

The staged “murder” of Bin Laden (who multiple credible witnesses say died in 2002 of kidney failur) is also likely to have many more consequences. There has been much written elsewhere about how obviously fake the entire “operation to kill Bin Laden” was. Journalist Tom Henegan’s sources claim the death was staged to allow the unfreezing of funds frozen at the time of 911 in order to buy more time for the cabal. The Navy Intelligence information/disinformation site Sorcha Faal claims it was actually Bin Laden’s brother who was killed. On these specific allegations, what these sources say fits in with what our sources say.

If it was Bin Laden’s brother who was killed, then since the Bin Laden family have been long term partners of the Bush family (Bin Laden’s older brother Salim Bin Laden was a co-founder of Bush Jr.’s company Arbusto) then it may have been the work of the Chicago mafia behind “President” Obama. That means some kind of revenge strike against Chicago is a distinct possibility.

The infighting of the sort described above between the various factions of the Old World Order is expected to intensify over the coming days and weeks. The result will be complicated strife between ever changing factions until the criminal financial cabal is finally taken down.

It is not over until it is over and the criminal cabal is still threatening to do horrible things to the planet. This could mean the additional use of earthquake weapons, nuclear terror attacks, the dissemination of biological and chemical weapons, high-level assassinations and more.

However, the writing is on the wall for these Satanic terrorists and their ability to cause mayhem is being dismantled steadily but surely. It will not be long before the head of the octopus is taken out and the legs stop thrashing.

Once this is done, humanity will enter a golden age. The Western branch of the White Dragon Society has a request to the Asian side concerning the gold gathered and hidden in caves to back up the old gold-backed system supported by Kennedy and Sukarno. They say the gold should no longer be hidden but rather put into a vast, public monument made of solid gold. Perhaps a giant golden dragon might be a possibility.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Ben Fulford: The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn signals new phase in financial war

[The Vatic Project]

Decapitation x 2

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There have been two public and high profile “decapitations” over the weekend. One literal and One metaphoric. The public very violent decapitation by a “mentally unstable man” of an elderly Woman in Tenerife, and the other more, secretive, symbolic one of Dominique Strauss Kahn the HEAD of the IMF and who is also Jewish. Both must represent something as both were carried out about the same time, on or around Friday 13th May. Black Friday. Cutting off the head, on a Friday was common practice in the past as Friday was the day in ancient times of symbolic decapitation.

THERE are many references to decaptitation on FRIDAYS. Christians celebrate on Friday as the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday. The number and date 13th has always been Auspicious. especially on a Friday. Also it is believed that on October 13, 1307, a day so infamous that Friday the 13th would become a synonym for Bad Luck, officers of King Philip IV of France carried out mass arrests of several thousand Templars. This was mentioned in the Da Vinci Code book..and interestingly connected, Strauss Kahn’s wife is a Sinclair, also the same “family” name of the main female character in the Da Vinci Code book….and French. hmm. There seems to be an “arcane” or other worldly connection in these events. Perhaps he peed off the Rothschild “entities”, didn’t want to follow the program, or was a real threat to the “order”..Not following the program? or something more profound. Warring factions within the “Master Monetary” group perhaps? I mean, don’t they kill off those who run foul of them?… No, they must have plans here and plans for the IMF. This is a very symbolic decapitation of the head of the IMF . . .

Sourced from HERE Dominique Strauss-Kahn: minister doesn’t rule out ‘set up’ A French government minister has said he could not rule out that IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest for alleged sexual assault was the result of a set-up with political motives. We cannot rule out the thought of a trap,” Henri de Raincourt, minister for overseas co-operation in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government, said in a broadcast interview. “I refuse to have a personal opinion and say, ‘Yes it was a trap,’ or ‘No, it wasn’t a trap.’ I don’t know,” he said.”I note that this has happened just after the affair of the car and the suit in a short space of time,” he added, referring to sniping at the Socialist presidential hopeful for using a Porsche and wearing tailor-made clothes.”I am not ruling anything out,” Raincourt added. “If this turns out to have been a trap, let me tell you that it would not be to the credit of those who set it.”

Strauss-Kahn had not yet formally announced his bid to run for president for the opposition Socialist party and was trotting the globe as head of the International Monetary Fund, a key player in handling the financial crisis.Police arrested him on a plane about to take off from New York on Saturday and charged him with sexually assaulting and trying to rape a maid in a hotel. US media said she had entered his hotel suite thinking it was unoccupied. Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers said he would deny all the accusations and plead not guilty. He was expected to be formally arraigned before a New York judge later on Sunday. Sniping by Strauss-Kahn’s political rivals has been growing in an election fight that risked getting ever dirtier, against a backdrop of long-standing claims about Strauss-Kahn’s conduct in private with women. Strauss-Kahn’s wife Anne Sinclair and allies have defended him. “I am convinced it is an international conspiracy,” said Michelle Sabban, a senior councillor for the greater Paris region and a Strauss-Kahn loyalist. “It’s the IMF they wanted to decapitate, not so much the Socialist primary candidate,” she said. “It’s not like him. Everyone knows that his weakness is seduction, women. That’s how they got him.” (end snip)

We know that there have been many public decapitations using “sex” or allegations involving some sort of sexual circumstance before.. That is how they operate, and keep their minions in place, manipulate or destroy them. Bill Clinton comes to mind. Strauss Kahn was due to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday and European finance ministers today and tomorrow to fine tune a multibillion-dollar bailout package for Portugal, as well as consider new measures to counter Greece’s worsening sovereign debt crisis. It really looks like someone wants him out of the way and discredited. Strauss Kahn’s arrest also comes at a critical moment in France’s upcomming elections He has been rumoured to seek the opposition Socialist Party’s nomination for president, with opinion polls suggesting he would likely replace Nicolas Sarkozy.

Has the IMF suffered a fatal “head” wound? It will be interesting to see if these charges reflect the cuttting off the head of the IMF and it’s demise? into something much more sinister..and obviously controlled by the same “entities” that are the Money Powers with one of their many HYDRA HEADS in New York . . .

Speaking of Money Powers, maybe it has something to do with Greece? A rebellion of sorts? Warring factions do come to mind. WHY? Would they want to  (quote)“DECAPITATE THE IMF?” I’m sure it has something to do with the SECRET MEETING on the 6th May about the Greece “bailout” and factions within the top monetary powers are not in agreeance. IS HE is the Scapegoat? snips from HERE Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone “The debt crisis in Greece has taken on a dramatic new twist. Sources with information about the government’s actions have informed SPIEGEL ONLINE that Athens is considering withdrawing from the euro zone. The common currency area’s finance ministers and representatives of the European Commission are holding a secret crisis meeting in Luxembourg on Friday night Given the tense situation, the meeting in Luxembourg has been declared highly confidential, with only the euro-zone finance ministers and senior staff members permitted to attend. In short, a Greek withdrawal from the euro zone and an ensuing national default would be expensive for euro-zone countries and their taxpayers. Together with the International Monetary Fund, the EU member states have already pledged €110 billion ($159.5 billion) in aid to Athens — half of which has already been paid out. “Should the country become insolvent,” the paper reads, “euro-zone countries would have to renounce a portion of their claims.” (end snips) Is this beheading of the “IMF head” fallout from that “secret meeting“? Just an update from here: Euro down as IMF arrest weighs on EU debt woes: The euro fell half a cent in opening Asian trade Monday as markets fretted that talks on Greece’s debt crisis would be thrown into disarray by the arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (end snip)


Decapitation x 2

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IMF Chief and Tireless Public Servant Dominique Strauss-Kahn Arrested in New York

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The French political bigshot who heads the International Monetary Fund was arrested for allegedly sodomizing a Manhattan hotel maid today — getting hauled off an Air France flight just moments before takeoff from Kennedy Airport, police sources told The Post. Three Port Authority detectives pulled Dominique Strauss-Kahn from the plane’s first-class cabin just two minutes before it was due to depart for Paris, the sources said. Strauss-Kahn, 62, was turned over to NYPD officers from the Midtown South precinct, and the case is being investigated by the Special Victims Unit.

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Arrested in New York

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May 16th, 2011 at 4:01 pm