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Massacre Soldier Was Fraud Stock Trader

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by Elaine Meinel Supkis

So, it turns out that the mass murderer was also a cheater who conned people out of their life savings. Maybe Sgt. Bales can replace Mr. Smith who recently stormed out of Goldman Sachs and denounced them for being a bunch of crazy crooks! Also, US bonds will cost more and more and since the US government funds the mortgage markets, interest rates on mortgages will go up, too. Bad news for people hoping this massive, historic housing bubble will be fixed via cheap loans.

For a while, the killer who rampaged in the homes of foreign people we claim we are protecting, all the testimonials were about what a fine person he really was. But now the bad news comes: Bales was found liable in financial fraud

For the staff sergeant held in the Afghanistan massacre, a career as a stock trader appears to have ended months after he was accused of engaging in fraud while handling the retirement account of an elderly client in Ohio.

A recent study suggested that at least 10% of the guys running Wall Street games were sociopaths. Perhaps 50% are sociopaths and 10% are outright homicidal psychopaths. The massive wreckage of our entire banking system, our political system and our foreign affairs can be traced back to Wall Street’s greed. If a flood of money didn’t pour into the maws of the top elites of Wall Street, they would not have the huge funds available for bribing Congress or meddling in our elections or running for President.

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Massacre Soldier Was Fraud Stock Trader

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Written by testudoetlepus

March 20th, 2012 at 7:36 pm

End of Civilization: US Soldier Goes Mad, Massacres Afghani Families

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by Elaine Meinel Supkis

The US war in Afghanistan just turned yet another bloody, ugly corner. A US soldier finally went totally insane and ran off in the dead of night to butcher Muslims in bed. This is yet another death-knell for our ‘liberation’ of the people there. Papering over our criminal behavior, we pretend we are saving women and children even as we butcher them in cold blood exactly like we did in Vietnam. And then we wonder why they hate us.

We are going to have to leave soon. Just as we left Vietnam. All the deaths of American soldiers will be for absolutely nothing. To this day, my town, for example, flies the childish ‘POW’ black flag because they couldn’t believe they were sent on a fool’s errand to hell. They vote mainly for more wars even as these wars ravage the community and destroys families. They vote for this because it is the last remaining jobs available for their children. Fighting for the imperial eagle in distant lands even the Romans feared to deal with in the far past.

US soldier open fire on Afghan civilians in Kandahar – KHAAMA PRESS | Afghan Online Newspaper

ISAF officials said, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A), in cooperation with Afghan authorities, will investigate this incident and release additional information as appropriate. The source did not disclose further information regarding the incident and those Afghans who suffered from the incident saying, “Requests for information regarding Afghan casualties should be referred to the Ministry of Interior.”

According to reports the soldier was suffering a nervous breakdown before the attack and had surrendered himself to the US military.

The incident took place around 3:00 am local time at Zangabad area in Zherai district after the US soldier stepped out of the military base in this province.

They are literally going insane. I used to work at the Free Clinic in Berkeley during the Vietnam war. We had more than a few soldiers including Marines come to us for help. I would ask them to tell me about Vietnam and I heard the most hair raising stories. The worst of it all was, the soldiers had no choice but to be cruel.

They were fighting peasants who didn’t want them to be there and no one on earth is more stubborn than peasants when they finally decide to revolt against foreign invaders. They are the backbone of any nation in the end. Attached to the land, they resent anyone coming in and ordering them about once they lose the yoke of their rulers.

The fiercest fighters on earth are not ‘savages’ but peasants. Peasants will literally dig in and go at it for years. We saw this during WWI, for example, when millions of European and Russian peasants were given shovels and ordered to hold their ground. They did this grimly and tenaciously. Just as the former peasants of Palestine grimly hang on, a very valid example of this and there are many such examples.

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Written by testudoetlepus

March 13th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Neither Obama Nor GOP Has Any Cure For Job Collapse

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The  Commedia dell’arte phase of the collapse of EU/US/Japanese capitalism has ended and now we are into the next act which is, once all of the players who screwed up the world’s economy got bailed out, now someone has to pay for all of this and this means cutting ruthlessly the jobs, social services and support systems of the entire lower and even middle classes of all of the ‘first world’ countries.  The third act is all about war and revolution which is what always evolves out of the collapse of capitalist systems.

Naturally, people would like to imagine we are at an The End of History. Francis Fukuyama (1992) whereby, capitalism as expressed by the US and the countries it conquered finally reached total perfection and thus, all other people would desire to copy it.  This bizarre and hubristic idea is now collapsing along with the credit systems set up under the floating fiat currency regime.  We are now in a competition to see if communist-hinged societies are better at capitalism than the ‘liberal democratic’ societies.

The EU sits on top of an economic/cultural volcano.  The Germans are being told, they must become part of a United States of Europe or else and bankroll all the other states.  When the US encouraged the EU to suck in all of the Warsaw States in order to hem in Russia, they did this very foolishly and now are going under due to all of the perimeter states going bankrupt from the Warsaw states to the Mediterranean states.

IMF: global economy faces a ‘threatening downward spiral’ and to fix this, there is this Battle under way for soul of ‘United States of Europe’:  Europe is a madcap collection of many, many cultures, languages, histories, religions and the history is extremely bloody in nature.  And it is going to integrate into a nation?  The US teeters on the edge of disintegration, too, held together only by accumulating massive government and trade debts.  A hyper-welfare state with the very rich billionaires nearly all ‘Cadillac Welfare Queens’ while bloviating about how they are creating ‘wealth’ even though this is actually the destruction of the entire US economic system from the ground up.

Europe cannot unite because the model Europe and the US use for all other nations and I do mean ALL other nations is simple: all people should NOT be in nations unless they are strictly one ethnic/religious entity!  No nation on earth may have two or three ethnic groups under one roof…except in the US and the looming United States of Europe.  This hypocritical business is doomed to failure, of course.

One of my favorite examples of hubris and cluelessness is the British royals.  I am baffled why anyone honors this noxious family.  They are horrible people.  Here is a classic example:  Prince Charles warns of ‘sixth extinction event’ – Telegraph

Referring to himself as “an endangered species”, he warned that the world is already in the “sixth extinction event”, with species dying out at a much faster rate than at any time since the death of most of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago…
“We are, of course, witnessing what some people call the sixth great extinction event – the continued erosion of much of the Earth’s vital biodiversity caused by a whole host of pressures, from the rising demand for land to the corrosive effects of all kinds of pollution,” he said.

HAHAHA…yes, most of his kin in Europe have been annihilated during previous depressions/wars/revolutions!  The fossils occupying several huge palaces in dying England live as if they head the world’s greatest empire, not the world’s biggest welfare state.  England’s wealth no longer is in manufacturing or merchant marines, their shipping has nearly vanished, their factories, if they exist, are owned by foreigners and what they have is some of the most insane form of non-capitalized banking!

Which recently totally crashed and at the tune of several trillion US ZIRP loan dollars, a gift from the Federal Reserve, done in total secrecy, was recapitalized only if the government handed over all of England’s asset valuation from the smallest bush to the biggest building: it is all in hock now and has to be paid and the way to do this is to crush the peasants ruthlessly!

So along comes the Prince to tell us all, we are using up the planet’s resources!  One of the biggest eco-pigs on earth, a useless man surrounded by servants who lives in a house bigger than the world’s biggest hotels…thinks you and I and everyone is using too much stuff on this planet!  A man with an energy footprint the size of Godzilla is telling welfare moms, they are excess humans, killing all those polar bears whereas he and his Bilderberg buddies are…the heroes in this goofy world he inhabits!

Look, all these peasants get in the way of his limo as his poor driver tries heroically to buzz fast from palace to parties on yachts.  Get out of the way, you peasants!  And stop eating stuff, chopping down trees in the Royal Forests (ahem) and don’t get in my way, peasant!  Yes, the peasants are destroying the planet whereas the rich are protecting it.

THIS is what ‘environmentalism’ has degraded into!  Save the whales and kill the peasants!  Just like on the right, save the fetuses and kill the children!  Why isn’t this awful, self-centered creep living in a tent, walking in sandals all over with a ‘The World is Coming To An End!’ sign?  He obviously thinks anyone living in palaces, riding on yachts, with private trains and private jets should be executed for they are killing this planet, no?  I would suggest, his dream will come true: anyone with yachts, palaces and private jets WILL be killed off by angry peasants in the end.  Bon appetite.

Here is a prime example how Charles and his buddies plan to save the planet:  More hospital closures ‘essential’, say experts – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

Too many hospitals provide too many of the same services and are chasing too few patients to maintain standards. But public concern and political opposition are “major stumbling blocks” in many reconfigurations, the King’s Fund says. The NHS has to find £20bn of savings over four years, creating a “major imperative” to cut hospital capacity and provide more care in the community, it adds.

People in England are not fooled by this balderdash.  Here is just one of many, many comments pointing out the obvious.  Again, who is lying, the people being ‘delusional’ or the politicians?  Here is a good comment from the Independent showing us that the voters are not fooled:

Then just why precisely pray, are we looking at huge queues for those services if hospitals are “chasing too few patients”? Spin spin spin.

Surely talk of “care in the community” is either abominably stupid or abominably arrogant?
We all know it just means chucking people off services to save money, and into difficulties without support. At best with some dope to keep them robotic.

Dept of Health speaks of “Our plans to modernise the NHS empower local clinical commissioning groups to develop services …”

.Who are these “clinical commissioning groups?” A nice tame little committee, well bribed by drugs companies and other corprate interests who can be directed to do their bidding?

OK a lot of us KNOW the Government is desperately trying to look after their cronies and give them chunks of privatised NHS. It’s worth big money if it’s handed over.
That’s not the problem – knowing this.

The problem is how can we stop it?

This is going on in the US, too.  The GOP is hot on track to prevent anything good happening to people.  The idea is, we balance the budget while cutting corporate and profit taxes, eliminating all tariff and fees that used to fund the government and then the military machine rolls onwards and trade continues in the red.  So, Jon Kyl Threatens To Quit Super Committee Over Defense Cuts

The No. 2 Republican in the Senate says he would quit the special deficit-reduction supercommittee if there is an effort to cut more from defense.

Can’t cut ‘defense’!  No, we have to cut something else.  Maybe, the money going to Texas to fight the fires since Parry cut his own state’s contribution towards that?  Cut something that the GOP loves!  How about all the wages of the GOP Congress critters!  Have Israel pay it all, instead, since they work for them, not us and do the same to the AIPAC Democrats: make their owners pay for everything, not us.  At least then, we will have an honest idea who runs America.  Ain’t the US voters!

Here is an amusing story about free trade:  All-American, Floor to Roof? Not So Simple – Yup, it is nearly impossible to do.  And hire US citizens as workers, another problem, no?  This is a sign that we suffer from a social problem far beyond the ability of mere citizens to fix on their own.  The ‘buy American!’ campaigns were launched by people bent on fooling others into thinking they were patriots when it was a smokescreen.

Then there is the news that one in 3 are falling out of the middle-class.  There is no way they can join the middle class since you can’t do this without jobs.  Instead, we have millions and millions of excess peasants using up earth’s precious resources and polluting everything so time to eliminate them all, no?  That seems to be the plan!  The Wildlife organization that chose Charles should be renamed the Mongol Horde.  For what they did was eliminate peasants who farmed and replaced them with HUNTING GROUNDS and other delights.  They cleared out millions of humans for this purpose.

Here is a belated hat tip to the CFTC which is supposed to watch the Derivatives Beast before it devours Prince Charles:

US Derivatives Watchdog Gets More Firepower

By Gregory Meyer

The main US derivatives regulator has approved rules boosting the agency’s legal firepower against market manipulation after winning only one case at trial in its 36-year history.

The rules, adopted over the objections of hedge funds and the futures industry, will allow the Commodity Futures Trading Commission lawyers to cite recklessness as a reason to sue traders for manipulation. Previous rules required proof that traders had distorted prices.

The agency has also made it illegal to trade on privileged information obtained through fraud, deception or the breach of an executive’s duty. Until now, commodity markets had few constraints on insider trading.

These hedge funds will all hound anyone who tries to stop them and will shower many bribes on Congress to cooperate in stopping anyone from stopping the insane, incompetent and dangerous money making games they cooked up these last 30 years.



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Neither Obama Nor GOP Has Any Cure For Job Collapse

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Japanese May Never Return Home To Fukushima

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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just like with Chernobyl, Farming family forced to leave beloved cows behind in evacuation.  This is one small detail no nuclear power plant dares utter.  In the US, people imagine they would be allowed to evacuate all their goods and pets from their homes but this is false.  Nearly always, they leave with nearly nothing and can never get to return home, ever again. Here is a recent video made by some rather reckless Japanese guys showing the sad plight of the dogs, cats and cows, etc. outside Fukushima:  YouTube – 原発避難区域は犬や牛の群れが闊歩する無法地帯に

Slowly, just as slowly was the Soviet government, the Japanese bureaucrats are imposing increasingly draconian restrictions on the areas being contaminated with this deadly fallout:  Evac area to soon be declared ‘off-limits’ | The Japan Times Online

The 20-km evacuation zone around the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant will soon be turned into a legally binding off-limits zone, senior officials said Sunday.  The step is aimed at increasing government control over the area. Desperate residents have been braving radiation fears for quick return trips to pick up essential belongings. Officials suggested Sunday that they will now be able to force anyone out of the evacuation zone who refuses to leave.  Japan’s agony continues with yet another major earthquake, this one centered nearly where the out of control nuclear reactors are in Fukushima.

What doesn’t astonish me all that much is how closely this catastrophe mirrors Chernobyl.  The pro-nuke people tried very, very hard to pretend Chernobyl was a one-time event caused by dirty commies who didn’t have the know-how of the capitalist West.  The same secrecy, lies and evasions of the Politburo in the Kremlin are being repeated in Tokyo.  A totally different economic and political system has led to the exact same sort of impossible crisis.

The debate about which is better, communism or capitalism still continues with the capitalists in full bellow that their way is better but we see that this is false.  The pursuit of profits leads to disaster every bit as much as a command economy is not a good working model.  Capitalism can’t run nuclear power plants which is why governments insure them and subsidize nearly all of the processes including the all important waste disposal/decommissioning process:  Government’s doomed £6bn plan to dispose of nuclear waste in the UK.

It was hoped that Japanese contracts with Sellafield to make mixed oxide (Mox) nuclear fuel would underpin the economic and political case to tackle Britain’s plutonium stockpile with a second multi-billion-pound Mox fabrication plant on the Cumbrian site.

However, Japanese power companies have told Sellafield that concerns about Fukushima have forced them to indefinitely postpone a shipment of French-made Mox nuclear fuel that would have been transported on British vessels operated from Sellafield.

The postponement is significant because the Mox shipment was not destined for the stricken reactors at Fukushima operated by Tokyo Electric, but for the unaffected Hamaoka reactors operated by Chubu Electric, the same company that was supposed to be one of the first customers of the existing Sellafield Mox Plant (SMP)….This would mean that the existing Mox plant at Sellafield, which was designed to supply more than 1,000 tons of Mox over 10 years, is likely to produce a tiny fraction of this before it is due to be decommissioned, at enormous cost to the British taxpayer.

Like with toxic loans, the people of Britain will have to pay for EVERYTHING.  They, not the banks nor the utility corporations in foreign countries, will have to shoulder the overhead costs of this mess.  And it is extremely expensive just like bailing out the bankers was tremendously expensive, too.  And the return for the public will be nil: this is all about cleaning up a huge, painful, toxic, deadly mess used by others to get rich but now is worse than worthless, it is dangerous.

Since it is a danger to everyone on earth for many, many years, the difficulty of securing this safely is monstrously huge and so far, totally inadequate in the long run.  We have zero ability to safely secure nuclear by products at all.  We can sort of secure them but not until they are safe.  We can only TEMPORARILY secure them and pray no future generations are faced with dealing with this junk.  Which will remain toxic for a tremendously long time.

This goes hand in glove with global cooling: our plan was to use nuclear power so we would have a cooler earth. I sometimes think that the real plan is to have nuclear plants all over the place and to fix this, we will create another ice age and have glaciers wipe them all out, bury them all for about 200,000 years and then when the glaciers melt, animals, plants and perhaps humans will have already evolved into newer forms so they won’t notice some radioactive meltwater flowing all over the continents.

The hyper-huge earthquake that moved Japan physically into a new configuration continues to have many major quake aftershocks:  BBC News – Japan: Powerful earthquake hits north-east

The 7.1-magnitude tremor triggered a tsunami warning, and forced the evacuation of workers from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.  The epicentre of the quake was in Fukushima prefecture, and struck at a depth of just 10km (six miles).

A lot of major quakes are at the 10k level.  I suspect this is a key stratus in the layers of the earth’s crust which is why it is so prominent in mega-quake events.  Some quakes are much, much deeper, down by even 700k but the tectonic plate slip movements are generally at the 10k level.  In the last few hours, another Magnitude 6.6-quake jolts Japan coast.  These two quakes are causing fires and bringing down buildings already weakened by previous quakes.  The stress on structures accumulates over time.

Japan: New video shows Fukushima nuclear plant was hit by 48-feet-high wave:  The panic and fear of more tsunamis are causing people to rush in and out of buildings, run into hills, and in general, this is wearing down everyone.  My sympathies to all.  Social and psychological problems will definitely proliferate afterwards.  Japan doesn’t have much in the way of a mental health culture like we have in the US where we are quite fond of getting psychological aid.  So the people there will struggle with this as best as possible.

Considering how Japan is growing increasingly pessimistic due to the long, long wage and housing depression (warning: we are getting this, too) and the long fall in child bearing/child rearing is taking a huge toll, I fear that the appearance of acceptance of events is more due to giving up, not being energetic and fighting off things.  The economic stress of these many large associated quakes deals a further blow to manufacturers which is reaching deep into the US as Toyota Cuts North America Output as Parts Shortage Reaches U.S.

Japan is now the world’s #3 economy and will probably fall further behind as commerce gets hammered.  For example, China Expands Ban on Japan Food Imports.  Japan is physically quite small and its economy is hugely involved in the world export business so any disruptions that would be a problem in any country of any size are magnified many times over when compared to the US or China both of which are quite large in size.  The distresses hammering Japan are in about one quarter of the country.  This would be like the summer of 2005 when many hurricanes hammered nearly all sections of the Gulf of Mexico.  Only the nuclear toxins makes the Japan business much, much worse.  Thank goodness, we didn’t have that nightmare, too.

The equivalent of this would be if the summer of hurricanes was also during a New Madrid Earthquake 9.0 mag event.  Or even that summer with a San Andreas event in California.  The fact is, the US took on immense amounts of debt to deal with the hurricane damages and if we had another $400 billion in damage from an earthquake, this would have sent us into an economic tailspin.

One of my readers in Japan sent me this link 福島原発 1号機 / 福島原発原子炉の状態 原子炉の放射線量 which shows a sudden surge in the #1 nuclear reactor:

As I correctly predicted, the pauses in the output of nuclear radiation, the fires seeming to slow down, etc. didn’t mean the process of the meltdown ceased.  It merely meant it was entering a new phase.  This process is slowly destroying the buildings housing the out of control nuclear rods.  The MOV business whereby ‘hotter’ rods (hot rods!) were being used to replace the older rods so the plants could run longer is where many of the worst problems are coming from.  The business of using recycled nuclear waste is a disaster in itself and wisely, everyone hoping to do this is having second thoughts, as we saw in the article from Britain which mentions how taxpayers have to clean up everything.

The pollution problem grows and grows on a daily basis:朝日新聞社: High radiation levels found beyond 30-km radius – English

A study of soil samples has revealed that as much as 400 times the normal levels of radiation could remain in communities beyond a 30-kilometer radius from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, where explosions spewed radioactive materials into the atmosphere.

This is so bad, Fukushima Gov. Sato rejects meeting with TEPCO president.  One thing is certain, the irresponsible way the entire Japanese nuclear plant business is run has finally been exposed to the light of day.  Like in the US, the owners of these facilities believed in hiring part-time contractors who had no healthcare, etc. They saved money by running the place as if it were a third world country, not the world’s #2 or #3 economy:  Day Laborers Brave Risks at Japan’s Nuclear Plants –


thousands of untrained, itinerant, temporary laborers who handle the bulk of the dangerous work at nuclear power plants here and in other countries, lured by the higher wages offered for working with radiation. Collectively, these contractors were exposed to levels of radiation about 16 times as high as the levels faced by Tokyo Electric employees last year…Of roughly 83,000 workers at Japan’s 18 commercial nuclear power plants, 88 percent were contract workers in the year that ended in March 2010, the nuclear agency said. At the Fukushima Daiichi plant, 89 percent of the 10,303 workers during that period were contractors….

…Tetsuen Nakajima, chief priest of the 1,200-year-old Myotsuji Temple in the city of Obama near the Sea of Japan, has campaigned for workers’ rights since the 1970s, when the local utility started building reactors along the coast; today there are 15 of them. In the early 1980s, he helped found the country’s first union for day workers at nuclear plants..

The union, he said, made 19 demands of plant operators, including urging operators not to forge radiation exposure records and not to force workers to lie to government inspectors about safety procedures. Although more than 180 workers belonged to the union at its peak, its leaders were soon visited by thugs who kicked down their doors and threatened to harm their families, he said.

“They were not allowed to speak up,” Mr. Nakajima said. “Once you enter a nuclear power plant, everything’s a secret.”

The NYT is very good, covering this story.  You can bet, things are probably quite similar here, too.  Workers being forced to lie is common, too.  Once, I was fired from a job for trying to enforce OSHA standards so I called in the Feds who raided the place and forced compliance.  There was some grim satisfaction in doing this (it was a computer fabrication ‘clean room’ facility…these rooms are TOXIC if not patrolled properly!!!!).

The label ‘clean rooms’ to describe the toxic business of computer chip fabrication is used to fool people into giving their OK to these businesses.  They have to have huge roof blowers to disseminate the contaminated air to the community.  We had alarms on the roof and would have to shut down the processes if roof repairs were made otherwise, anyone on the roof would have been poisoned or killed by the toxins!  And yet, at the same time, the corporations would tell people, this is all very ‘clean’.

This is probably why I am so very irritated with the global warming people lying about nuclear power.  It ain’t clean at all.  They should have an honest talk about things.  Well, history is being made in the usual way, people die, homes are lost, vast farmlands contaminated by nuclear power and everyone is noticing this.  The residents of the land around Fukushima were patiently waiting to return home.  It is just filtering in this week that the day of return is…NEVER.  So the anger will now grow.

Note in the NYT story, do read the whole thing, that the working conditions of the low level day laborers was extremely nasty and in particular, when an inspection was going to be made, they were sent into very toxic places to wipe everything down with rags!  Yikes!  Untold numbers now have cancer and this isn’t being tracked by anyone.  I can see why.  One of the biggest lies about nuclear power is lying about how dangerous it is vis a vis cancers.  A huge number of people hope that it has no effect.  But the refusal to truly track people to see what happens to them is why there are so contentious statistics.  In Japan, not one ‘contract’ worker is followed up to see if they get ill due to this exposure.

What is really funny, Japan has an election this week.  As usual, the usual goes on and on since the country is stuck in neutral:  Local elections held amid crisis show voters are looking for stability.

The first round of local elections took place on April 10, just a month after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit eastern Japan. The most talked-about post of Tokyo governor went to 78-year-old incumbent Shintaro Ishihara, for whom the next four-year period will constitute his fourth term.

The status quo is wonderful for the elites.  The masses see little variations on things and since the basic social care structure isn’t under attack like it is in the US (the GOP wants no Social Security or Medicare but dares not say so too openly):  BBC News – Tiffany expects profits to be hit by Japan events Japan’s elites are 20% of Tiffany’s market world share:

CIA – The World Factbook

GDP (purchasing power parity):

$4.338 trillion (2010 est.)
country comparison to the world: 4

GDP – per capita (PPP):

$34,200 (2010 est.)
country comparison to the world: 38 (The US is #10, for instance)
15.7% (2007)Population below poverty line:

Distribution of family income – Gini index:

37.6 (2008)
country comparison to the world: 74
24.9 (1993)

Japan’s rich have almost 30% of the wealth while the poor have less than 5% which is a pretty great imbalance.  Germany’s Gini index has it as 26 which is one of the most balanced nations, Norway and Sweden doing even better.  The lower the number the more wealth the lower classes have compared to the rich.  Sweden has the best ranking at 136 while Japan is significantly worse at 74.  The entire EU is 111 which is much better than Japan.  The US is 40 with a Gini of 45.0 which is significantly worse than Japan!

The Japanese elites have ruthlessly exploited the people there for generations.  Driving them into endless wars, leading them into suicide missions from hell, lying to them about the safety of nuclear power plants.  The Japanese go along with each insane demand, each outrage, silently, cringing with fear.

The US public has all sorts of romantic notions about Japan that are hard to squelch.  Popular Japanese anime and games reinforce this pro-Japan bias.  But we have to look hard at Japan and in especial, their culture.  Some very toxic ideas are being disseminated.  The rich/poor gap being one of the worst.

Talking about toxins, the US ‘cowboy’ culture and our military madness is also suicidal and dangerous:  Suicide Rate of Female Soldiers Triples in War Zones – But rate for male soldiers still higher.  This week the Marines’ ‘Poster Boy’ for Suicide Prevention Kills Self – Clay Hunt did ‘everything right,’ still couldn’t be saved.  We nearly eliminated deaths in our wars, using robot assassin machines, etc.  Still, the natives we are trying to control still manage to kill some of our occupying forces.  By the way, the Libya mess continues to devolve the same way all our wars are going: into the pits of hell.  Expensive pits of hell.

Japan has thrown workers under the bus but so has the US:  Laid-Off Worker Jumps to Death From Costa Mesa, California, City Hall

The city sent layoff notices to roughly half its employees yesterday, including 90 firefighters, 12 jail staffers, 30 dispatchers, and 50 maintenance workers, as part of a plan to outsource 18 city services, KTLA-TV reports.

So, the new workers will be ‘contract’ workers with no benefits.  And someone will profit, hiring the cheapest labor working for slave wages.  The rift between the rich and poor will widen even more.  Even as we spent trillions a decade bombing Muslims and trying to rebuild their nations, we see our own nation firing firefighters, cops and teachers.  With yokels cheering this on, hoping that NO ONE in the US will have ANY benefits, health insurance or anything.  Yippee!  We can all be equally poor.

Of course, this fixes global warming.  People won’t be able to heat their homes and they will then freeze to death.  Or the obesity epidemic will end with people getting little to eat.  There are many aspects to this.  One thing is certain: the rich don’t care.  Just as Japan’s wealthy elites buy a huge amount of jewelry as their government runs of trillions in public debt, so it is here, our rich do exactly the same thing.

On to another news item I have watched a lot.  Germany continues to court Russia and it is giving the Russians great glee:  Russian Gas Beckons for Germany as Merkel Turns From Nuclear –

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s shift away from nuclear power is set to make Germany more reliant on Russian gas and Merkel more dependent on her predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder.

Merkel’s pledge to speed the exit from atomic power after the crisis in Japan is helping push natural-gas prices higher as Germany scrambles to identify energy alternatives. Gas supplied by OAO Gazprom may be the easiest way for her to meet Germany’s climate goals and keep Europe’s largest economy running.

So, the Japanese earthquake/tsunami is reaching across the other side of the earth to change the political landscape.  To think that just three years ago, Germany was sneering at Russia and declaring they would be free of all Russian energy sales.  My, my, how time flies!




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Japanese May Never Return Home To Fukushima

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April 11th, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Neutron Beams and Radioactive Storage Problems

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Neutron Beams And Radioactive Storage Problems

The nuclear catastrophe in Japan is very important news since it is part of a global energy problem which highlights the many bad choices we have today when it comes to living a modern civilization style of life which is very energy-hungry from top to bottom. Just as anything impacting the price of oil ripples very powerfully through money markets, the food chain and social systems, so does catastrophes like the one in the Japanese nuclear power plant ripple through seemingly unrelated sectors.

The first world nations working in tandem created several noxious nuclear-meltdown prone systems. There is the mortgage markets which were mostly unregulated and allowed to rise in temperature until they went nuclear and melted down entire nations leading them into penury.

Then there was the new creation of this paper entity I call the ‘Derivatives Beast’ that had so little connection to anything real, it could balloon in size from just $1 billion to unguessable amounts around $66 or 600 trillion in just 30 years. One of the worst ‘hockey stick’ doubling in size of any entity created by humans.

There is the floating fiat currency system set up by Nixon in 1972 that ditched the restrictive gold standard for settling world trade and this insidious system is creating increasing instability in world trade markets and has detached ‘money’ from anything real leading to a vapidity that is very, very explosive. Right now, to stabilize this toxic pool of paper money, all nations on earth except the US store immense amounts of this meaningless paper in FOREX accounts where it will all very suddenly erupt when the US gets hit with say, a major earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant event in southern California (which, incidentally, is inevitable).

We have set many systems into this dangerous, ‘explode very suddenly’ mode. One of the most dangerous such systems remains the UN Security Council member nation’s immense hoard of nuclear missiles with the US having the most on the most hair trigger launch capacity. All we need is some stupid diplomatic slip up or ridiculous assassination (the US and Israel are very big on assassinations) to have a full blown nuclear war come crashing down on all the cities and nuclear power plants in first world countries.

This blog is called ‘Culture of Life News’ because I believe in warning people about incoming events before they happen. This means watching things develop and then predicting future events from present news and a close analysis of past events. The US can’t shrug off Japan’s nuke catastrophe because the US Nuke Plants Store More Spent Fuel Than Japan! Is there nuclear waste in your state? – CBS Evening News

The storage tanks were never meant to be a permanent solution. The nation’s oldest operating reactor, Oyster Creek in New Jersey, has stored some spent fuel for 41 years – 20 years longer than expected….An estimated 66,000 metric tons of spent fuel rods are stored at 77 sites around the country – that’s more than 145 million pounds. Imagine an entire football field full of spent fuel rods, seven yards high.

As we see on this map, in general, the greater concentration of population, the greater the nuclear waste being hazardously stored. This waste was supposed to go to Yucca Mountain in Nevada but the voters there were against it. We could ship it to Alaska. But you can bet even Republicans there would be against this. Ditto, Montana or the other GOP states.

The Democrats who support nuclear power in lieu of coal power have to be more honest with their own voters and talk about how Japan’s disasters can and probably eventually will happen in the dark brown states in the above map. The potential for this ‘clean’ (sic) power to go very, very dirty very, very fast should be a grave concern for NY, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina and Illinois.

The first WWII reactor research was in Chicago and upstate NY. The concentration of medical equipment with radiation parts is concentrated in these areas too since it has been manufactured there for a long time. The point here is, there is nothing ‘clean’ about radiation. Yes, there is natural radiation in the environment. I even mention the natural radiation in those fashionable but perhaps rather not so nice an ornament granite kitchen counters in so many modern homes.

But this is like saying, it is OK to pollute the air with coal burning just because there is other sources of smoke in the environment. Denying one while decrying the other is dishonest and no industry is more dishonest than any industry even faintly connected with anything nuclear or emitting radiation. People wore radiation-emitting glow in the dark dial watches for years and workers died who painted these watches due to radiation poisoning.

The problem with handling radiation is its invisibility. You really can’t tell you are being killed until it is years too late! You can run from it easily, hide from it unless you wear lead suits and you can’t smell it, either. More U.S. states find traces of radiation from Japan.

Now take a good look at what a week of slow destruction with lots of radiation looks like: Japan nuclear crisis: Fukushima Fifty pictures from inside nuclear power plant | Mail Online

I remember early on. Experts warned us that the #3 reactor was the most dangerous. The black smoking ruin here is what little is left of this reactor. This is the MOV one which was being refitted with plutonium. Wow. Isn’t this hideous? It looks like…Chernobyl! And it is. Totally Chernobyl. Each day, each reactor looks more and more ruined, more and more desolate. They look like a fast forward film of slow organic destruction over centuries only this is over days. With water being pumped in as fast as possible, they continue to devolve and collapse, the plutonium one, rather thoroughly and fastest of all.

Just three days ago, it had this stream of steam coming out of just one small hole. Now, it is twisted wreckage. This was no ‘explosion’ but rather, the natural evolution of plutonium as it has a meltdown. Do we know when this process will end?

Nope. We can’t know. We do know from Chernobyl that it might not end. It might go on and on and has to be put in a crypt which deteriorates rather rapidly due to the internal mess. When that crypt was made at great worker expense, they though they put the nuclear genie back into its cement bottle. But this didn’t last long and every 5-10 years there has to be a discussion about how to keep this bottle from erupting into more plutonic nuclear mayhem.

Not exploding but simply pouring out that invisible force that acts so energetically on our genes. Here is a story I can’t vouch for but it does show the uncertainty factor of trying to quantify what is going on when we have a full blown nuclear fire/meltdown/catastrophe: Fukushima Now 72,000 Times Hiroshima Radiation

Dr. Chris Busby verified today in an email that three spent fuel pools are totally blasted away and burned up. That puts the approximate radiation levels at 24,000 HIROSHIMAS x 3 = 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima now in the atmosphere..

The destruction from the first A-bombs was swift and very violent but there was far less nuclear material used in these blasts than are stored in nuclear power plants today. The resulting firestorms created by the nukes dropped on Japanese civilians was extremely destructive. Interestingly, the #3 Fukushima plant looks like it was hit by a nuclear bomb circa 1945. A big box harboring a large cement structure inside is now a twisted pile of girders and debris that is far more destroyed than by a mere fire.

This news from Japan is most interesting to those of us who don’t worship nuclear power as the savior of humanity and all living things: Neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled Fukushima nuke plant › Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear plant, said the neutron beam (ELAINE: or ‘flux’ in this case) measured about 1.5 kilometers southwest of the plant’s No. 1 and 2 reactors over three days from March 13 and is equivalent to 0.01 to 0.02 microsieverts per hour and that this is not a dangerous level.

The utility firm said it will measure uranium and plutonium, which could emit a neutron beam, as well.

In the 1999 criticality accident at a nuclear fuel processing plant run by JCO Co in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture, uranium broke apart continually in nuclear fission, causing a massive amount of neutron beams.

In the latest case at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, such a criticality accident has yet to happen.

But the measured neutron beam may be evidence that uranium and plutonium leaked from the plant’s nuclear reactors and spent nuclear fuels have discharged a small amount of neutron beams through nuclear fission.

This really sets my teeth on edge. I can’t imagine any sane person reviewing this information making a claim that nuclear power is safe as well as beneficial. We are talking about processes that happen in stars that are being crushed or violently blowing up. This does have medical use in modern hospitals. That is, a carefully calibrated stream of this energy can kill cancer cells.

Of course, the obverse it true: an uncontrolled stream of this energy kills cells and thus, living organisms and causes cancers. Neutron beam dosimetry at the NRL cyclotron

A 35 MeV deuteron beam impinging upon a thick Be target is being employed to generate a neutron beam for radiobiological experiments of relevance to later possible fast neutron therapy trials. The primary calibration of the beam has been based upon tissue-equivalent plastic ionization chambers, calibrated in turn with 60Co gamma -rays. CaF2:Mn and 7LiF (TLD-700) thermoluminescent dosemeters have been employed to determine the gamma -ray dose component in the neutron beam, by a method depending upon the ratio of fast neutron sensitivities of the two phosphors.

NASA – Neutron Stars

When the core of a massive star undergoes gravitational collapse at the end of its life, protons and electrons are literally scrunched together, leaving behind one of nature’s most wondrous creations: a neutron star. Neutron stars cram roughly 1.3 to 2.5 solar masses into a city-sized sphere perhaps 20 kilometers (12 miles) across. Matter is packed so tightly that a sugar-cube-sized amount of material would weigh more than 1 billion tons, about the same as Mount Everest!

“With neutron stars, we’re seeing a combination of strong gravity, powerful magnetic and electric fields, and high velocities. They are laboratories for extreme physics and conditions that we cannot reproduce here on Earth,” says Large Area Telescope (LAT) science team member David Thompson of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Neutron stars are interesting in outer space. They are distressing here on earth. The extreme physics interest people so scientists work to try to reproduce some of this if not all of this here on our home planet. This is why we have to think about limits to what we can do. Sometimes, things get out of control. When dealing with the elements at the high end of the atomic count of the elements, we have to be extremely careful. And all we are are naked monkeys with only slightly more control over our impulses to wreck things or knock things down.

I take that back on behalf of the simians who are not homo sapiens: we are MORE prone to wreck things or knock things down. All the more reason to not go full nuclear power.




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Neutron Beams And Radioactive Storage Problems

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Will Thor Save Us From Destruction?

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Wishful thinking and outright lying seems to cluster around nuclear power/nuclear war issues.

We are always, every day of our lives since 1955, a hair’s breadth away from nuclear war annihilation. We lived with the nuclear debris of thousands of nuclear bombs exploded on this poor planet for year and years and then there are the nuclear power disasters. Once they begin, they are hard to stop. Once again, we are promised a nuclear miracle solution to all of these things and alas, I fear these solutions are even potentially worse in some ways than the present distressing problems we already have.

First, yesterday, most news about the Japanese power plant fires dropped entirely off of front pages as we were assured by Japan that everything was under control. But then I woke up to this: Workers evacuated from Japan nuclear plant, again. Yes, they continue to react to events, that is, the reactors never were under any control, they have these periodic pauses and then leap forwards again. Fire fighters know that fires can lurk long after appearing to stop which is why they go in and poke around seeking embers or hot spots.

In the case of these reactors, no one is going anywhere near to the fires to poke at anything. In one case, the building housing a dangerous reactor fire is still very concealed from view and no one can venture inside. Unlike any other type of power plant fires/failures/collapses, only nuclear power plants remain concealed from view for a long time, in the case of Chernobyl, forever. This factor is a huge part of my objections to nuclear power generation systems. It can’t be a bigger problem.

All energy systems have downsides. This seems to be a general rule of reality. There is no totally safe, free ride. All have the potential of accidents, all have the potential to kill. For example, the latest argument for pro-nuclear power people is to claim that people die while digging coal, installing solar panels, etc. All of this is certainly true. But they always leave out the numbers of people who die in accidents while mining for materials for nuclear power plants (the life span of people digging up uranium is considerably shortened, for example and there are the exact same mining accidents other mines have) the miners of copper for the tubing die, the people transporting and making and producing cement die or have shortened lives, and the builders have accidents on site and die.

So this very dishonest propaganda campaign is now raging with global warming people yelling to us that no one except in Russia ever died in nuclear power plant production. They, of course, limit this to only deaths onsite in specific accidents and even that, they are lying since many writers supporting nuclear power are falsely claiming no none died in the Japan nuclear power plant: As 5 dead, will officials reveal ‘Fukushima Fifty’s’ heroics? .

The Japanese government isn’t hailing these poor workers as heroes because this means they died. Since the latest propaganda line of the nuclear power supporters is, no one will die, this screws up that story so it is being sort of dropped as an issue. This is quite common. We saw this with 9/11 with Bush, Cheney and a host of others saying over and over again, hypnotically, that Saddam caused 9/11 and the false front story that he had WMD was treated the same way. Repetition=acceptance of the new reality.

The food situation in Japan continues to deteriorate as the fires continue to rage off and on: WHO: Radiation in Japan food ‘more serious’ than thought. The nuclear power people who have conned many global warming people to support this noxious industry, love to claim that no one is harmed by nuclear power plants. They lie about this because the time frame for death is long and slow and above all, invisible. Unlike coal which actively pollutes the air with something that makes for a visible haze, nuclear pollution is very crafty and insidious.

I remember Pittsburgh in the 1960′s when it produced a significant amount of the world’s steel. At sunrise, the city was enveloped in this copper haze. When the wind didn’t blow, the air became unbreathable. I had to find a friend’s house and to read street signs, I had to have another friend get out of my hippie truck to clean off the signs so we could read them. It was quite filthy. Today, Pittsburgh is pretty clean. And our industries are now in Japan and China. Both of whom were quite content to suck it up as is India. So Japan has both nuclear pollution AND coal pollution.

Some shocking things are now coming to light: Nuclear ‘Stress Test’ Rules Sought by EU at Emergency Meeting –

“Every country must be responsible for its activities, but we need common rules,” Mauri Pekkarinen, Finnish minister of economic affairs who is also responsible for energy policy, told reporters in Brussels on his way into the EU meeting. “The most important thing is to go through all circumstances in all plants and try to find common solutions.”

Countries led by Germany are calling for a deeper alignment of Europe’s rules on nuclear safety, which is a shared responsibility between national and EU authorities. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged uniform standards across the EU and said she will raise the issue at a March 24-25 meeting of the bloc’s leaders.

Well, the confederation of EU states has no general rules for these things? Wow. HAHAHA….see how this works or rather, how it is barely regulated in any realistic way? Now, long after building these things, they think they ought to consider all circumstances that might cause bad things to happen? Germany is now inspecting all of its plants very carefully due to huge, huge anti-nuclear plant demonstrations. But other EU states don’t care so much so the Germans are quite agitated and wants them to do this, too.

The main shocking point here is, the EU which has an infinite number of rules and regulations for all sorts of idiotic things including cheese making, wine production, etc. has no general rules for nuclear power plant safety systems???? Wow! Amazing! And these are first world countries. But when it comes to nuclear power, they are no better than Pakistan or Iran. Or the Japanese. Or the US. The only thing that saved us so far was the revulsion against nuclear power after the Three Mile Island disaster. Which revulsion was dying off as people were promised that we would be saved from global warming by nuclear power.

For anyone interested in the sordid tale of death and destruction from all aspects of the nuclear business, here is a most excellent free online book to read: “KILLING OUR OWN, Chronicling the Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Radiation, 1945-1982

Here is an example of this week’s ‘nuclear reactors are safe’ stories: Minnesota Nuclear Reactor—Safe

As a meltdown seems almost certain at a boiling water plant in Japan, Xcel Energy, which operates two similar plants in Minnesota, is watching—closely.

They invariably claim they are watching things closely. The problem here is, when things go wrong, the last thing on earth one can do is watch anything closely. One has to be at a distance and see nothing inside. The interior of these things are occult. This is why assurances there are watchers is downright stupid. A lie. They can IMAGINE possible problems and then engineer protections but if they can’t imagine really nasty events, they won’t prepare for them.

In Japan, this was inexcusable. They saw what happened at the Indonesian/ Andaman Islands subduction zone 9.1 earthquake/tsunami how huge the ocean surge could be and how it wipes out nearly everything along coastlines especially the mountainous regions. The world’s biggest cement plant was totally destroyed and everyone killed, for example. Yet Japan didn’t think, ‘This could happen here, too,’ and did nothing. It did happen which means all ocean sites with nuclear plants on flat areas with mountains behind them in high earthquake/subduction zones MUST plan for the same thing to happen. There is no other way. This moved from ‘impossible’ to ‘probable’ to ‘certain’ in less than a decade.

So here is the latest fairy tale being peddled to assure us that Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium – Telegraph

Thorium is a silvery metal named after the Norse god of thunder. The metal has its own “issues” but no thorium reactor could easily spin out of control in the manner of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, or now Fukushima.

Professor Robert Cywinksi from Huddersfield University said thorium must be bombarded with neutrons to drive the fission process. “There is no chain reaction. Fission dies the moment you switch off the photon beam. There are not enough neutrons for it continue of its own accord,” he said….Dr Cywinski is developing an accelerator driven sub-critical reactor for thorium, a cutting-edge project worldwide. It needs to £300m of public money for the next phase, and £1.5bn of commercial investment to produce the first working plant. Thereafter, economies of scale kick in fast. The idea is to make pint-size 600MW reactors.

This is the ‘mini-reactor’ units that Al Gore is talking about overseas this month. This is the latest ‘our genie in the bottle is safe’ story. Is it? I assume this is an iron rule of nature: all energy systems have dangers. These dangers multiply when systems multiply. The inherent dangers grow greater as the numbers of systems multiply. You can’t guess at what these dangers are when there are only a few but when there are many, they are totally unexpected when they do happen. This is, incidentally, basically ‘Murphy’s Laws’.

All my life, when something new comes along, we are assured that it is perfectly safe and even good. Then, over time, this degrades. The ‘this is perfectly safe’ thing has a half life just like atoms in the periodic table. Some things have a short half-life of ‘this is safe’ and others have a longer half-life of safety. The point is, we weigh safety with other factors. Life isn’t safe. It is dangerous. So we pick which dangers we want. This is why humans nearly always congregate on flood plains and on the edges of the oceans. Life is nice in these places. Until catastrophe sweeps everything away. Then, the mountain people come down and repopulate the areas swept clear.

I see this story of safe Thorium all over the place. I have a certain strong feeling about Thor. This element was named after him, after all. Thor throws lightning bolts at me. I am way off the scale of probability when it comes to Thor so I tend to look at the dark side of things more than other people who don’t worry about being hit by lightning bolts:

In nature, thorium is found as thorium-232 (100.00%). Thorium decays slowly by emitting an alpha particle. The half-life of thorium-232 is about 14.05 billion years. It is estimated to be about three to four times more abundant than uranium in the Earth’s crust. It is a by-product of the extraction of rare earths from monazite sands. The formerly widespread uses of thorium, for example as a light emitting material in gas mantles or as an alloying material in several metals, have decreased due to concerns about its radioactivity.

So, it was considered safe and good until workers began to die. A professor died who had it stored in unsecured containers in his office, for example. People thought it was safe even in academia. Note that it is used much more sparingly now that people realize that it kills! This flies in the face of the ‘thorium is safe’ stories being peddled so desperately today. It is not safe at all. Then there is the half-life of this stuff! 14.5 billion years: Age of the universe –

The estimated age of the universe is 13.75 ± 0.11 billion[1] years (alternatively Gigayears or 109years).[2] This is however only the estimated time since the Big Bang….Radiometric dating – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: rubidium-87 to strontium-87, with a half-life of 50 billion years (while)…two clocks, one based on uranium-235′s decay to lead-207 with a half-life of about 700 million years, and one based on uranium-238′s decay to lead-206 with a half-life of about 4.5 billion years…

These thorium atoms are ancient in their process. That is, they decay at the same rate that the Universe existed. OUCH. Whoa! All of these radioactive elements have long half-lives, these are the elements of the Universe which match the time scale of all existence, eh? I have this itchy feeling about things of this nature! We are talking about elemental materials here which are the byproduct of huge explosions in the deep past.
Thorium isn’t the one with the longest half life, Strontium-87 has one that is the length of multiple universes in age. Uranium 235 has a much shorter half-life of only 700 million years which is roughly the length of time of almost all life on earth. The earth is made up of all kinds of space debris which was molded into our planet during the violent birth of our sun. The sun vacuumed up huge amounts of atomic materials floating around the gravity pool where our sun was born several billion years ago. Now, we wish to exploit these materials to generate energy. This is because these leftovers of massive, unimaginably huge explosions of stars, black holes and maybe the Big Bang itself, are quite dynamic in essence.Curious about the nature of the rocks where these thorium atoms reside, I looked it up: Monazite – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monazite is an important ore for thorium, lanthanum, and cerium. It is often found in placer deposits. The deposits in India are particularly rich in monazite. It has a hardness of 5.0 to 5.5 and is relatively dense, about 4.6 to 5.7 g/cm3. Because of the presence of thorium within monazite, it can be radioactive. If samples are kept, they should be placed away from minerals that can be damaged by radiation. Because of its radioactive nature, the monazite within rocks is a useful tool for dating geological events, such as heating or deformation of the rock.

Monazite has more than thorium: monazite: Definition from

A rare mineral that incorporates the light rare-earth elements (lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium,promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium) and also yttrium. Monazite has a general formula of (La,Ce, Nd)PO4, but Pr, Sm, Eu, Gd, and Y substitute for La, Ce, and Nd in solid solution in minor amounts. The dominant rare-earth element in a particular monazite is denoted by the atomic suffix, such as monazite-(Ce) in which cerium exists in amounts greater than other rare-earth atoms. Monazite-(Ce), monazite-(La), and monazite-(Nd) are officially recognized by the International Mineralogical Association….Monazite forms small primary grains that are disseminated through many gneisses and granites. Since it is heavy and more resistant to weathering than the rock-making minerals, it frequently persists, along with quartz and other heavy grains, in beach or river sand. Deposits of monazite-rich sands are dug and separated for the recovery of several valuable minerals.

This is all about the ‘rare earth metals’ that China is the center of and this is what is used to make television and computer screens, fluorescent light bulbs, and highly efficient batteries which is what China manufactures more and more and is the biggest player in the globe these days. Especially after China put a squeeze on Japan last fall when Japan decided to fight over some uninhabited islands in the Chinese seas: Stock Gumshoe Reveals: “Buy This Morning … Breaking China’s Monazite Metals Monopoly”

The ad is mostly about monazite metals, and about the Chinese push to develop a monopoly over these resources. China is rich in them the way that Saudi Arabia is rich in oil, apparently, and they’ve spent much of the past decades trying to corner the market. The ad says that this plan went by the name of the “863 Program” in China, and that there are unclassified federal documents that go into detail about how the Chinese tried to make sure that they got access to these critical commodities. It’s even implied that the failed Chinese takeover of Unocal (through CNOOC) was scuttled by Congress because those in the know knew that Unocal wasn’t only an oil company, they owned one of those “Monazite metals” mines in California.

Rare Earth Properties

  1. The rare earths are silver, silvery-white, or gray metals.
  2. The metals have a high luster, but tarnish readily in air.
  3. The metals have high electrical conductivity.
  4. The rare earths share many common properties. This makes them difficult to separate or even distinguish from each other.
  5. There are very small differences in solubility and complex formation between the rare earths.
  6. The rare earth metals naturally occur together in minerals (e.g., monazite is a mixed rare earth phosphate).

The curious case of opening up these metals from their natural state which is to be radioactive but passive to their dynamic state where they can recreate the creation of the universe is what is so tempting about these metals. They embody ancient energy events of the universe, this is how they are created deep inside of the earth’s own kiln which is why we have volcanoes and earthquakes, this dynamic hot area is much, much hotter than the surface and the surface of the earth shifts and mills around due to the energy from the interior. Compression and heat works with the cooler outer shell of the planet to create these metals.

The process of continental plates slamming into each other and causing huge granite mountains to rear upwards only to be worn down by wind and rain means that these ‘rare earth’ metals are processed into sand which is cheaper to harvest than to blow up and then grind down granite mountains. Which we are capable of doing, of course. It has to be cost-effective, of course. These rare earth metals are quite common in nature but not cheap to process except when pre-processed by Mother Nature. But processing these sands has their own ecological dangers: monazite: Definition from

Alkaline Opening

A more recent process uses hot sodium hydroxide solution (73 %) at about 140 °C. This process allows the valuable phosphate content of the ore to be recovered as crystalline trisodium phosphate. The lanthanide/thorium hydroxide mixture can be treated with hydrochloric acid to provide a solution of lanthanide chlorides, and an insoluble sludge of the less-basic thorium hydroxide.

Processing gold and silver are high pollutant operations. Ditto, this. Many, many, many, many humans have died due to gold, coal, silver and other mining processes. Modern methods for extracting minerals from other substances is very, very polluting. All the wonders of modern and ancient civilizations are built on the graves of many humans who, often as slaves, toiled in these dangerous mines or transported this stuff everywhere not to mention the millions and millions of humans who died in many wars over the entire planet fighting over these mines and their products!

All mineral systems we have used since the first smelter was built to process copper long, long ago in Africa and then in Asia, the use of fire to extract metals has been the history of humanity. First was the Stone Age which is when a certain group of ape-creatures picked up rocks and instead of dropping them after use, shaped them and used and kept them at hand to expand hunting and food processing skills all the way through the Gold Age when it was recognized that one metal was delightfully shiny and didn’t go bad over time and thus could be used as an ‘eternity’ machine to transport souls of rulers to Eternal Life somewhere over the Milky Way, to the Copper Age and Bronze Age when metals were used to make tools that replaced stone age tools leading to another bloodbath as the copper than then bronze makers invaded and massacred stone age societies to the Iron Age which saw even bloodier expressions of metal users annihilating stone age and bronze age peoples.

Now we are in the heavy rare metals age, the Nuclear Age. And boy, can we hammer human populations with this! It dwarfs all the other ages when it comes to killing everything in sight including making life possibly impossible for anything.

Finally, more mythology for Thor lovers: Mjöllnir – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mjölnir simply means “crusher”, referring to its pulverizing effect. Mjölnir might be related to the Russian word молния (molniya) and the Welsh word mellt (both words being translated as “lightning”). This second theory parallels with the idea that Thor, being a god of thunder, therefore might have used lightning as his weapon.[2] It is related to words such as the Icelandic verbs mölva (“to crush”) and mala (“to grind”), and Swedish noun mjöl (“flour”), all related to English meal, mill, and miller. Similar words, all stemming from the Proto-Indo-European root *melə, can be found in almost all European languages, e.g. the Slavicmelevo (“grain to be ground”) and molot (“hammer”), the Russian Молот (molot—”hammer”), the Greek μύλος (mylos—”mill”), the Spanish moler (“to crush”), and the Latin malleus “hammer”, from which English mallet derives, as well as the Latin mola (“mill”).

There are many, many religious myths and shamanic tales about milling sand, the churning mill of time and space, the crushing of bones to make it into meal, the three giant daughters of the North cursing the god who tried to steal their magic mill which churns out gold, endless gold, instead, it churns out salt and sand and the ship goes to the bottom of the sea: the lightning god’s hammer is actually a mill for grinding things to dust. It is rather amusing to me that the romantic-minded scientists chose to call the radioactive metal in today’s story, ‘Thorium’.

They recognized that ‘Thorium’ is one of those elemental forces that is connected intimately with dire forces at work in the universe and since it is extremely long lived as an activist entity, well, it is named after something that taps into many other interesting elemental religious matters and generally speaking, when we talk about the elder gods here, we are reminded that there are many natural forces at work we little understand, at least, this brings up the concept of ‘hubris’.

That is, whenever humans discover and then attempt to control an elemental power wether it be fire, gold, ice or moving on to modern times, carbon, iron and the rare earth elements, we get all giddy with a sense of divine power. We are gods, ourselves! We can do anything! Then we discover the various downsides of this power. General rule of thumb is, the greater the power, the more likely we will destroy ourselves using this power. It is a race to see which will happen when: will the new power make life better? And then, will it abruptly wipe us out, too? Many people ponder this very important, pressing question only to see events outstrip our understanding of anything. That is, we rush pell-mell from one disastrous series of choices to newer, even odder ones which we can’t understand fully. All, while seeking infinite power.




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Hamlet’s Mill

Will Thor Save Us From Destruction?

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Second Japanese Nuke Reactor Goes Down

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– by Elaine Meinel Supkis

As information trickles in, I try to keep up with what it all means. In the case of the nuclear power plant mess, I wish to tie it all into nearly identical nuclear power stations in the US which have been built in high earthquake/tsunami areas. This always alarmed me a great deal. I protested these nuclear plant’s locations back in the very early 1970′s. It isn’t hysteria, it is a hard nosed knowledge that building a nuclear facility that can take only up to 7.0 mag earthquakes in a zone that has 8.0+ quakes is pure insanity.

The people proposing these projects bank on the public not understanding the difference between a 7.0 and a 8.0 earthquake. The quake measurements are based on the good old hockey stick graph: they double each cycle so the differential shoots rapidly upwards when going from 7.0 to 9.0. California is criss crossed with a tremendous number of known and above all, unknown fault fracture lines. Some are immense and very long like the famous San Andreas Fault.

Back in the late 1960′s when the Japanese and Californian power plants were first designed and proposed, knowledge of plate tectonics and the frequency of both tsunamis and 8.0+ earthquakes was far, far less than today. Worse, the knowledge of subsidence was ill understood until recent times. Actually, only in the last dozen years have we had enough dramatic examples of this to say, it is a serious problem in subduction zones!

To see how little ‘experts’ understand this, here is an interview from Japan:朝日新聞社):Tsunami swamped stretch of coastline, says expert – English

  • A 150-km stretch of Japan’s northeastern coastline sustained catastrophic damage from Friday’s earthquake and the huge tsunami triggered by it, according to a tsunami expert who flew over the area…He said it was possible that a large part of the area may actually have subsided below sea level, accounting for the fact that the waters had not receded. ”I have seen cases of communities disappearing in the Indian Ocean tsunami and elsewhere, but I cannot believe similar damage could be seen in Japan,” he said.

Huh? Can’t believe it would happen in Japan? Eh? The geological situations are nearly identical. There are some geologists who explain that the reason there is this sudden subsidence is due to the land gradually rising over the course of several hundred years and then suddenly the pressure is released and the continental shelf ceases being bucked upwards and then resumes its normal position at a lower level. This, in turn, changes over time as the pressure builds up again, causing the land to rise.

This happens all over the planet! This is why mountains tilt upwards when continents press against other continents or ocean plates. As the Rockies rise, the middle of the US sags downwards, subsiding in a series of violent earthquakes. In Japan, the land that is flooded will remain this way for about 200 years when it will be recolonized by people who have no idea they are putting themselves into terrible danger. Just as we see here in the US: people love to build on flood plains and tsunami coastal areas…because they are flat! End of story.

Flat means cheap to develop. Flat means easy transportation. Flat means easy farming. Flat next to an ocean is the best fun of all, nearly all resorts are placed in these sorts of places as hundreds of tourists discovered to their terrible dismay during the Boxing Day Tsunami event.

NEI: Nuclear Energy Institute

The nuclear power plant problems in Japan continue to cause an uproar mostly because lack of good information and a lot of wishful thinking by too many people. Earlier today, I read this story at the US official nuclear power plant guys, Nuclear Energy Institute – Information on the Japanese Earthquake and Reactors in That Region. But this was scrubbed in the last six hours! This is due to the fact that things are deteriorating there.

The original story was all about how there was little damage and nothing to worry about. Now that thousands of Japanese are being evacuated and more reactors are sliding over the nasty event horizon to hell, the story has been canned. Instead, we have this story: Nuclear Energy Enjoys 70 Percent Support Among Americans, New Polling Shows.

Yes, we can’t wait to get our paws on this miracle cure for our lust for energy. This is due to the industry saying, ‘Would we lie to you?’ And then…lie to us. Of course, wishful thinking has always been the bane of humanity. And people prey on this impulse. This poll was taken before this most recent sharp reminder about how dangerous nuclear energy facilities really are.

Headlines like this scare 70% of the population: Exodus from Japan nuclear plant

  • About 170,000 people have been evacuated from the area around a quake-damaged nuclear plant in north-east Japan that was hit by an explosion, the UN atomic watchdog says.

With the homes of thousands and thousands of people eliminated by tsunamis and earthquakes, the last thing you need is thousands more displaced by nuclear power plant explosions and meltdowns. The thing that kills you is invisible and worse, might not do it instantly but over time. So 20 years later, you die of a brain tumor, for example.

The media tries to reassure us but the headlines still look scary: Japan Floods Nuclear Reactor Crippled by Earthquake to Avert a Full Meltdown –

Government officials and executives of Tokyo Electric Power, which runs the plant, gave confusing accounts of the causes of the explosion and the damage it caused. Late Saturday night, officials said that the explosion occurred in a structure housing turbines near the No. 1 reactor at the plant rather than inside the reactor itself.

Ah, that violent explosion with that obvious heat wave that shot out at the speed of sound was merely a fire, the roof falling in. But this news renews our fears: Emergency at second nuclear reactor in Fukushima reported

The top government spokesman said TEPCO has begun new cooling operations to fill the reactor with sea water and pour in boric acid to prevent an occurrence of criticality, noting it may take several hours to inject water into the reactor.

In addition, it will take about 10 days to fill the container with sea water, he said. There is a great possibility that the reactor will be decommissioned as the injection of sea water containing salt and impure substances will make it difficult to operate it safely again, experts say.

Look at the photo, the first one released of the ruined nuclear reactor housing. I believe some of the steel frame was melted. Is the event over? Not even slightly! We see from the news about the second reactor going down the same road to destruction that it may take a few days (ahem) to stop things from going nuclear, big time. Naturally, they also have to admit this terminates this facility as a working power plant!

This leads us to: BBC News – Uncertainty surrounds Japan’s nuclear picture

  • Chief cabinet secretary Chief Yukio Edano confirmed this was the case, saying: “The concrete building collapsed. We found out that the reactor container inside didn’t explode.”
  • He attributed the explosion to a build-up of hydrogen, related in turn to the cooling problem….This is produced during the nuclear reaction, and should beconfined within the reactor core. However, according to World Nuclear News, an industry newsletter, this caused pressure in the containment vessel to rise to twice the intended operating level, so the decision was taken to vent some of this into the atmosphere….One factor that has yet to be explained is the apparent detection of radioactive isotopes of caesium.
  • If it has been detected outside the plant, that could imply that the core has begun to disintegrate….As with its counterparts in many other countries, Japan’s nuclear industry has not exactly been renowned for openness and transparency. Tepco itself has been implicated in a series of cover-ups down the years.

Someone outside of Japan has to look into this to see what really happened. ’Cover your ass’ is the normal modus operandi of any bureaucracy especially one that can destroy the entire neighborhood if even one mistake is made. Why did the concrete building collapse? Ahem…serious problem with that story, right? The reactor container didn’t explode? I would like to see proof of this. They are saying, they see no pollution so that is the proof but then, there is the radioactive isotopes signaling a different story entirely.

Most people have no idea what these isotopes mean so here is the Wikipedia version: Isotopes of caesium –

Oh, just several hundred years for the 137 isotopes to neutralize! Whew! So if Chernobyl happened in 1500, we would be sort of OK today, can live there again! The other form is so long, it goes back to the dawn of the first human, sort of Lucy in the Sky with Caesium. At least it doesn’t last 3 billion years! We are so lucky.

The timeline for degrading is so long, there is just no way humans can increase nuclear power production up and up and up. And this is what is exactly happening. This is a problem with global warming: the alternatives have dangerous downsides, too. This being one of the worst. These bad choices bedevil us and has led to a severe backlash against scientists. We are frustrated and scared at the same time.

Well, yelling, ‘We are all doomed’ is easy for me to do if humans insist on building nuclear power plants on top of dangerous geological areas that WILL have volcanoes, tsunamis and mega-earthquakes every 500 years or less! It is just no way we should allow this. Ever.

Experts: Mega-quake, tsunami could happen here – The Early Show – CBS News: This goes under ‘Duh.’ The US has lots of dangerous places where gay and brave humans can choose to live if they wish. But not put down nuclear power plants. Here is the example that still raises my hackles and irritates the hell out of me. This was built despite warnings from myself and a host of other people who had a fairly good idea, how this planet works:

Diablo Canyon Power Plant CA – Google Maps

Diablo Canyon is designed to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake from four faults, including the nearby San Andreas and Hosgri faults.[1] Equipped with advanced seismic monitoring and safety systems, the plant is designed to shut down safely in the event of significant ground motion…Pacific Gas & Electric Company went through six years of hearings, referenda and litigation to have the Diablo Canyon plant approved. A principle concern about the plant was whether it was sufficiently earthquake-proof. The site was deemed safe when construction started in 1968.

However, by the time of the plant’s completion in 1973, a seismic fault, the Hosgri fault, had been discovered several miles offshore. This fault had a 7.1 magnitude quake 10 miles offshore on November 4, 1927, and thus was capable of generating forces equivalent to approximately 1/16 of those felt in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.[4] The company responded to the resulting protests by improving the structural integrity of the building.

Arrgh! We now know for a fact that nearly identical nuclear stations in Japan sited nearly exactly the same distance from the ocean in a nearly exactly the same setting…FAILED BADLY. So, it is a bad, bad, bad thing to have a nuclear power plant in Diablo Canyon. Back in 1970 I was nearly speechless with rage when I heard of the proposed site. Talk about insane! Well named, though. Yes, I liked that! Liked that a lot! But a bad choice.

The arrow below the red A balloon is where there was quite a big tsunami surge in the past:

Where the red line in the ocean is right against where the nuclear power plant was built. This is perfect for creating tsunamis which is why, surprise, surprise, the coast on both sides of the nuclear power plant have definite signs of tsunami damage!

Not satisfied with just one nutty nuclear facility, there is another: San Onofre nuclear plant tsunami-ready –

  • The plant is protected by a 30-foot seawall, he said. “That’s designed to withstand a tsunami without the loss of operational power.” The height of the wall was determined based the region’s history with tsunamis.
  • In addition, the plant is designed to withstand a magnitude 7 earthquake striking five miles away. That is based on the proximity of the Newport-Inglewood-Rose Canyon Fault, also known as the Southern California Offshore Zone of Deformation, he said.
Um, the tsunamis that hit the Japanese reactors was higher than that in many places and certainly the earthquakes were, too. And so we know for a fact (obviously, the engineering was no good in Japan!) that these reactors are just as bad. Close them down. Don’t wait until a total catastrophe hits.
Talking about total catastrophes: Tsunami Relief And Preparedness Cut In GOP Budget Proposal: National Weather Service cut too. Yeah, let’s have all those GOP voting areas of America go without hurricane and tsunami warnings. Some humans have to learn the hard way. Mother Nature is pitiless. The GOP wants to waste another trillion dollars fighting angry Muslim peasants who show an endless appetite for fighting us to the death…while we ignore hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Hooray for Mother Nature, she always wins!
But then, many GOPers believe the planet is only a few years old, god loves them and wants to coddle these bastards (icky, icky!) and…they think that the weather doesn’t matter all that much. Well…I say, end storm insurance issued by the government, too, while you are at it. Pray to the gods instead. And nothing on earth is more thoughtless and cruel than gods. All of them. Trust me on this. They don’t like us much at all.




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