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Journalist Michael Hastings Died In A Mysterious Car Crash

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Hastings was a critic of the Pentagon generals. In 2010, Michael Hastings described General Stanley McChrystal’s staff as “a handpicked collection of killers, spies, … political operators and outright maniacs.” Michael Hastings contacted a Wikileaks lawyer hours before his death, claiming the FBI were investigating him. Then came the inexplicable crash-the immediate aftermath captured on video. Michael Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan, has released her email today replying to the editor of the NewYork Times re: it’s online obit about him which, she feels, tried to diminish his famous “Runaway General” article. She also refers to what she heard on tapes she transcribed for him for his article.





 Click here to read Greg Mitchell’s blogspot article.


Journalist Michael Hastings died in a mysterious car crash on 19 June 2013.


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June 20th, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Is Woman Who Launched FBI Takedown of Petraeus and Allen a Foreign Spy?

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What I’d like to know is if the FBI agent who launched this witch hunt/terror campaign against Petraeus, Allen and Broadwell as a ‘favor’ to his lover Jill Kelly is one of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators of the FBI. The FBI, who pulled him off the case and says he is now under investigation, will not release his identity. Kelly, though Lebanese, is ostensibly a Maronite Christian.

Hat tip to The Blaze and excerpted from The Daily Kos: OK, this is getting weird. If Jill Kelley was not in the employ of a foreign intelligence service then the world’s spy agencies have collectively suffered a dereliction of duty.

As we know today, General Petraus’s successor in Afghanistan is a man named General John Allen who also happens to be in line for promotion to Commander of the United State European Command and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe.

It probably goes without saying that both General Petraus of the CIA and General Allen would be top targets for foreign intelligence operations — especially by countries in the Middle East. Knowing details of US actions there would be of benefit to many countries; some allies, some nominal allies and some considered to be enemies.

The fact that socialite Jill Kelley’s maiden name is Khawam and that she was born in Lebanon to Maronite Christian parents should raise eyebrows a bit. (Note that the Maronite Christians were allies of Israel in the Lebanese Civil War/Lebanon invasion.) The fact that she and her husband were willing to go into debt to throw lavish parties for high level officers who are involved in the Middle East should make even the most resolute anti-CTers among us pause. The further fact that she is identified as an unofficial liason between top American Generals and unspecified Middle Eastern contacts, well…Keep Reading

Jill Kelly Really Jill Khawam: Woman Who Launched FBI Takedown Of Petraeus And Allen A Foreign Spy?

[Pat Dollard]

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November 14th, 2012 at 5:09 pm

FBI Urges Coffee Shops To Report Cash-Paying Customers To Authorities

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Use of paper money is a terrorist trait — if you don’t want to be considered suspect, the government commands you to use corporate-issued debit and credit cards, rather than its own currency.

FBI Urges Coffee Shops To Report Cash-Paying Customers To Authorities


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March 14th, 2012 at 10:02 pm

Martin Armstrong The Movie: The Financial Collapse of 2012

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The Oracle – Martin Armstrong
The Movie Trailer

The year is 2012: Europe is stumbling from one emergency summit to the next, America has gone crashing through the 15-trillion-dollar debt ceiling, people are taking to the streets across the world because they have realised that something has been thrown off kilter; that the banks have spiralled out of control; that governments have lost their grip on public debt. And after eleven years off the radar, a man resurfaces in Philadelphia, a man who used a computer model and the number pi in the nineties to predict economic turning points with astounding precision: Martin Armstrong predicted the exact date of the October crash in 1987, the decline in the value of the dollar in 1986, the demise of the Japanese bull market in 1990 and the Nikkei crash in 1989. He was one of the most expensive Wall Street market analysts and was named economist of the decade and fund manager of the year in 1998.

This documentary film portrays a man returning to his life after eleven years in prison. It follows him as he meets his old partners for the first time and depicts his first public speech to people who are still prepared to travel from across the globe and pay handsome sums to hear him speak. It is a film about a man who claims he could transform the world economy’s superstructure and thus prevent a global Armageddon.

Martin Armstrong refused to play along with the bankers’ game and warned his customers that “the club” were manipulating currency and silver markets. He quickly made powerful enemies: New York investment bankers, hedge funds managers, Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs. The FBI and SEC, the US Securities and the Exchange Commission started to show interest in his computer model. In 1999 he was arrested on charges of fraud which he still disputes to this day. He was incarcerated for seven years for contempt of court. After time in solitary confinement and threats against his mother, he signed a partial confession and was sentenced to a further four years. Armstrong says he no longer fears death after everything he has experienced over the last eleven years. Give me liberty or give me death – there is no middle road. Martin Armstrong wants to leave America, the country that calls itself the land of the free, yet imprisons more of its own citizens than any other: America.

Martin Armstrong The Movie: The Financial Collapse of 2012


Ter·ror·ist (Noun): Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government

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Any American Who Criticizes the Government May Be Labeled a Terrorist

I noted in 2009:

The Department of Homeland Security and police forces label anyone who they disagree with – or who disagrees with government policies – as “terrorists”.

Don’t believe me?

Well, according to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act, “Anyone who … speaks out against the government’s policies could be declared an ‘unlawful enemy combatant’ and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens.”

And according to an FBI memo, peace protesters are being labeled as “terrorists”.

Anyone who disagrees with the “acceptable” way of looking at things is a terrorist.

How is this different from Stalin or Mao’s use of labels such as “enemy of the state”?

This may have seemed over-the-top to some, but events have proven it true.

For example, the following is considered terrorism or suspected terrorism in modern America:

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Criminalizing Common Sense and Everyday Life

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Editor’s note:

The pathetic failure of government and the subsequent bizarre attempts to demonize law abiding and decent citizens comes as the corporatized baby boomers are winding down careers and sense loss of control. Are they so filed with hubris and craving entitlement that they are unable to bow out gracefully without destroying everything the nation did right? Much of what we’re witnessing is so maniacal, comic and absurd in the extreme that there must be another element at work here. I’ve long suspected that particularly controlling people who gravitate to government and seek other positions of power have simply gone too far. This is a collective mental breakdown. Is this a ruling class permanently altered by psychotropic drugs and brain damaged by anti-depressant medications? Whatever has happened they have surely run amuck and are on a global rampage.

We can tell the US goverment is getting desperate trying to clamp down on the population. They are worse than a paranoid drug addict awake for days in speed think. They are scared of the people. They only have the tool of fear they can use to cower us into submission. They are trying send a chilling effect to stop us from speaking out or just living our daily lives. It seem our mundane things we do is now considered possible terrorist activity. I mean normal behavior we do day to day. The only terrorist are the people making up such nonsense.

For anyone with half a brain. Please use common sense. Just because we decide to pay cash for a hotel room to a lousy cup of coffee at the local convenient store. It does not mean squat if a person is criminal or not. When I was a truck driver with a CDL. They tried to train the drivers to look out for Al Quaida. It was a joke, because there was no common sense. Telling hot dog venders to watch for the boogeyman terrorist at a Super Bowl game is asinine. Who the hell has time to look for terrorist when they have to pay attention to the costumers.

Here what they were say to look for over the years as possible terrorist. People writing on paper. Paying with cash. People using video cameras. People who have road maps in their car. Sleeping bag and camping equipment like a tent. Binoculars, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders and a GPS system. These are all everyday things people use that are not used to carry out acts against innocent people. Only a tyranny will criminalize normal activity to snare the innocent into the system to justify their existance.

Well I do not care what the FBI and Homeland Security says. I want to be left alone and to mind their own business. Just because I want to keep my life private and my online activities away from prying eyes does not make me a criminal. What do I have to hide? My dignity, my privacy and my life. It does not make me suspicious of anything. it is none of the government’s business. I am not the terrorist. I just want to be left alone. So does rest of America from goverment goons.

The government’s war on common sense is coming to a head. The TSA does not use common sense at all. How does an old lady or an infant a threat? Questioning and resisting having a person;’s genital area groped is normal behavior. TSA goons are the sick freaks.The government is not normal. They are the terrorist and the criminal who have much to hide they want to keep secret. They are the ones stealing money, property and killing people. They are the ones committing fraud against us, Well, I will keep buying coffee with cash and even pay for a hotel with those useless Federal Reserve notes. It does not make me suspicious or a criminal. I just want the goverment to leave me alone.

I think the people have had it with the lies and the abuse from this government. They are not keeping us safe by pushing us around. They are only protecting themselves from being brought to justice because many people are on to them. Common sense cannot be outlawed and normal human behavior cannot be made illegal and tyranny cannot be legalized. Homeland Security needs to go. Ron Paul for President!

Homeland Security Criminalizing Common Sense Living and Everyday Life

[Lone Star Watchdog]

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February 8th, 2012 at 3:28 am

The FBI Labels a “Threat to National Security”

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The FBI vs.

Secret Documents Reveal Government Spy-and-Smear Campaign

Justin Raimondo, August 22, 2011

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and it was my day off. Sitting in my rather neglected garden, as the late afternoon light sparkled golden on the tops of the plum trees, I put down my book – the 1995 edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois – with more than a little annoyance. I was smack dab in the middle of a short story, “Asylum,” by Katharine Kerr, a tale about a future military coup in the US, written from the point of view of a particularly earnest liberal with faintly radical leanings. The main character is a woman writer who is abroad when the generals take over, and is marked as an enemy of the state on account of her book, Christian Fascism: Its Roots and Rise. Her San Francisco office is raided and her files carted away. She gets a call from a friend before the coup plotters cut off all communications with the outside world: “It’s seven days in May – stay where you are!” She stays, but is tortured by the prospect of her daughter being in harm’s way: when communications with America are finally restored, she wrestles with the question of whether to pick up the phone and make a call that might endanger her daughter. After all, what if the Christian Fascists are listening?

The phone kept ringing. I picked it up with annoyance: it was our webmaster, Eric Garris, telling me about this – FBI documents recovered through the Freedom of Information Act that detail surveillance of, the staff, and specifically yours truly.

A word about the authenticity of the documents and their provenance: they were posted on a public website, their form, including the extensive redactions, the acronymic bureaucratese, and the lunk-headed cluelessness which dominates the FBI’s corporate culture, so to speak, combine to verify their authenticity.

As to the content of these documents, one word describes them: bizarre.

According to a memo stamped “Secret,” marked as “routine,” and dated April 30, 2004, we apparently drew the attention of the feds when we posted a copy of a “terrorist suspect list” [.pdf] which had been supplied by the US government to various corporate and governmental agencies, both here and abroad. These documents – including one posted on the web site of an Italian banking association – contained the names of those on a “watch list,” the product of an FBI operation dubbed “Operation Lookout.” The memo acknowledges the list “was posted on the internet” in “different versions,” but says the FBI “assessment was conducted on the findings discovered on”

These guys are using us a resource – so why haven’t they contributed to our fund drive?

The April 30 memo – which was issued to FBI counterrorism offices in New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Francisco – is prefaced with the following rather ominous “administrative” note:

“This document contains information obtained under the authority of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), 50 U.S.C., Section 1801. Such FISA derived information shall not be used in any criminal proceeding, including grand jury proceedings …”

FISA created a special secret court, to which the feds have to go to get approval from a judge to tap your phone, open your mail, and rifle through your garbage. This accounts for the large number of lengthy redactions that pepper the pages of this report. Sneaking around corners, and spying on Americans engaged in peaceful and legal activities, they don’t want anyone to know how closely they mimic the methods of totalitarian governments

After a paragraph of précis detailing the basic facts about – its mission, personnel, and nonprofit status – the details of several database searches are enumerated. A search of the Universal Index (UNI) for “was negative,” however “a scan of the Electronic Case File (ECF) revealed numerous documents for [redacted] and” This is apparently an index of documents, “intelligence,” and random rumors picked up by various FBI snoops. The information revealed about is, naturally, redacted, although we are given a hint as to the origins of some of the dirt they have on us: “File 65T-HQ-1427774 serial 26, dated 04/14/2004, from the Counterintelligence Unit CD-4E/11869 to the Washington Field Office furnished Washington Field Office with information received by [next four lines redacted].”

So who says we don’t have friends in Washington?

The redactions are extensive. The next entry refers to another file in the FBI database and starts out in mid sentence:

“…that he was in possession of a document which was written in Italian. This document specified that [redacted] was a suspect on an FBI list. The document contained[redacted] social security number, date of birth, and two previous addresses. [Redacted] was listed as [redacted] on a list dated 05/22/02. This document can be found at”

This almost certainly refers to one of my columns about the mysterious “Urban Movers,” the Israeli employees of a New Jersey moving company who were arrested on 9/11/01 on suspicion they had some connection to the attacks. Five Israeli nationals were arrested that day, and held for over three months, subjected to lie detector tests, and later deported back to Israel. The owner of the company, one Dominick Suter, and his wife, fled to Israel the day before the police raided the company’s office and hauled away cartons of evidence: the Suters are among those listed on the “terrorist suspect list.” That was the angle I pursued in my columns, and it looks like the FBI also took an intense interest in the Suters.

The FBI’s intense interest in this “suspect list” verifies that, as I wrote on several occasions, it is indeed authentic. The “enclosures” accompanying the memo include two pieces written by me on the subject: one a piece I wrote for Chronicles magazine about the New Jersey incident, and another column which they wrongly attribute to some website styling itself as “Pravda” (a site which was never authorized to publish my work). While the FBI and the US government have long denounced the persistent stories [.pdf] of “Israeli art students” and “Urban Movers” conducting covert activities on Israel’s behalf in the US as an “urban myth,” their inclusion of Suter and his spouse on their “Operation Lookout” list and their apparent panic that I publicized this fact directly contradicts their denials.

Here’s how the law enforcement resources devoted to “counterterrorism” are being spent: scouring for useful “intelligence” on on the internet turned up an article – title and author redacted – “reporting on the magnitude and value of American military and economic assistance to Israel” whose author cited “one of his sources of information as”

Aha! Evidence! But evidence of what?

A report dated 11/13/2002 describes a peaceful protest at the gates of a military base in Britain, during the course of which someone handed out a leaflet citing my “Urban Movers” piece. Another report, detailing a meeting of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, apparently attended by one of their undercover agents, says “a member discussed a website,,” as a way to “educate themselves about the Middle East conflict.” As if to provide a “balanced” view, the memo cites the website of the New York Jewish Defense League – an officially designated terrorist outfit – as including “harsh criticism” as well as photographs of Eric Garris and myself.

Slowly, but surely, the author of this FBI memo is building a case: the document is written in the language of an indictment – but what are the charges? That is widely read and cited? That we posted a publicly available document on the internet, one that was published by and others? That we are in league with neo-Nazis and are hoping to start a race war and initiate a reign of terror? Well, that’s just a warm-up, folks, because it’s worse than that:

“File 17A-LA-234485 serial 55, dated 11/10/2003 indicated that on 10/27/2003, a special agent reviewed the computer hard drives of [several words redacted]. The review of two hard drives revealed visits to many websites between 07/25/2002 and 06/15/2003. One of the websites listed was”

Of course, we’re terrorists – yes, that must be it. Otherwise why would the FBI Counterterrorism Unit be taking such an interest in And the proof? Well, someone snared in one of their investigations actually went to our website – more than once! If that isn’t a good reason for the feds to set their dogs sniffing around our garbage cans, well then I don’t know what is.

Following this “incriminating” tidbit are several redacted paragraphs, interspersed with one rather intriguing comment: “There are four FISA derived references [to] located at Newark [FBI Office].” Only the serial numbers corresponding to the files in the FBI database are referenced: the rest is redacted, including what they discovered after searching DMV records.

Under “Analyst Comments,” we are told that “the rights of individuals to post information and express personal views on the internet should be honored, however” the “terrorist suspect list” we published is somehow “singular in nature and not suitable for public release.”

. . . more . . .

The FBI Labels a “Threat to National Security”

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August 23rd, 2011 at 1:46 pm

New York Times Denounces Obama Regime’s Police-State Moves

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Even some of the timid and complicit are making a show of opposing the NerObama regime’s attempts at expanding police-state power. In a Sunday editorial, “Backward at the F.B.I.,” the Times wrote, “The Obama administration has long been bumbling along in the footsteps of its predecessor when it comes to sacrificing Americans’ basic rights and liberties under the false flag of fighting terrorism. Now the Obama team seems ready to lurch even farther down that dismal road than George W. Bush did.” The editorial comes in response to the FBI’s issuance of new guidelines for itself, “Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide,” which by edict expands FBI agents’ authority to spy on Americans, including those not even suspected of any wrongdoing.

Everyone wants to keep America safe,” the Times writes. “But under President Bush and now under President Obama, these changes have occurred without any real discussion about whether the supposed added security is worth the harm to civil liberties. The White House cares so little about providing meaningful oversight that Mr. Obama has yet to nominate a successor for Glenn Fine, the diligent Justice Department inspector general who left in January.

The Times editorial concludes,

Finally, Congress is showing some small sign of interest. Senator Jon Tester, Democrat of Montana, has written to Robert Mueller III, the F.B.I. director, asking that the new policies be scuttled. On Friday afternoon, Senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Charles Grassley of Iowa, the chairman and the ranking Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, called on Mr. Mueller to provide an opportunity to review the changes before they are carried out, and to release a public version of the final manual on the F.B.I.’s Web site. Mr. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. need to listen.

New York Times Denounces Obama Regime’s Police-State Moves


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June 20th, 2011 at 5:11 pm

The Mike Rivero Show – Hours One and Two

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What Really Happened

Justin TV

Mike blows open the “lesbian Syrian Blogger”, aka 40 year old Tom MacMaster Georgia USA.

China dumping US treasuries, and who’d be dumb enough to buy these? The FED of course, those printing presses hard at work enslaving the grandchildren to the spectre of compound interest . . .

World Justice Project Rule of Law

Common Sense People, we need more of it. What really happened, news without the corporate/political interests and their compliant media-whores.

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Americans Are Living In 1984

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Paul Craig Roberts
May 10, 2011

The White House’s “death of bin Laden” story has come apart at the seams. Will it make any difference that before 48 hours had passed the story had changed so much that it no longer bore any resemblance to President Obama’s Sunday evening broadcast and has lost all credibility?

So far it has made no difference to the once-fabled news organization, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which on March 9, eight days later, is still repeating the propaganda that the SEALs killed bin Laden in his Pakistani compound, where bin Laden lived next door to the Pakistani Military Academy surrounded by the Pakistani army.

Not even the president of Pakistan finds the story implausible. The BBC reports that the president is launching a full-scale investigation of how bin Laden managed to live for years in an army garrison town without being noticed.

For most Americans the story began and ended with four words: “we got bin Laden.” The celebrations, the sweet taste of revenge, of triumph and victory over “the most dangerous man on the planet” are akin to the thrill experienced by sports fans when their football team defeats the unspeakable rival or their baseball team wins the World Series. No fan wants to hear the next day that it is not so, that it is all a mistake. If these Americans years from now come across a story that the killing of bin Laden was an orchestrated news event to boost other agendas, they will dismiss the report as the ravings of a pinko-liberal-commie.

Everyone knows we killed bin Laden. How could it be otherwise? We–the indispensable people, the virtuous nation, the world’s only superpower, the white hats–were destined to prevail. No other outcome was possible.

No one will notice that those who fabricated the story forgot to show the kidney dialysis machine that, somehow, kept bin Laden alive for a decade. No doctors were on the premises.

No one will remember that Fox News reported in December, 2001, that Osama bin Laden had passed away from his illnesses.,2933,41576,00.html

If bin Laden beat all odds and managed to live another decade to await, unarmed and undefended, the arrival of the Navy SEALS last week, how it is possible that the “terror mastermind,” who defeated not merely the CIA and FBI, but all 16 US intelligence agencies along with those of America’s European allies and Israel, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, NORAD, Air Traffic Control, airport security four times on the same morning, etc. etc., never enjoyed another success, not even a little, very minor one? What was the “terror mastermind” doing for a decade after 9/11?

The “death of bin Laden” serves too many agendas that cover the political spectrum for the obvious falsity of the story to be recognized by very many. Patriots are euphoric that America won over bin Laden. Progressives have seized on the story to excoriate the United States for extra-judicial murder that brutalizes us all. Some on the left-wing bought into the 9/11 story because of the emotional satisfaction they received from oppressed Arabs striking back at their imperialist oppressors. These left-wingers are delighted that it took the incompetent Americans an entire decade to find bin Laden, who was hiding in plain view. The American incompetence in finding bin Laden simply, in their minds, proves the incompetence of the US government, which failed to protect Americans against the 9/11 attack.

Those who ordered, and those who wrote, totally incompetent legal memos that torture was permissible under US and international law, thereby setting up George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the possibility of prosecution, are riding the euphoria of bin Laden’s death by declaring that it was torture that led the American assassins to bin Laden. All of a sudden, torture, which had fallen back into the disrepute in which it had been for centuries, is again in the clear. Anything that leads to the elimination of bin Laden is
a valid instrument.

Those, who want to increase the pressure on Pakistan to shut up about Americans murdering Pakistani citizens in Pakistan from the air and from troops on the ground, have gained a new club with which to beat the Pakistani government into submission: “you hid bin Laden from us.”

Those who want to continue to fatten the profits of the military/security complex and the powers of Homeland Security, such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, use bin Laden’s second, or ninth, death as proof that America is being successful in its war on terror and that the war must continue on such a successful path until all enemies are slain.

Most ominous of all was the statement by the CIA director that bin Laden’s death would lead to new attacks on America and new 9/11s from al Qaeda seeking revenge. This warning, issued within a few hours of President Obama’s Sunday evening address, telegraphed the inevitable “al Qaeda” Internet posting that America would suffer a new 9/11s for killing their leader.

If the Taliban knew in December 2001 that bin Laden was dead, does anyone think that al Qaeda didn’t know it? Indeed, no member of the public has any way of knowing if al Qaeda is anything more than a bogyman organization created by the CIA which issues “al Qaeda” announcements. The evidence that al Qaeda’s announcements are issued by the CIA is very strong. The various videos of bin Laden for the last nine years have been shown by experts to be fakes. Why would bin Laden issue a fake video? Why did bin Laden cease issuing videos and only issue audios? A person running a world-wide terrorist organization should be able to produce videos. He would also be surrounded by better protectors than a couple of women. Where was al Qaeda, which according to former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld, consists of “the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth.” Had these most dangerous men alive abandoned their leader?

The CIA director’s warning of future terrorist attacks, followed by a suspect “al Qaeda” threat of the same, suggests that if the American public continues to lose its enthusiasm for the governments open-ended wars, which are conducted at the expense of the US budget deficit, the dollar’s exchange value, inflation, Social Security, Medicare, income support programs, jobs, recovery, and so forth, “al Qaeda” will again outwit all 16 US intelligence agencies, those of our allies, NORAD, airport security, Air Traffic Control, etc. etc., and inflict the world’s only superpower with another humiliating defeat that will invigorate American support for “the war on terror.”

I believe that “al Qaeda” could blow up the White House or Congress or both and that the majority of Americans would fall for the story, just as the Germans, a better educated and more intelligent population, fell for the Reichstag Fire–as did a number of historians.

The reason I say this is that Americans have succumbed to propaganda that has conditioned them to believe that they are under attack by practically omnipotent adversaries. Proof of this is broadcast every day. For example, on March 9, I heard over National Public Radio in Atlanta that Emory University, a private university of some distinction, treated its 3,500 graduating class to a commencement address by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security.

This is the agency that has goons feeling the genitals of young children and adults and which has announced that it intends to expand this practice from air travelers to shopping malls, bus and train stations. That a serious university invited such a low-lifer, who clearly has no respect for American civil liberty and is devoid of any sort of sense of what is appropriate, to address a graduating class of southern elite is a clear indication that the Ministry of Truth has prevailed. Americans are living in George Orwell’s 1984.

For those who haven’t read Orwell’s classic prediction of our time, Big Brother, the government, could tell the “citizens” any lie and it was accepted unquestioningly. As a perceptive reader pointed out to me, we Americans, with our “free press,” are at this point today: “What is really alarming is the increasingly arrogant sloppiness of these lies, as though the government has become so profoundly confident of its ability to deceive people that they make virtually no effort to even appear credible.”

A people as gullible as Americans have no future.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously an editor for the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

Americans Are Living In 1984