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The Fake Bearer Bonds: Another Take

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by Joseph P. Farrell

Apparently there are those out there who, like me, are fascinated with the allegedly fake bearer bonds showing up out there. Here is a take, similar to my own speculations in some respects, that I thought was worth noting:

Secret “Occult Economy” Coming Out of the Shadows?

Now, notwithstanding the similarities of this analysis and my own – namely, that we are looking at the basis of a hidden or occult economy – I am drawn to one particular detail that appears in this article, that might indicate yet a deeper twist to things, consider these paragraphs, and in particular, the first one:

“For instance, in 2003,* two men – a Canadian and a Korean living in Japan – tried to use $25 million worth of US Treasury bonds in order to secure a line of credit from the Imperial Bank of Commerce.

“The bonds presented by the men were easily spotted as fake and the men, along with Graham Halksworth – a 69-year-old British man and his associate, Michael Slamaj, a former Yugoslav spy — were arrested and charged.

“The story behind the acquirement of the bonds provided by Halksworth and Slamaj directly coincided with the chronology of events as recorded in the files of the Foreign Office.

“Yet, although the bonds/notes in the Halksworth case were demonstrably false, they did reveal some rather startling information – that fake bonds were often included amongst large quantities of real bonds so as to preclude the holder from ever being able to cash them.

“Indeed, when questioned by the police as to his role in the fake bond scandal, Halksworth responded by telling police that ‘Deliberate mistakes were often made in such bonds as a security device; ask the CIA.’When the police pointed out that the mistakes were so obvious it looked like a child had made them, Halksworth responded, ‘Exactly.’

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