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Leuren Moret: Nuclear Genocide of Babies & Children In Japan, U.S., Canada Grows

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Independent scientist Leuren Moret

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview (released July 17, 2011) with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABT) by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, Ms. Moret reveals that the hidden nuclear genocide of babies and children resulting from the March 11, 2011 Fukushima false flag tectonic event can now be documented and is growing.

Leuren Moret also released her court statement as an expert witness in a lawsuit brought to force government officials to evacuate more than 350,000 children from the Fukushima area where they are being forcibly exposed by the government to lethal doses of radiation. Ms. Moret’s court statement is reprinted below in this article as a public service.

Watch ExopoliticsTV interview with Leuren Moret on radiation genocide of babies and children

Readers can watch an ExopoliticsTV with Leuren Moret on radiation genocide of babies and children embedded in the article above or at the following URL:


Leuren Moret Court statement in Koriyama City, Fukushima, Japan

In her court statement as part of a lawsuit in Japan to force the evacuation of more than 350,000 children from lethal levels of radiation in the Fukushima area, Leuren Moret states,


“The west coast of North America is thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean, a long way from Fukushima Daiichi and the radioactive solids, liquids, and gases being released daily and recklessly to poison both near and far. Already we are seeing the effects in North America.

“Air filters from cars in Seattle have been analyzed for hot particles and indicate that Seattle residents are inhaling 5 hot particles a day, in Tokyo it is 10 hot particles a day, in Fukushima Prefecture it is 30-40 times higher – 300-400 hot particles a day.

“Hot particles and alpha emitters such as Uranium and Plutonium have not even been mentioned by the government or TEPCO, nor has their contribution to total radiation released been considered. Alpha particles are biologically 20 times more damaging than beta particles.

“Iodine 131 in drinking water in San Francisco was reported by UC Berkeley to be 18,100% times higher than the EPA drinking water standard, yet the US government quit measuring it.

“Infant mortality in Berkeley, CA, and other west coast cities was reported by Dr. Janette Sherman to have increased 35% since March 11, after the Fukushima disaster. The babies are the first to die.

“Infant mortality in Philadelphia, PA. where the highest Iodine 131 levels in drinking water measured in the US have been reported, has increased 45% since March 11.

People on the west coast of the United States and even in Arizona are reporting a metallic taste in their mouths – an indication of radioactive particles in the air as in Japan.

“On the night of June 14, a nuclear incident occurred in the Reactor 3 building in the spent fuel pool when huge bursts of gamma ray fluorescence lit up the night sky and turned the reactor building as bright as the sun, indicating the spent fuel rods and melted uranium and plutonium were boiling off, vaporized along with the rest of the fission products.

“The radiation from this unreported but very dangerous event was released without protecting the residents of Fukushima Prefecture – especially the children. But the radiation was detected at elevated levels from 2:30 AM until 7:30 AM on a monitor in Ibaraki Prefecture. How many Curies were released? When will this nuclear war against the Japanese people and the Northern Hemisphere ever end?

“Instead of evacuation, the government gives the children (sick with radiation symptoms) film badges to measure the external exposure dose… another study group like US govt. studies on Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims (they are still being studied), Iraq victims, Gaza victims. And the US government did the same thing to Americans during 1300 nuclear bomb tests in the US.”

Epidemiological evidence of 35%+ spike in infant mortality after Fukushima

In her ExopoliticsTV interview, Ms. Moret demonstrated that there has been a spike of 35% in infant mortality in the west coast of the United States and of Canada since the HAARP-triggered Fukushima event that can be reasonably attributed to the ionizing radiation ferried across the Pacific ocean and dumped on west coast U.S. and Canadian cities by HAARP-caused weather warfare.

Ms. Moret cites multiple articles by scientist Janette Sherman and Joseph Mangano, documenting the 35% spike in infant mortality in west coast U.S. cities after Fukushima.

On June 9, 2011, Sherman and Mangano write, “The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:

4 weeks ending March 19, 2011 – 37 deaths (avg. 9.25 per week)

10 weeks ending May 28, 2011 - 125 deaths (avg.12.50 per week)

“This amounts to an increase of 35% (the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3%), and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. In 2001 the infant mortality was 6.834 per 1000 live births, increasing to 6.845 in 2007. All years from 2002 to 2007 were higher than the 2001 rate.

“Spewing from the Fukushima reactor are radioactive isotopes including those of iodine (I-131), strontium (Sr-90) and cesium (Cs-134 and Cs-137) all of which are taken up in food and water. Iodine is concentrated in the thyroid, Sr-90 in bones and teeth and Cs-134 and Cs-137 in soft tissues, including the heart. The unborn and babies are more vulnerable because the cells are rapidly dividing and the delivered dose is proportionally larger than that delivered to an adult.”


On June 21, 2011, Scientific American published a nuclear apologist article by Michael Moyer (SCI AMERICAN: “Are Babies Dying in the Pacific Northwest Due to Fukushima? A Look at the Numbers” June 21, 2011 by Michael Moyer) attacking the results that scientists Sherman and Mangano had published on the 35% increase in infant mortality. Yet critics of the nuclear apologists cherry picked 4 cities (Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane) and calculated the infant mortality and came up with a 42% increase for those 4 cities. So the infant mortality spike due to Fukushima, Ms. Moret states, must be higher in the Northwest U.S. and Canada where there is higher rainfall.

On June 25, 2011, Sherman and Mangano confirm their 35% spike in infant mortality and write, “The current news indicates that radioactive fallout [from Fukushima] continues to spread across the hemisphere, blanketing oceans, lakes, farmland and cities – everywhere that people live, breathe and eat. We call for extensive monitoring of at least Cs-137, Sr-90, I-131, plutonium, and hot particles in food, water and air, across the U. S, with the data available to the public without delay.”


Canadian government and CBC media continue radiation cover-up

Officials in Canada and the Canadian mainstream media, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are continuing the radiation genocide coverup, Ms. Moret stated in her ExopoliticsTV interview.

A July 5, 2011 article by the CBC confirmed the spike in infant mortality in British Columbia Canada, as stated by the B.C. Coroner. The B.C. Coroner, however, blamed the spike in infant mortality in western Canada on parents and their sleeping habits with children, rather than do the obvious research into the effects of the Fukushima radiation on infant mortality in B.C., Canada.

The CBC, a government funded public media outlet on which many Canadians depend for their “reliable” news merely printed the B.C. Coroner’s fabrications without any independent research, which was available from Sherman and Mangano’s and other research of the radiation-related 35% spike (and higher) in such west coast cities of the U.S. as Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, which are contiguous to such B.C. cities as Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., and which would have received approximately the same amount of radiation-laden rainfall from Fukushima.

Below is the CBC article/B.C. Coroner’s radiation-coverup report. Compare it with Sherman and Mangano’s science-based analysis of the radiation caused growing baby genocide in the U.S. and Canada.

CBC writes, “B.C.’s chief coroner is urging parents to use safe sleep practices in light of a spike in the number of sudden infant deaths across the province this year. There have been 21 sudden infant deaths in B.C. so far this year, while there were 16 sudden infant deaths for all of 2010, Lisa Lapointe said Tuesday. Lapointe said that in most of this year’s deaths, risk factors included babies sleeping with an adult, on a couch or a soft bed. Babies should be placed on their back in a crib with a fitted sheet, without a lot of puffy blankets or toys that could obscure their face, Lapointe said.

“We know there’s been a spike in the first six months and we know it’s related to unsafe sleep practices. Why so many of those [deaths] have come up this year, we don’t know,” Lapointe said. She said the reason for the increased number of deaths is all the more mysterious because health authorities, family doctors and public health nurses have kept up efforts to educate parents. The B.C. Coroner’s Service is continuing to investigate the 21 deaths.”

Continue reading on Leuren Moret: Nuclear genocide of babies & children in Japan, U.S., Canada grows – Seattle exopolitics | Examiner.com

Leuren Moret: Nuclear genocide of babies & children in Japan, U.S., Canada grows

[EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe]

Leuren Moret: Mega-Tsunami, Total Melt-Through, Radiation Levels and Illnesses

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with Alfred Webre – June 14, 2011

More Interviews/Articles With Leuren Moret & Alfred Webre

Exopolitics TV

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Leuren Moret: Scientists Declare Northern One-Third of Japan Uninhabitable and Should Be Evacuated

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Written by Administrator

June 4th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Fukushima Radiation: A Soft-Kill Operation

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Ethan Jacobs, J.D.

Activist Post

Shortly after the March 11th earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, I wrote an article questioning whether these events were part of the globalists’ Agenda 21 plan to significantly reduce the world’s population. Unfortunately, the evidence revealed since that time clearly indicates that the Fukushima nuclear radiation leak is an ongoing soft-kill operation against the people and ecosystem of the Northern Hemisphere. Today, Japan’s leaking reactors still have not been capped with sand and concrete, as was done to stop the leak at Chernobyl, while radiation levels in the air, food, and water continue to increase. Several reputable scientists have stepped forward with predictions that hundreds of thousands of premature and cancer related deaths will result from the radiation.


In 2004, independent scientist Leuren Moret wrote an article in the Japan Times entitled, Japan’s deadly game of Nuclear Roulette, that revealed the lies and distortions of government and corporate officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas. Moret points out that that Japan sits on top of four tectonic plates, at the edge of the subduction zone, and is one of the most tectonically active regions in the world. Many of Japan’s nuclear reactors were negligently sited on active faults, where major earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 or more on the Richter scale frequently occur. On average, a major earthquake occurs in Japan at least once in a ten-year period.

It is not a question of whether or not a nuclear disaster will occur in Japan; it is a question of when it will occur. Like the former Soviet Union after Chernobyl, Japan will become a country suffering from radiation sickness destroying future generations, and widespread contamination of agricultural areas will ensure a public-health disaster. Its economy may never recover.

Moret also predicted problems cooling Japan’s nuclear reactors in the event of an earthquake:

“… there is an extreme danger of an earthquake causing a loss of water coolant in the pools where spent fuel rods are kept. As reported last year in the journal Science and Global Security, based on a 2001 study by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, if the heat-removing function of those pools is seriously compromised — by, for example, the water in them draining out — and the fuel rods heat up enough to combust, the radiation inside them will then be released into the atmosphere. This may create a nuclear disaster even greater than Chernobyl.”

Moret’s article noted that during a nuclear disaster, power plant workers (such as the Fukushima 50), as well as emergency-response personnel would be exposed to lethal radiation. Japan also lacked plans to evacuate millions of people in such and event.

Whistle-blowers Ignored

Prior the March 11th Fukushima meltdown, numerous whistle-blowers who publicly spoke-out about the danger of Japan’s nuclear power plants were ignored and/or fired.

Thirty five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric, which designed the Fukushima reactors, resigned from their jobs after becoming convinced that the nuclear reactor design for the Mark 1 was flawed and could lead to a devastating accident. Questions persisted for decades about the ability of the Mark 1 to handle the immense pressures that would result if the reactor lost cooling power, and today that design is being put to the ultimate test in Japan. Five of the six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been wracked since Friday’s earthquake with explosions and radiation leaks, are Mark 1′s. Bridenbaugh said that “the problems we identified in 1975 were that, in doing the design of the containment, they did not take into account the dynamic loads that could be experienced with a loss of coolant . . . The impact loads the containment would receive by this very rapid release of energy could tear the containment apart and create an uncontrolled release.”

Likewise, in 1998, Kei Sugaoka, a Japanese-American senior field engineer who worked for General Electric in the United States from 1980 until being dismissed in 1998 for whistle-blowing there, alerted Japanese nuclear regulators to a 1989 reactor inspection problem he claimed had been withheld by GE from their customer, Tokyo Electric Power Company. Later it was revealed from GE documents that they had in fact informed TEPCO — but the company did not notify government regulators of the hazards.

Profit and Public Harm

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is the fourth largest electric power company in the world and the largest from Asia. TEPCO has one-third of the Japanese electric market and is the largest of the 10 electric utilities in Japan. Therefore, TEPCO is really a state-endorsed monopoly that has a great deal of control over the Japanese government and political puppets the world-over.

It is clear that the leadership of TEPCO, the owner and operator of the Fukushima nuclear facility, cares more about preserving its income-generating assets than killing its workers and others from radioactive fallout. Bloomberg reported that “Tokyo Electric Power Co. was reluctant to use seawater to cool one of the six reactors at the plant and hesitated because it was concerned about harming its long-term investment in the plant…” It was also reported that “plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. reiterated Sunday that it is not considering entombing the hot reactors in concrete, as was done at Chernobyl in 1986 when a reactor fire burned out of control. Japan’s nuclear crisis is the world’s worst since then.”

One should visit Energy News to see just how much devastation is caused by Fukushima radiation fallout. Recent headlines include:

- April 16 Forecast Shows Radioactive Cloud Stretching from Texas to Canada

- Radioactive Cesium Levels Continue to Rise in Milk from San Francisco Bay Area

- Phoenix Milk Sample Exceeds EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level

- Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles

Indeed, the Fukushima radiation is polluting our air, drinking water, and food supply. Additionally, millions of gallons of radioactive water have been released from the facility into the ocean, which could devastate marine life. Can the radiation permanently alter our DNA, or that of plants and animals? Japanese food imports have already been halted in several countries. Why didn’t TEPCO or the Japanese government entomb the reactors?

Death Estimates

Arnold Gunderson, a 39-year veteran of the nuclear industry, stated: “I absolutely disagree with the scientists who say that Fukushima’s not going to hurt anyone. The numbers I’ve seen, from reputable scientists, are that Fukushima is going to kill 200,000 from increased cancers over the next 50 years.”

Likewise, Dr. Christopher Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, states that 400,000 people will develop cancer within a 200 kilometer radius of Fukushima. He believes that TEPCO and the Japanese government were criminally negligent for failing to inform the public of the true danger.

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the Chernobyl clean-up, is an advocate for radiation victims. Her advice for the Japanese people was to “run away as quickly as possible. Don’t wait. Save yourself and don’t rely on the government because the government lies. They don’t want you to know the truth because the nuclear industry is so powerful.”

Nationally acclaimed neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. stated with the Fukushima radiation hitting the United States, there is going to be a risk of increased cancer.

When we look at Chernobyl, most of West Germany was heavily contaminated. Norway, Sweden. Hungary was terribly contaminated. The radiation was taken up into the plants. The food was radioactive. They took the milk and turned it into cheese. The cheese was radioactive.
That’s the big danger, the crops in this country being contaminated, the milk in particular, with Strontium 90. That radiation is incorporated into the bones and stays for a lifetime.

On April 12th, Japan finally raised the Fukushima meltdown from a 5 to a 7, putting it on par with Chernobyl. “A level 7 incident means a major release of radiation with a widespread health and environmental impact” according to the International Atomic Agency. As we learned from Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the actual amount of radiation-induced deaths and injuries dramatically exceed estimates.

The Population Reduction Agenda

Why haven’t the Fukushima reactors been buried a half-mile deep in concrete and sand? Perhaps it is because radiation is one of the “elites” favorite methods of depopulation. The globalists favor using depleted uranium weapons on Third World countries they are conquering, sending travelers through airport naked body scanners, and encouraging medical-related radiation exposures that cause cancer. Radiation sickness and deaths occur over time, not immediately. Therefore, these are soft-kill technologies that allow for plausible deniability; most of the victims will not know why or how they develop cancer or other health issues.

Paul Joseph Watson’s article, The Population Reduction Agenda for Dummies, is a fantastic summary of the globalists’ plans for humanity. In it he documents the following:

- As was reported by the London Times, a “secret billionaire club” meeting took place in New York and was attended by David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and others. The meeting focused around “how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population”.

- Ted Turner has publicly advocated shocking population reduction programs that would cull the human population by a staggering 95%.

The Rockefeller family’s historical support for Eugenics and Malthusian drive to eliminate the poor and those deemed racially inferior, using the justification of social Darwinism. These polices later became an important part of Nazi racial philosophy.

- National Security Study Memorandum 200, a 1974 geopolitical strategy document prepared by Rockefeller’s intimate friend and fellow Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger, which targeted thirteen countries for massive population reduction by means of creating food scarcity, sterilization and war.

Of course the globalists have also built monuments for their depopulation agenda such as the Georgia Guidestones and Denver Airport.

One must strongly consider the possibility that the leaking reactors are not being sealed deliberately to inflict the most damage possible on the world’s population.

Public Nuisance

According to the California Attorney General, “a public nuisance occurs when somebody unreasonably interferes with a right common to the general public, or does something that endangers or causes great injury to life, health or property.” Of course, the Attorney General’s website focuses on the fake Club of Rome created nuisance of man-made global warming rather than prosecuting TEPCO for the nuisance of radiating California citizens. Fukushima radiation has arrived in California and across the United States, with San Francisco tap water radiation 18,100% above the drinking water limit.


Independent scientist Leuren Moret also believes that the Japan earthquake was triggered by a HAARP aerosol/chemtrails plasma weapon. Her hypothesis is supported by the research of Clifford E. Carnicom, one of the world’s foremost experts on the global covert spraying of aerosols (chemtrails). Carnicom and Moret know that covert aerosol-spraying operations have transformed the Earth’s atmosphere into a plasma for carrying out weaponized applications such as tectonic (earthquake) warfare. Additionally, there is substantial evidence that HAARP was active before and during the March 11th earthquake.

On April 7th, a 7.4 earthquake aftershock struck 25 miles of the Japanese coast. During the quake, there was a strange blue light show, which has been referred to as an “earthquake light.” Were the lights caused by HAARP or a similar program tampering with the ionosphere? According to NASA, a possible explanation for earthquake lights is local disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field and/or ionosphere in the region of tectonic stress, resulting in the observed glow effects either from ionospheric radiative recombination at lower altitudes and greater atmospheric pressure or as aurora.

According to Wikipedia, “the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes.

Therefore, given the nature of the New World Order globalists, there is definitely a possibility that the Japan earthquake and nuclear crisis resulted from tectonic warfare.

Cover-up and Corruption

Mike Adams of Natural News noticed that while refusing to acknowledge the true severity of Fukushima crisis, the mainstream corporate media channels are peddling nearly identical propaganda, word for word.

Actress Sandra Bullock and singer Gwen Stefani are very generous and each donated $1 million to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund. In fact generous donors provided the Red Cross with $1 billion of their hard-earned money for Japan relief. Unfortunately, on April 3rd, three weeks after the tsunami, The Los Angeles Times reported that the Red Cross “has distributed none of the $1 billion it has collected.”


The Fukushima radiation leak is a soft-kill operation against the people and ecosystem of the Northern Hemisphere. The leaking reactors could be sealed in concrete and sand in a matter of days as they were at Chernobyl. However, it is now clear that TEPCO and the corporate-controlled Japanese and U.S. governments would rather allow toxic radiation to spread than to save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. The evidence demonstrates that the well-documented population reduction agenda is in progress.

Only by informing your friends and family of the true nature of the global elite can they be stopped. It is up to you. The globalists will be defeated when enough people simply boycott their narcotic trafficking banks, products, corporations, and wars.

Ethan Jacobs is a licensed attorney with a B.A. in Political Science. His passion is researching and writing about a wide range of issues to increase public awareness.

Fukushima Radiation: A Soft-Kill Operation

[Activist Post]

Fukushima and Chernobyl – The Diabolical Nuclear Duo and The Alternative

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©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, April 22, 2011

“Our children are dying. Help!” ~ a letter from the high-radioactivity zone at Chernobyl

“We want to live. We want our children to live and grow up healthy, and for them to have a future. Because of the indifference and hardheartedness, and cruelty of these on whom our destiny and that of our children depends, we are condemned to the most terrible fate, which we well understand. The only ones who don’t understand are the bureaucrats in their comfy armchairs.”

~Valentina Nikolayevna Okhremchuk, mother of four boys, and all
the mothers of Olevsk district. (translated from the Russian).
Alla Yaroskinskya, Chernobyl: The Forbidden Truth, 1995.

This coming Monday April 25 will be the tragic 25th anniversary since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It is more than appropriate to examine the dreadful consequences that have ensued, and will continue to indefinitely, given the unfolding horrors of the Fukushima nuclear reactors disaster that happened on March 11. It is another shocking theme-and-variations on behind-the-scenes manipulated “Disaster Capitalism” that Naomi Klein has written about in her book, “The Shock Doctrine.”

In essence, one cannot compare Chernobyl to Fukushima. The scenarios were quite different, though both share the highest emergency level 7. In fact, Fukushima has already far surpassed Chernobyl in its appalling scope. What links them is: the unmitigated and heart-wrenching scale of these catastrophes; the devastation to all living creatures and the poisoning now of our entire food chain; the continued cover-up by corrupt governments; and the reality of how extremely dangerous nuclear energy continues to be.

Chernobyl was a fairly new reactor; and radioactive emissions lasted 10 days.

The radioactive particles, however, did travel around the rest of the planet to cause untold, but invisible, injury and death. The consequences of long-lived radiation, such as Cesium-137, Uranium-235, and Strontium-90, still remain. Real and permanent evacuation never happened. Citizens were expendable, while the Russian government lied to them and discredited a handful of physicians who put their lives at risk and knew what was really happening medically and environmentally. The area surrounding Chernobyl, a Dead Zone, is still contaminated with radiation; yet more than 4,000 people continue to live out their lives in this T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” scenario of death and destruction. Chernobyl’s entombed sarcophagus is cracking and leaking radiation. It continues to cause severe genetic mutations to all living things. Kiev, a city 62 miles away, has a population of 2-million, and very elevated incidences of cancer, as does the Dead Zone. Yet, in a twisted sense of sheer madness and the macabre, the Ukraine government has opened the area to tourism:

The “British Medical Journal” has reported a 12-fold increase in thyroid cancer, since Chernobyl: “Among young women aged under 14 in higher risk areas…the rates have increased almost 30-fold since the disaster.”(1) Similar findings were also reported in “Nature” with the author commenting that “great strains” are being placed on the “health services. It also provides an opportunity, which we hope will not be repeated [author’s emphasis], to study the consequences on major exposure of a population to isotopes of iodine from [radioactive] fallout…that is a direct consequence of Chernobyl.”(2) No one headed that warning, because those in charge have no reverence for life. Corporate profits always trump health and safety.

In 2003, geoscientist Leuren Moret was invited to Japan by “citizens concerned about the dangers of a major earthquake.”(3) Since 2000, she has made 20 visits to Japan. There are 52 nuclear reactors in this geologically fragile country sitting on “the top of four tectonic plates…and [it] is one of the most tectonically active regions in the world.”(4) As in US, “many of these reactors have been negligently sited on active faults.”(5) These are catastrophic accidents waiting to happen; and Moret was prophetic and scientifically astute in her warnings about the real potential for disaster.

From almost the first day, Fukushima’s epic calamity continues to pose a major threat to the Japanese population and then to the rest of our planet. The handling of the response has only prolonged the disaster. As it stands now, more than 27,000 people have died, and the figure may yet be far higher. The added nightmare of 600,000 spent radioactive fuel rods collecting at Fukushima for 45 years has only exacerbated an already terrible situation. Massive amounts of radiation continue to be emitted, and real reporting of these extremes dangers has not happened from mainstream media. The fuel rods are yet another reminder that there is no safe place to store nuclear waste any place. Accidents happen, or are deliberately created. The very worst storage place is where there is a large population nearby. This storage “solution” can be considered criminal negligence.

The magnitude of Fukushima’s radiation is now off the scale. So, conveniently, neither Japan nor the US is reporting the real amount of our radiation exposure. According to Leuren Moret, six reactors are involved. This, too, is not being reported by mainstream media. Three of these reactors have been in meltdown, now partially admitted by Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency:

Some new pictures from the “Dead” Zone are here. The accompanying text is by Yoishi Shimatsu:

There is no acceptable level of radiation exposure. Period. Anyone who believes the lies that officials continue to tell us, and get away with it, is already at a huge disadvantage. We have been cannon fodder for centuries for the wealthy elite in their various wars, rigged events, and planned deceit behind closed doors. Since the splitting of the atom, the supposed nuclear age was going to bring tremendous wonders to society. In fact, what it has brought us is unmitigated devastation. It began when the US destroyed the civilian populations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and then there was continued radioactive ruin, long-term highly toxic ionizing radiation, genetic mutation and mutilation wrought on subsequent generations. Now, with this gruesome nuclear disaster in Japan, their entire population is again at high risk for more cancers and radiation-caused diabetes; and their children are in jeopardy for increased rates of thyroid cancers, leukemia, and genetic mutations. It is one deliberately created epic tragedy on top of another.

There are also many other forms of radiation to which we are exposed daily; and this adds other dimensions of danger to our deteriorating health.

  • Depleted Uranium bombs continue to be illegally used in unlawful warfare against innocent civilians. So, chronic radioactive poisoning has become a ghastly part of living throughout the entire twenty-first-century world. However, it is not just the DU bombs, but also the cumulative and on-going effect of all low-level, chronic nuclear ionizing radiation poisoning to which we are all exposed for the past 65 years. Dr. Rosalie Bertell has written extensively about this; and her book, “No Immediate Danger,” is a must read.
  • This radiation poisoning also includes the electromagnetic frequency [EMF] spectrum. In a highly informative 2007 article, “The Radiation Poisoning of America,” Amy Worthington wrote that billions of humans are now exposed to the invisible dangers of cell phones (and all their permutations, i-pods, i-phones, etc.), cell phone towers, Wi-Fi internet connections, and nuking our food with microwave ovens [This destroys any nutritional value of the food.]. She notes:

“Our addiction to cell phones has led to harder ‘drugs’ like wireless Internet. And now we are bathing in the radiation that our wireless enthusiasm has unleashed. Those who are addicted, uninformed, corporately biased and politically-influenced may dismiss our scientifically-sound concerns about the apocalyptic hazards of wireless radiation. But we must not. Instead, we must sound the alarm.”(6)

The chronic exposure to these frequencies has already caused an epidemic of brain cancers and other serious cognitive damage –most especially to our children. Conveniently, these have not been reported except in the medical journals. With more than 4-billion cell phones in use, it is a lucrative business, even if, along with the nuclear industry, it was never safe from the beginning. Chronic exposure to these other forms of radiation causes lung and brain damage, paralysis, bone pain, brain dysfunction (including dementia), and DNA injuries. Early on, the invisible brain damage is quite subtle, so people do not realize that they are being hurt, until it’s too late. These are other forms of the far larger picture of radiation sickness that combine regularly with the unceasing ionizing radiation we get from nuclear reactors. Our immune systems and now compromised cognitive abilities are under daily and continuous siege that has taken a huge and cumulative toll.

There was no massive evacuation; and so now six weeks since Fukushima’s tsunami and nuclear reactors collapse and meltdown, things are dramatically worse.

People throughout Japan have been at acute risk since the first day. The poor-to-no-real-evacuation plan has put everyone in extreme danger, while the ineptitude and criminality continue. Yoishi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times, who has been covering this since the first day, has another new report here:

The lethal amounts of internal body radiation to which the Japanese are exposed, have already caused the deaths of several people who were inside the reactor at the initial explosion. Several “clean-up” people [an oxymoron, as I have previously written in my article on Chernobyl (7)] have already died. This is now tragically playing out at Fukushima with high levels of radioactive isotopes of Cesium-137, Plutonium-239, Iodine-131, Strontium-90, Uranium-235, and Cobalt-60. At Chernobyl, anyone who worked there in the supposed “clean-up” also died within a very short time.

Those in charge, no matter which government or what political affinities, have absolutely no concern or interest in protecting any of us from these hazards. The corruption is endemic to these broken systems. We just don’t seem to get that collectively. We continue to be lab rats for the latest extremely dangerous (and now often deliberate) catastrophic event, orchestrated clandestinely that will have continuous deadly repercussions for all of us. The radiation is now worldwide and poses extreme threats to all of us. Children, the elderly, and pregnant women are especially at risk.

How can anyone, still capable of thinking clearly read this and NOT understand that ALL our lives are at risk? Our food chain has been poisoned. Not just from the continuous but invisible radioactive releases coming through the air, as well as the chemically laden snow and rain; but also from the tons of radioactive water criminally dumped into the Pacific Ocean traveling toward North America’s West Coast! Radiation continues to envelop us. Our weather, manipulated from some computer stations and Haarp arrays by robotic humans, travels on the winds, with the added toxicity of Chemtrails. Do we comprehend what this means, when we take a bite of radioactive food, chew it, and swallow pieces of death? Day in and day out? For the rest of our lives?

As I have already written, since there have been unexplained malfunctions or breakdowns of numerous government radiation monitoring, it is urgent that communities begin to monitor their own exposure. This can be done with a more sophisticated Geiger counter and we also have daily reports from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research’s Radiation map that has been reporting online for several weeks. Accurate reports of high radiation exposure (not reported by the media) coming to North America and Europe are available here:


In addition, the Radiation Network has also been reporting online since last month. Radiation throughout the US is updated every minute in real time:

The evidence is already here that the entire continent of North America is already experiencing widespread Radiation Poisoning. However, with the media silenced and compliant, most people will not even know they’ve been exposed or be diagnosed properly by health-care providers. Over the past two weeks, I have spoken with more than 30 doctors, dentists, OMDs, NDs, nurse practitioners, and two veterinarians in four different states around the US. Not one person had any training in radiation poisoning and did not know the symptoms. Most did not even know that radiation was already here from Japan. These professionals also have little training in environmentally caused illnesses. Only one dentist knew about the devastation of Chemtrails aerosol toxicity and was spending time doing research. Therefore, it is up to us to become well informed about what life-threatening hazards we are all facing. This is the worst man-made catastrophe that our planet has had in our lifetimes.

The severity of radiation poisoning symptoms depends on the proximity to the source and the duration. The greater one’s radiation exposure, the more severe one’s symptoms are. With ionizing radiation (from radioactive particle bombardment), this goes directly into tissues and bone. The causes can be acute (as in a single dose) or in the case of the people in Fukushima, close and regular exposure over a longer period of time. Here are some symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bleeding from the nose, mouth, or rectum [NOTE: Chemtrails exposure also causes chronic, “Waterfall” nosebleeds.]
  • Bruising, tenderness, and skin swelling and burn of exposed areas
  • Diarrhea and bloody stool
  • Extreme fatigue, weakness, and fainting
  • Open skin sores that do no heal [Note: Morgellons also have these symptoms]
  • Thinning of hair and loss

As noted above, many of these symptoms also have other causes. It is also imperative that we understand that with daily Chemtrails aerosol spraying for more than a decade, and our air that is now a plasma state, there will be a synergistic potential for even greater harm with an unknown combining of radioactive particles and the Chemtrails toxic brew. Again, it is extremely important to consult a health care practitioner who has training and knowledge of nuclear ionizing radiation exposure. This is now a worldwide hideous experiment with unknown but potentially grave consequences. Tests of white blood cell count and hair analysis can also confirm and determine exposure.

How many more nuclear reactor “accidents” do we want? Have we not had far too many? Even one, is one too many. There are numerous reactors in the US that are built on geologically unstable areas, as is the case at Fukushima, and also at San Onofre, CA. Hundreds were built with known and serious design flaws. It doesn’t seem to matter. For example, on March 21, the Nuclear Regulating Commission (NRC) issued a 20-year renewal for operating the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, even though last year, the Vermont Senate (in a vote of 26 to 4) voted to block operation of the power plant after 2012. Vermont citizens didn’t want the reactor there either. Built in 1972, the reactor (one of the oldest in the US) has had numerous serious problems including: the loss of radioactive fuel rods, a transformer fire, dangerous contamination levels, and a cooling tower collapse. Wells around the plant have been poisoned with radioactive Tritium. Inspections of the plant have been deficient. Valid appeals from concerned citizens not to renew their license were ignored. See:


Here are other serious reactor problems: (1)There are computer viruses that can and do infect operating facilities at nuclear plants. (2)The fuel used, known as MOX (mixed oxide) is highly dangerous; and 6 percent of it is present in the fuel rods. 1 mg (milligram) of MOX fuel equals 2-million mgs of normal enriched Uranium. The decades-long storage of 600,000 spent fuel rods at Fukushima make this catastrophe even worse. (3)Storage containers for nuclear waste continue to develop cracks and leaks. None of these containers have ever been safe, nor do they have a long life. According to Leuren Moret, some develop leaks after five years. She told me: “Since before World War 2, the United States has been producing nuclear waste with nowhere to store it.” The issues surrounding nuclear waste usually are not reported; but the dangers have never disappeared. Like cancer, they have only metastasized with the decades passing and new facilities built. There are now thousands of contaminated sites around the planet that are deadly; and they will continue to be so forever.

Hanford (in Washington state), the oldest facility and now a horrifically contaminated Superfund site, continues to poison the entire population of the Pacific Northwest. For that area, the troubles are compounded because of five years of the burning of VX nerve gas (at Umatilla, the US army site, south of Portland) and, unconscionably, releasing this HazMat into the air!

Many reactors are old and have had other severe problems. None of this is even remotely safe. Here are two maps showing geologically unstable areas around the US and the sites of nuclear facilities superimposed on the map:

USGS National Seismic Hazard MapNuclear Power Plant Sites Near Earthquake Zones

Nuclear Power Plant Sites Near Earthquake Zones

These, including Fukushima, never should have been built. But, as Dr. Helen Caldicott has said in several of her recent public comments, with so much money at stake for the entire nuclear industry, they will do everything they can to keep this deadly industry going, no matter what the cost. This is an industry based on harm. It is not safe. It never was. It is not cost effective. Think on what this has meant to millions of people who have been contaminated and killed by radiation! Millions of families have already been affected. The genetic damage is in our DNA, and has continued to plague all living species for the last six decades. How many more eons will this go on with the latest massive radioactive assault throughout the planet? It’s all incalculable; but, in the realities of our short lives, eons are irrelevant. The genetic damage is already enormous, and the tragedies of lives wrecked by it continues apace.

How many millions of people around the globe will contract diabetes or cancer directly related to the radioactive fallout that has contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere? How many of our precious children or grandchildren will get leukemia and die young –their lives cut short, due to the criminality of those in charge? How many will become sterile? This is what nuclear radiation does.

Before it was compromised in 1959, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued the following statement:

Genetic heritage is the most precious property for human beings. It determines the lives of our progeny, health and harmonious development of future generations. As experts, we affirm that the health of future generations is threatened by increasing development of the atomic industry and sources of radiation … We also believe that new mutations that occur in humans are harmful to them and their offspring.”(8)

This public statement, as with so many others, was just Orwellian doublespeak. Greed continues to be the watchword of many decades.

Before Fukushima, Japan had the world’s third largest economy. Now the epic tragedy that has befallen its entire population is immeasurable and very long-term in its implications. Yoishi Shimatsu in a radio web interview on April 18, said the situation at Fukushima is “virtually hopeless”:

As with Chernobyl, but far worse in its global radioactive implications and massive proportions, Fukushima’s wrecked and radioactive reactors will continue to devastate everyone throughout the entire country and beyond. The genetic consequences are grave because the Japanese were already at such high risk because of the long-term consequences of US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan has an ancient culture. Yes, it has been a warrior society. However, there is much more on a positive and creative level. Japan has also given us far more than high-tech gadgets. The magnificence of Japanese art and calligraphy go back millennia. Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s classic “Tale of Genji” was written during the Heian period (794-1185) in about 1100, while most Europeans were still illiterate. Sophisticated Noh theater from the Muromachi period (1336-1573) predates Shakespeare. Chanoyu, their ritual tea ceremony, is elegant and timeless. The magnificence of Japanese gardens (both ancient and modern) has become part of an international design lexicon that is practiced by millions of gardeners around the world. This is also true of their art of Ikebana, the ancient art of flower arrangement. In its beautiful simplicity, heaven, earth and man are represented proportionally by flowers and greenery. Japanese buildings have influenced architecture and design worldwide. These are marvelous cultural gifts to us all. What will be left that isn’t radioactive?

The Japanese are fit and trim and generally have a good and healthy diet. Millions of Americans eat junk food that has absolutely no nutritional value and is filled with poisonous ingredients (from aspartame to Genetically Engineered) that totally wreck our immune systems. A staggering 49-million Americans are obese due to this unhealthy food.

The Japanese are far more well educated than Americans. Education is held in high esteem in Japan; and this is essential for any society to survive and flourish. In the US, over the past more than three decades, education has been trashed, along with every other social service. I have seen this repeatedly with my university students. We live in a dumbed-down, easily manipulated, corporate-run society, where millions no longer can think clearly or critically, due in great part to our air rife with deadly toxins and EMFs all of which we have exported. Now the entire Japanese population is in extremis, as long-lived radioactive particles spread their invisible tentacles far and wide. Japan has been hit by “Tectonic Warfare,” as Leuren Moret has recently commented in her two recent and very informative lectures in Portland, OR:

(April 9):


(April 10):

No one is safe from this kind of horror. The place of humans in the scope of life and evolution is quite short. Yet, humans in their rapacious corporate practices, have deliberately harmed and altered our climate, the entire biosphere, and decimated our entire genetic pool. In our corporate-based unethical and massively corrupt societies, where we are all expendable, avarice trumps everything else. Malevolence is a watchword, where dollar signs have now replaced human eyes. This is an unsustainable, self-destruct scenario for all of us.

The radiation from the Fukushima Reactors nightmare is far from over. Radiation exposure and subsequent illnesses will possibly last the rest of our lives (as with the tragedies of Chernobyl, Bhopal, and now the Gulf of Mexico compounding it); and the radiation damage will be passed on genetically to our children. The social and medical costs are staggering. Do we think there will be any protection from any governmental agency ANYWHERE, when they have already raised the supposed level of radiation exposure for food?(9) This is to keep the corporations free from lawsuits and any accountability.

Questions to contemplate: Collectively, what have we wrought for the almighty buck? When will this nuclear insanity stop? Now that the entire food chain is contaminated, how long do we want now to eat radioactive food? Do YOU want to eat this? Do you want to feed these poisons to your children? With each bite of radioactive food, do you truly comprehend what this actually means? Can we collectively save what is left? Chernobyl is a continuing radioactive nightmare; and now we have a far more cataclysmic event at Fukushima. When will we hold these criminals accountable?

Earth Day, April 22, has no meaning if we have a planet that is wrecked beyond salvation. This is not about the contrived scam of global warming, or about CO2 reduction. Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is indispensable for our life cycles, and the exchange between plants and animals: The plants give us Oxygen and we exhale CO2, which they, in turn, need. This is about the elite’s hidden agendas that are destroying the viability of living on our planet. Reverence for the sacredness of life, in all its myriad forms, is gone. We cannot, and MUST NOT, use our planet as a personal toilet or sewer. We cannot continue to breathe air filled with hundreds of thousands of hazardous chemicals, and that is now a plasma state, as outstanding researcher Clifford Carnicom reports:

There are two ESSENTIALS for our basic survival: air to breathe and a food supply. Both of these human basics are now tainted and rife with thousands of deadly toxins, and now additionally radiation and plasma.

Our health and well-being cannot be left to government agencies’ corporate decisions or corrupt public officials. Nor can we any longer rely on the various groups and organizations that are supposed to be working for a safe and healthy planet. They all have been bought off and co-opted by elite money. It is likely that millions of well-meaning people who support these organizations do not even know this. See Michel Chossudovsky’s article, “Manufacturing Dissent”:

This article is not any academic exercise. It is written as my continued way to educate and inform. As the survivor of the 2003, 1-million-acre southern California FIRESTORM, I know in the deepest part of my heart what the people of Japan are experiencing. Having lost several friends who were burned to death and everything I had, I know what trauma is all about. I know that any public official or agency no longer works for us. Officials lie; and corporations have done all they can to damage and destroy our planet and our health. Greed reigns.

I would urge everyone who still can think (and understands that simply breathing the air compromises our cognitive functions and well being), and comprehends what is at stake, to join peacefully together and help stop this nuclear insanity. Several US groups are calling for no more nuclear plants. For example, see:

However, we need more than this. We need a complete change of head space, no longer one that shrugs and says, “Oh well, that’s the price we have to pay for living in the modern world.” We need a Peaceful Grassroots Movement that is not tied to the elite’s pocketbooks. This is a complex undertaking. It is do-able. Together, we can rise to this occasion for our very survival! Humans have the potential for tremendous compassion and working together. We can do it. We are not alone! The continued eloquence and courage of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. R. Michael Castle, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Jim Kirwan, Stephen Lendman, Leuren Moret and millions of others of good will must light the way for all of us.

“We’ve been nuclear guinea pigs since 1945. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons are not compatible with life.”

Leuren Moret, April 10, 2011



1. Roger Dobson. “Thyroid cancer has increased 12-fold in women since Chernobyl.” BMJ. Vol. 328 (2004): 1394.

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9. Brandon Turbevillea. “America and EU Agree: Raise Radiation Levels for Food.” Activist Post. April 5, 2011:

Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.” She is an Associate of the Carnicom Institute.

Fukushima and Chernobyl – the Diabolical Nuclear Duo and the Alternative

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Leuren Moret: Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

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P l a y l i s t

Leuren Moret is a Nuclear Power whistleblower who is telling all who will listen about the dangers of Nuclear Power. Like playing with fire… mankind has not learned as can be seen in the engineering mistakes made in building the Fukushima Plant in Japan. Nuclear radiation is very dangerous and we will be stuck with the consequences for a long time to come. There are certain measures you can take to protect yourself. Listen as she explains.

Let Japan now lead the world away from Nuclear Energy to safe unpolluting power…Zero Point, Engines that run on Wate, Browns Gas .. whatever. Japanese people are now paying a terrible price from the Energy Monopolys mistakes and control, short sightedness and foolishness. Time to dump Nuclear Power and we know alternative energy is being suppressed because it may be non centrailised and the grid which is controlled and monopolised by Corporations for their profit.

PDX 9/11 Truth

(Disclaimer: Views presented here are those of the the speaker and not necessarily those of the video maker who is presenting it for educational and informational purposes only)

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Must See Video: Geo Scientist Leuren Moret Says Fukushima #1 Reactor Equal To 96,000 Warheads, Reveals HAARP Earthquake Maker, Talks About Radioactivity

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April 13, 2011

Companion Story

A must see video for those that want to know. You can forget mainstream tv news, they do not project reality like you see below.

Geo-scientist Leuren Moret explains now HAARP triggers earth quakes on planet earth and their effects. She believes it caused the recent Japanese earthquake, will cause one in the U.S. soon, and so do many other scientists. She also discusses the global game of King Of The Hill now silently but surely happening on planet earth. For those who do not understand what this means basically it means this>> World wealth has become consolidated in a very few powerful hands. These hands are not caring hands. These hands only have one function, and that function is to amass more power by ANY means necessary. Grasping power means trampling on large segments of the world’s population and it is affecting billions world wide every day in invisible but UNIMAGINABLE ways. Radioactivity is only one example.

This has become a very dangerous world run by very dangerous people. Whether or not you know it, as of THE BAILOUT you now live trapped in a high stakes casino, winner take all. We legally belong to the highest bidder, literally you are their property. These people do not consider the U.S. their home, and have no fondness nor hate for it, they are international citizens who have no loyalty to any country. They use whole countries as pieces on a Monopoly Board and damaging the merchandise is what yields the highest profits. How? It brings whole countries to submission to be controlled. It creates hundreds of trillions in medical and reconstruction profits, just to name some of the ‘smaller’ benefits.

We are the people in the following video chained to the wall who only sees shadows, shown in reverse, and does not know what the real world looks like. When people, say people like yours truly, escape from the cave and attempt to notify our fellow ‘perspectives in chain and cloak’ we are sometimes met with skepticism. See the following video, it is accurate. There is a whole other world taking place right under our noses.

By that I mean a parallel segment of humanity living and doing the ‘exact opposite’ of what we know, and on top of that, they HAND US OUR PERSPECTIVE AND BELIEFS ON EVERYTHING FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE, RELIGION TOO. <<< It you understand that, the light is on for you kiddo, lucky you. It takes a special pair of perceptual glasses/paradigm mindset to view this opposite world because our perspectives cannot, and I MEAN cannot see it unless trained to do so. First you have to believe it exists, the rest is not too hard, and your progress is only throttled by your own fear and incredulity factors. Some people refuse to. I understand why too. Ignorance really can be equated with bliss sometimes…But what a person may give up in happy ignorance points they more than make up for it with enhanced accuracy in their perspective.

Think about it, if you are reacting to false information, your life is a fantasy created by your own mind as you react to what you “believe” you see. Beliefs are not, in any way, similar to accurate facts. Reacting to false information probably comes with close to a 100% probability it will create misery, pain, drain your resources for no real gains. Simply knowing the truth increases your odds of happiness by trillions of percent.

Simply thinking exactly backwards, in many circumstances, is a permanent remedy.

I have not posted much about HAARP on this site because getting caught up in wild speculation and sensationalist drama is not my cup of tea. However there are some unimpeachable sources of information about the destructive affect HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) is having on our planet. Tokyo, among other countries, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, scientists, and people in the know, have all blatantly stated that HAARP is responsible for many of the world’s earthquakes and the present contamination of radioactivity. I will attempt to post more sources of good information.

Geo Scientist Leuren Moret Must See Video: Fukushima #1 Reactor Equal To 96,000 Nuclear Bombs, Reveals HAARP Earthquake Making Ability, Speaks On Radioactivity


Scientists Say Northern One-Third of Japan is Uninhabitable

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In an interview with Alfred Webre, Leuren Moret highlights two prominent nuclear radiation scientists who have now publicly declared that the northern 1/3 part of Japan has become uninhabitable because of radiation due to the Fukushima March 11, 2011 quake/nuke false flag operation, and should be evacuated. One of the radiation experts, Dr. Chris Busby, is a UK Govt. and European Parliament Low Level Radiation Expert. Dr. Busby developed the first radiation risk model to challenge the US government’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki studies model that underestimated internal exposure risk by a factor of 1000. Dr. Busby has conducted research on Sellafield nuke plant contamination and health risks, depleted uranium exposures in the Middle East, Yugoslavia, C. Asia, and Fukushima disaster.

The other radiation expert, Marion Fulk, is a Manhattan Project scientist who made the US hydrogen bomb work. Mr. Fulk was the radiation rainout/snowout expert for the US nuclear weapons program during atmospheric testing. He has trained and mentored Leuren Moret for 11 years on radiation issues such as the environmental and biological effects of ionizing radiation. In a March 30, 2011 interview on Russia Today with Dr. Chris Busby. Dr. Busby declared that the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns will result in at least 417,000 new cancers.

Scientists Say Northern One-third of Japan is Uninhabitable

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Written by Administrator

April 8th, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Coverup! California, Northwest, B.C. Canada Under Radiation as High as Japan

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by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Independent scientist
Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABT) has stated in exclusive April 4, 2011 interviews with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre that the effects of the tectonic nuclear war against the populations and breadbaskets of North America (Canada, United States, Hawaii, and Mexico) are being intentionally covered up by the administrations of Barack Obama in the United States and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canada.

The radiation effect of this false flag global radiation war intensified this week as radiation maps produced by the
Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) now confirm that the
Midwest of the United States,
all of California, the
Northwest including the states of Oregon and Washington and the western part of Canada are under a radiation threat with radiation levels as high as that in Japan in areas adjacent to the six units of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that started in melt-down on March 11, 2011.

View exclusive April 4, 2011 interviews with independent scientist Leuren Moret

Readers can view the April 4, 2011 interviews with independent scientist Leuren Moret embedded in the article above or at the URL below:

Part 1. VIDEO: Leuren Moret – Coverup! California, Northwest USA, B.C. Canada under radiation threat as high as Japan

Part 2. VIDEO: Leuren Moret – Scientists declare northern 1/3 of Japan uninhabitable and should be evacuated – BREAKING NEWS

U.S. and Canadian governments engage in radiation cover-up

In her interview, Leuren Moret notes that the governments of the United States and Canada, and specifically President Barack Obama and Prime Minister and Canadian Conservative party candidate Stephen Harper, are complicit in genocide by intentionally withholding vital information from their populations about the radiation threats they are under.

Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco has been found to be 18,100% above the U.S. federal drinking water standard.

The Government of Canada has
suspended mobile radiation measurements around Vancouver, BC “until further notice” as radioactive cloud looms over the B.C. area.

Ms. Moret has
stated that the “Japan earthquake and ‘accidents’ at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare using a sophisticated HAARP-aerosol/chemtrails plasma weapons system, and carried out against the populations and ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

In her interview, Ms. Moret notes that with this cover-up, the Fukushima tectonic nuclear war becomes a global false flag operation perhaps even greater than Chernobyl (which has resulted in 1 million deaths to date), September 11, 2011, and the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill operation.

Continues at

Coverup! California, Northwest, B.C. Canada under radiation as high as Japan

[EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe]

Japanese Seismologist in 2004 on Risk of Nuclear Accident: ‘It’s Like a Kamikaze Terrorist Wrapped in Bombs Just Waiting to Explode’

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In 2004, Leuren Moret warned in the Japan Times of the exact type of nuclear catastrophe that Japan is now experiencing:

Of all the places in all the world where no one in their right mind would build scores of nuclear power plants, Japan would be pretty near the top of the list.

Japan sits on top of four tectonic plates, at the edge of the subduction zone, and is in one of the most tectonically active regions of the world.

Nonetheless, like many countries around the world — where General Electric and Westinghouse designs are used in 85 percent of all commercial reactors — Japan has turned to nuclear power as a major energy source

Many of those reactors have been negligently sited on active faults, particularly in the subduction zone along the Pacific coast, where major earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 or more on the Richter scale occur frequently. The periodicity of major earthquakes in Japan is less than 10 years. There is almost no geologic setting in the world more dangerous for nuclear power than Japan — the third-ranked country in the world for nuclear reactors.

“I think the situation right now is very scary,” says Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismologist and professor at Kobe University. “It’s like a kamikaze terrorist wrapped in bombs just waiting to explode.”

On July 7 last year, the same day of my visit to Hamaoka, Ishibashi warned of the danger of an earthquake-induced nuclear disaster, not only to Japan but globally, at an International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics conference held in Sapporo. He said: “The seismic designs of nuclear facilities are based on standards that are too old from the viewpoint of modern seismology and are insufficient. The authorities must admit the possibility that an earthquake-nuclear disaster could happen and weigh the risks objectively.”

I realized that Japan has no real nuclear-disaster plan in the event that an earthquake damaged a reactor’s water-cooling system and triggered a reactor meltdown.

Additionally, but not even mentioned by ERC officials, there is an extreme danger of an earthquake causing a loss of water coolant in the pools where spent fuel rods are kept. As reported last year in the journal Science and Global Security, based on a 2001 study by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, if the heat-removing function of those pools is seriously compromised — by, for example, the water in them draining out — and the fuel rods heat up enough to combust, the radiation inside them will then be released into the atmosphere. This may create a nuclear disaster even greater than Chernobyl.

It is not a question of whether or not a nuclear disaster will occur in Japan; it is a question of when it will occur.

As the US Geological Survey notes, Japan has had many earthquakes, including:


Japanese engineer Masashi Goto, who helped design the containment vessel for Fukushima’s reactor core, says the design was not enough to withstand earthquakes or tsunamis.

Indeed, Reuters points out today:

Over the past two weeks, Japanese government officials and Tokyo Electric Power executives have repeatedly described the deadly combination of the most powerful quake in Japan’s history and the massive tsunami that followed as “soteigai,” or beyond expectations.

But a review of company and regulatory records shows that Japan and its largest utility repeatedly downplayed dangers and ignored warnings — including a 2007 tsunami study from Tokyo Electric Power Co’s senior safety engineer.

“We still have the possibilities that the tsunami height exceeds the determined design height due to the uncertainties regarding the tsunami phenomenon,” Tokyo Electric researchers said in a report reviewed by Reuters.

The research paper concluded that there was a roughly 10 percent chance that a tsunami could test or overrun the defenses of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant within a 50-year span based on the most conservative assumptions.

But Tokyo Electric did nothing to change its safety planning based on that study, which was presented at a nuclear engineering conference in Miami in July 2007.

Tokyo Electric’s Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, some 150 miles northeast of Tokyo, was a particular concern.

The 40-year-old nuclear complex was built near a quake zone in the Pacific that had produced earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher four times in the past 400 years — in 1896, 1793, 1677 and then in 1611, Tokyo Electric researchers had come to understand.

Based on that history, Sakai, a senior safety manager at Tokyo Electric, and his research team applied new science to a simple question: What was the chance that an earthquake-generated wave would hit Fukushima? More pressing, what were the odds that it would be larger than the roughly 6-meter (20 feet) wall of water the plant had been designed to handle?

The tsunami that crashed through the Fukushima plant on March 11 was 14 meters high.

Sakai’s team determined the Fukushima plant was dead certain to be hit by a tsunami of one or two meters in a 50-year period. They put the risk of a wave of 6 meters or more at around 10 percent over the same time span.

In other words, Tokyo Electric scientists realized as early as 2007 that it was quite possible a giant wave would overwhelm the sea walls and other defenses at Fukushima by surpassing engineering assumptions behind the plant’s design that date back to the 1960s.

Despite the projection by its own safety engineers that the older assumptions might be mistaken, Tokyo Electric was not breaking any Japanese nuclear safety regulation by its failure to use its new research to fortify Fukushima Dai-ichi, which was built on the rural Pacific coast to give it quick access to sea water and keep it away from population centers.

“There are no legal requirements to re-evaluate site related (safety) features periodically,” the Japanese government said in a response to questions from the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, in 2008.

Not Just Japan

As MSNBC notes, there are 23 virtually-identical reactors in the U.S. to the leaking Fukushima reactors.

As McClatchy notes, American reactors hold much more spent fuel than the Japanese reactors (the amount of radioactive fuel at Fukushima – in turn – dwarfs Chernobyl):

U.S. nuclear plants use the same sort of pools to cool spent nuclear-fuel rods as the ones now in danger of spewing radiation at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi plant, only the U.S. pools hold much more nuclear material.

The Japanese plant’s pools are far from capacity, but still contain an enormous amount of radioactivity, Lyman said. A typical U.S. nuclear plant would have about 10 times as much fuel in its pools, he said.

And yet the nuclear industry and American government are poo-poohing the danger. As McClatchy notes:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reaffirmed its position that the U.S. pools are operated safely.

The Nation notes:

Aileen Mioko Smith, director of Green Action Kyoto, met Fukushima plant and government officials in August 2010. “At the plant they seemed to dismiss our concerns about spent fuel pools,” said Mioko Smith. “At the prefecture, they were very worried but had no plan for how to deal with it.”Remarkably, that is the norm—both in Japan and in the United States. Spent fuel pools at Fukushima are not equipped with backup water-circulation systems or backup generators for the water-circulation system they do have.

The exact same design flaw is in place at Vermont Yankee, a nuclear plant of the same GE design as the Fukushima reactors. At Fukushima each reactor has between 60 and 83 tons of spent fuel rods stored next to them. Vermont Yankee has a staggering 690 tons of spent fuel rods on site.

Nuclear safety activists in the United States have long known of these problems and have sought repeatedly to have them addressed. At least get backup generators for the pools, they implored. But at every turn the industry has pushed back, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has consistently ruled in favor of plant owners over local communities.

After 9/11 the issue of spent fuel rods again had momentary traction. Numerous citizen groups petitioned and pressured the NRC for enhanced protections of the pools. But the NRC deemed “the possibility of a terrorist attack…speculative and simply too far removed from the natural or expected consequences of agency action.” So nothing was done—not even the provision of backup water-circulation systems or emergency power-generation systems.

Similarly, Pro Publica points out:

Opponents of nuclear power have warned for years that if these pools drain, either by accident or terrorist attack, it could lead to a fire and a catastrophic release of radiation.

The nuclear industry says fears about the storage pools at U.S. plants are overblown because the pools are protected and, even if fuel is exposed to the air, the chance of a fire is incredibly small.

“People should be very concerned because the NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] has acknowledged that spent fuel pools that are not located inside the containment have the potential to cause catastrophic accidents,” said Diane Curran, a lawyer who has represented environmental groups and governments in challenges to fuel storage plans.“These are not high-probability accidents,” Curran said, “but we have seen how low-probability accidents can happen.”

After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Congress asked the National Academies to study the vulnerability of spent fuel to a terrorist attack.

The resulting 2005 report, “Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage ,” concluded that “an attack which partially or completely drains a plant’s spent fuel pool might be capable of starting a high-temperature fire that could release large quantities of radioactive material into the environment.”

The report found that the vulnerability of the spent fuel to fire depends on how old it is and how it is stored. As the fuel ages, it cools, so it becomes less susceptible to a fire.

“The industry standard is that fuel that is older than five years can be dry-stored,” said Kevin Crowley, director of the nuclear and radiation board for the National Research Council, part of National Academies.

The report recommended that the nuclear industry take steps to decrease the vulnerability of the storage pools to fire. Some of those steps are classified, Crowley said. But he said others, like making sure there were fire hoses or spray systems above the pools, were pretty simple.

***The nuclear industry disagreed with the national academy about the vulnerability of the spent fuel to a fire.

So a Fukushima-type disaster was inevitable … and will be inevitable in the U.S. as well, unless steps are taken to make the plants safer.

Whistleblowers Ignored

In addition, years before Fukushima engineer Mitsuhiko Tanaka blew the whistle on the fact that Tepco covered up a defective containment vessel, the above-quoted Japan Times article blew the whistle:

Yoichi Kikuchi, a Japanese nuclear engineer who also became a whistle-blower, has told me personally of many safety problems at Japan’s nuclear power plants, such as cracks in pipes in the cooling system from vibrations in the reactor. He said the electric companies are “gambling in a dangerous game to increase profits and decrease government oversight.”

[Kei Sugaoka, a Japanese-American senior field engineer who worked for General Electric in the United States, who previously blew the whistle on Tepco'">The Market Ticker - CBO: Don't Believe A Word Of It (The Market Ticker)

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