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Michael Savage: Obama Signed The NDAA Bill While You Were All Celebrating

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It’s official now America now has Martial law. Martial Law is illegal to our Constitution no matter what they say.  This is an unconstitutional law, therefore it is null and void. We don’t need to do anything except tell them that because it violates the very document they claim they derive their powers from, it can’t really exist, no matter who ratified it or signed it. In fact, anyone who did take part in it’s passage is now guilty of treason and attempted subversion. Lets keep in mind that every military in the US swear an oath to protect the constitution, not the President and to protect it against all enemies, abroad and at home. This administration and the shadow government of the bankers and corporation is the enemy.The people that signed this bill are criminals for not standing up for the Constitution of the United States of America.  Treason is the charge. Our leaders should not have an oath to any secret organizations. If they are supporting the NWO then they are committing Treason and it against our constitution.Please vote to impeach and immediately have that thing removed forever. It is unlawful, unjust, and unfair no matter where you’re from. My fellow Americans,get ready to fight for your country or say hello to you’re new home the FEMA camps . . .

America, you voted these people into power. Just remember that come election day 2012. There is no reason we should have 93 people in the Senate that think this bill is just. Our government is supposed to be defending our country and our freedoms, not limiting what we can and can’t say. Our country’s founding fathers are rolling over in their graves because of what these idiots have done to our country. If this passes, there’s no pride in living in America anymore. Well People ! You better Make up your minds and figure out that Ron Paul is Your only way to turn this around.The right man for the job is the man who will do the best job and that is Ron Paul. better wake up !

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Michael Savage: Obama Signed the NDAA Bill while you were all celebrating the New Year

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The Holocaust Happened To People Like US

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Written by testudoetlepus

December 16th, 2011 at 2:54 pm

When Governments Go Rogue

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

There are those today who would claim that the lifeblood of a nation is dependent upon the graces of its government.  That government is the focal point of cultural growth, and that we as citizens should respect it as such.  I would be more inclined to agree if the public did not so easily confuse the ideals of leadership with the actions of criminals.  That is to say, regardless of what we wish our government to be, bureaucracies rarely, if ever, embody the spirit of the common man (a necessity for any system that purports to defend the citizenry).  Instead, bureaucracies almost inevitably deteriorate into vehicles for the perpetuation of tyranny driven by the very worst of all stewards; elitist minorities with delusions of godhood.

Unfortunately, despite this fact, the masses often treat these industrious vermin and the plagues of society that they build with the same reverence as they would a sincere and honorable body politic.         

Government is not nor has it ever been a foregone conclusion.  Government is not concrete.  It is not tangible.  It is not the foundation of society.  Instead, government is an abstraction; a fantastic dream of collectivist paternity in the face of individual hardship.  Those who fear to wander the world on their own courage, strength, and merit, seek to elevate and empower “decision makers” to provide the comfort of limited liability.  Through this process, governments are created out of thin air.  All governmental authority is, thus, HANDED to those in positions of leadership.  What makes one man a “king” and another man a “peasant”?  Only the people of a country, and where they choose to place their personal control; in their own hands, or the hands of others.

To put it simply, there is no power over us but that which we give away, and no freedom lost, that cannot be regained.

Until this reality is understood, consecutive generations of human beings will be left to wonder astonished at the endless atrocities of governments they thought they could trust.  The truth is, no government, no matter how seemingly noble, deserves our full faith.  All governments must be treated like storehouses of aging dynamite; with extreme vigilance, care, and suspicion, because, it is in the very nature of centralized power to sink towards destabilization and disaster. 

The American dynamic was meant to be different.  For the first time in history, a group of people organized an administrative body which was predicated upon the will of the general populace and not the will of the incorporated elite.  The Constitution was the first legal document designed to LIMIT the power of government, not endlessly exonerate it.  Though many in our modern age have become completely ignorant of its original intent, the Constitution and its written protections allowed for the first decentralized government of the Western world, if not the entire world.  A government which was specifically tasked with shielding the rights of the individual beyond the desires of the mindless “majority”, or the normally influential aristocracy. 

Obviously, we have strayed far and away beyond the schematics set forth by the founding fathers.

Let us finally be honest with ourselves and say it out loud; our government is not Constitutional!  It has become a mutation.  A monstrosity.  A malformed creature given birth by the oozing genetic material of mad social scientists hell bent on dominating the building blocks of our political life.  It is a thing to be abhorred, not admired, and certainly not to be trusted.

The statement above may be confusing to those who have relegated their concerns to the immediate.  If one is free to walk about the streets, keep a job, have a drink, and settle in front of his television for hours on end, then what is there to be worried about?  If he is not directly affected by the ill notions of men in far off banks and capitols, then why care at all?  If the pain of government criminality only strikes people from “other” cultures, or other walks of life, why be concerned?  For those who actually suffer from this brand of idiocy, I can only relate the unwarranted role that our government has assumed within our society and hope that they begin to realize how extraordinarily unsafe they really are.  The injustices visited upon the few are invariably visited upon the many in time, especially where a rogue government resides.

The kind of intrusion by government allowed by the American people today is utterly astounding.  Bank records, medical records, political viewpoints, phone conversations, emails, child rearing practices, food eating habits, health pursuits, social networking habits, biometric data, travel; nothing is safe from the prying eyes of government anymore. 

At what point did we as a nation decide that the government’s opinion of the domestic ideal should become the precedent?  At what point did we decide that a faceless bureaucracy knows better than we do what is best for us?  When did our lives become an open book to be read at the government’s leisure?

I say “we decided”, because we must bear a large part of the blame.  From the institution of the Patriot Acts, to the utilization of the FISA domestic spying bill, to the latest monitoring and cataloging by the DHS and the Federal Reserve of private internet activity, we have stood by and done little to nothing in response. 

The argument put forth by establishment proponents has always been that the government’s task is to keep us safe.  In order to do this, they say, there can be nowhere for “evil doers” to hide.  Therefore, the privacy of every individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number.  This argument is unabashed nonsense.

Governments do not keep people safe.  Governments are historically predisposed to ending far more lives than they protect, especially when they have strayed from their original mandates.  When a government goes rogue, or has been honed as a tool for control rather than defense, its directives lean towards self preservation, not the preservation of the public.  That is to say, the government and those who directly benefit from its manipulation set policies that ensure their own safety, and no one else’s. 

Without a doubt, all the anti-4th Amendment legislation that has been passed over the course of last decade is focused not on some sinister force, foreign or domestic.  Instead, it has been focused on average American citizens, because, whether we want to admit it or not, the government sees US as their greatest enemy. 

There was a time when even I would have considered this view as a bit “extreme”.  However, I would now have to point out the introduction of bills and executive orders like the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, which essentially erases Posse Comitatus and allows for Martial Law to be instituted with extreme prejudice under executive authority:

As well as the attempted passage of the Enemy Belligerents Act, which would allow for the capture, torture, and indefinite incarceration of American citizens as “enemy combatants:

Not to mention the National Emergency Centers Act which allows for the detention of civilians in military and FEMA run facilities:

Or the Obama Administration’s continuance of Bush doctrine which allows for the assassination of U.S. citizens designated as “enemy combatants”:

And most recently, the National Defense Authorization Act, a defense spending action which is being used to coattail legislation which decimates all Constitutional checks and balances and leaves the door open for the government to declare any region they wish a “combat zone”.  These provisions are just a rewritten combination of the Enemy Belligerents Act (both bills were fostered by the hand of John McCain) and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, giving government free reign to designate any person, even an American citizen, as an enemy combatant.  This means that anyone, including you, could one day be detained without Habeas Corpus, without fair trial, without due process, without legal representation, forever.  Period. 

You think rendition only occurs in Middle Eastern hellholes?  Think again.  With these bills and others like them, the American public is now fair game.

Rationalizations for the above actions abound.  Some of the most common naïve positions include the following:

1)  Assassinations Against Al Qaeda Agents, Even If They Are American Citizens, Is Justifiable

The nature of the target is irrelevant to the principle underlying the situation.  I don’t care if Anwar al-Awlaki was an agent of Hades, the conscience of a country must take precedence over the short term threats that country faces.  If a society is unable to maintain its conscience and its principles in the face of hardship, then perhaps that society is not worthy of survival.  There are, indeed, many more important things than national security.

This is how all tyranny begins; with a small group or element of a culture singled out for the loss of human rights, while the rest of the people look on and cheer.  Eventually, the exception to the rule becomes the rule, and everyone suffers.  Under no circumstances should our government be allowed to rewrite Constitutional protections or our moral compass, even if it means giving so called “terrorists” fair treatment under the law.  Never forget, the term “terrorist” is as arbitrary as any nowadays, and could be used against you as easily as it could be used against anyone else. 

2)  The Domestic Realm Is A Haven For “Homegrown Terrorists”

Again, “homegrown terrorism” is a highly arbitrary label.  If one looks at statements and white papers coming from the Department Of Homeland Security, or the Department Of Justice, anyone from Constitutionalists, to Ron Paul supporters, to militia members, to barter networkers and sound money proponents, or anyone who even expresses an interest in any of these subjects, is considered a potential domestic terrorist threat. 

Where is this headed?  Think about it.  If these types of people are already being categorized as extremists, what’s to stop the government form categorizing them as enemy combatants?

3)  Rendition And Torture Could Save Lives

Okay.  Let’s say for the sake of argument that rendition and torture actually could save some lives, though I have never heard of any of these Jack Bauer moments taking place in the real world.  Let’s say my life and those I love could be spared.  Frankly, I would rather die than be a party to behavior as reprehensible as kidnapping and torture.  I couldn’t care less about the theoretical benefits of the activity.  As stated earlier, a nation hanging by the poisonous framework of moral relativism is doomed to failure and decay.  Despite the propaganda often spread by elitist elements without our government, our military, and our local law enforcement, you DO NOT need to become the monster in order to defeat the monster.  This lie should not be allowed to stand…

4)  You Are “Overreacting” To The Legislation, And Americans Will Not Be Targeted

Senator Lindsay Graham, a backer of the National Defense Authorization Act, specifically outlined the bill’s jurisdiction over American citizens and even admitted it makes the U.S. itself a “combat zone” under the international laws of war (while at the same time presenting the lie that Federal due process would somehow be enforced for those who are captured).  We who oppose the bill could do a lot more without being rightfully accused of “overreaction”.  If Americans are not to be targeted, then why create the bill in the first place?  Traditional laws of war would be more than sufficient to handle foreign threats, and domestic response agencies like the FBI could easily continue doing whatever it is they supposedly do to safeguard our country.  The ONLY reason to introduce a bill which frees the U.S. Government and the DHS to act militarily within the borders of our own nation would be to target U.S. citizens, and to undermine normal Constitutional processes.

The legislation is self-incriminating.  Only a complete dullard would argue otherwise.

5)  The Government Is A Body Elected By The People, Therefore They Are One And The Same

The only practical explanation I can think of for someone to actually believe this argument is overmedication.  Despite what we’re all taught in middle school, our government as it exists today and has for many decades does not represent the will of the people.  Two dominant political parties with cosmetic differences in rhetoric but nearly identical legislative platforms and voting records is not an expression of a legitimately free republic.  The system revolves around corporate ideologies of globalization, not elections.  Its beneficiaries are a limited and powerful fringe of society, not the masses.  It is a rigged game.  A fake battle between two gladiators owned by the same Caesar.  To say that the people and the government are one-in-the-same is a gross error in judgment.

After researching and acknowledging the course our government has taken, the question then arises; what is the ultimate end result?  Barring multiple miracles of a complete economic turnaround, full third party inclusion in our political structure, the deconstruction of the Federal Reserve, the decentralization of financial influence, the reintroduction of Constitutional insulation degraded since 2001, and the complete pullback of troops involved in ongoing wars in the Middle East, there can be only one outcome:  total conflict.

We did not create this division.  The American people did not ask to be targeted.  Though we certainly have not done enough to fend off the numerous attacks upon our general liberties, the root of the problem still lay within the core of our government, the puppet leaders who abuse it, and the corporate elitists who use it as a staging ground for personal agendas.  We have become two separate groups that cannot and will not be reconciled.  The government is openly admitting this through legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act.  Its time we did the same. 

When two forces diametrically opposed exist upon the same ground at the same time with the same force of will, war erupts.  A war of philosophies, a war of dissent, and sometimes, a war of weapons.  As unsettling as that might sound, we must take solace in the fact that we at least fight for what is honest.  If every American must conform to the twisted path our government has chosen, or be branded an ‘enemy combatant”, then may we all become domestic threats in our own backyard.

Guest Post: When Governments Go Rogue

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The Lieber Code – A Very Crucial Piece To The Puzzle of How Americans Have Been Scammed Through The Judicial and Banking Systems

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The Lieber Code of April 24, 1863, also known as Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field, General Order No 100, or Lieber Instruction signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

This is a very crucial piece to the puzzle of how Americans have been scammed through the judicial system and the banking system set up to bilk this country dry.

The courts have been employing whatever tactic was feasible for them at the time, but holding the military status card up their sleeve all along.

For example, say one goes into a Casino to play cards at one of the tables. The dealer deals out the cards to  yourself and the other players at your table. However, the other players get to look at their cards while your cards are dealt face down, and the dealer has told all the other players which game it is being played. You on the other hand, can’t see your cards, don’t know which to play, nor do you know which cards you need to replace, which is wild, which is high or which is low card. So how could you possibly play the game  when the house holds all the cards and the rules and stacked the deck against you?

The courts, impersonating judicial officers, holding false judicial proceedings and  are using the local sheriff departments and/or other police departments  as “military personnel”  to force one off the street, against their will and under duress, forced again into fraudulent contracts as commerce for investment purposes, but failing to charge off the public debt or provide the municipality their rightful 40%.

These personnel in turn are committing highway robbery, extortion, kidnap for ransom, strong arm robbery, and impersonating military personnel.

By employing Texas Code Chapter 79 § 79.31 “ENTITIES” and the Style MANUAL Manual, your name has been used  through identity theft now converted into “upper case” letters indicating corporate status, using yourself as the means, method, motive, opportunity and intent to access your trust account, established through the US Bankruptcy in 1933, since there is no money and we the people are the Creditors/beneficiaries from which the country makes investments.

However, prior to that step in this diabolical devious plan, the Rothschild’s, the masterminds of this banking fraud committed against the world, knowingly sent their correspondences to and from  the US in about June, 1863,  explaining how all of this step by step plan will work, including the mathematical formula employed showing the profits to be made with the inimical harm and the brunt of the burden  resting on those not wise to their financial enterprise.
(See “Vindication” and “A Country Defeated in Victory Part II”)

The [courts] have now dragged yourself into the closed union shop, acting as financial institution agents for the Committee on Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP©), the court cases now assigned Public Debt numbers through forms 1522/4000 et al, through/ for US Treasury now are investments directly deposited through COURT REGISTRY INVESTMENT SYSTEM (CRIS), in the Dallas /Houston Texas Federal Reserve privately owned bank.

These investments are only temporarily housed at that financial institution before heading home to the Bank of England, Rothschild’s headquarters.

Rothschild’s have long since been infamous for renting, leasing or otherwise employing military armies to  provide the strong arm tactics needed to complete whatever task is at hand, which may or may not include world domination through control of the worlds’ wealth. One would have to follow the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Knights of the Golden Circle, Knights of Columbus, Knights of The Golden Fleece, Knights of Malta,Masons, Skull & Bones, The Illuminati and other not so secret anymore societies for the rest of the story.

Newly researched evidence of “THE LIEBER CODE” shows without a doubt how this plan has been put into effect.

Since a “Code” is a secret communication, only the privy were wise to its true meaning and intent, until now.

Abraham Lincoln knew full well what was coming our way, and thus prepared for it. He placed our “trust”  in the hands of the military as the proper authority to protect us, America, as the first Bank Act of 1863 began the road to Banksterville.

However, those evil doers hellbent on gaining access to all the gold and other wealth had another plan, which directly is related to the civil war and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. (See the Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln)

Reading the attached “Lieber Code” one will learn important directly related evidence of the who, what, when, where, why and how  this corruption against America was invented, and spread throughout Europe and Asia like a malignant cancer.

Adding this knowledge to that already obtained, it is quite simple to see that the courts have been employing one side of the military code against  the general public, not showing us the cards or the game being played and being misled to thinking all is Constitutionally fine and dandy.

The courts employed administrative  rules, but did not act within the policies, procedures and/or guidelines of those rules.

The courts employed civil rules and procedures but failed to follow even those policies and procedures.

The courts, police, sheriff, judges et al, were hired or appointed as Constitutional employees to act in good behavior and within the boundaries of the law, and having had taken an oath to uphold the same, but have in many instances, the judges in every instance, knowingly violated the very essence of the Constitution, breaching their own contract.

George Bush’s infamous statement that the Constitution is just a G– D— piece of paper knew in official capacity the fraud committed against every inhabitant in this country and that this fraud  was being committed as a means to get into the trust held by the military as  protection for all of us as  Americans.

This “TRUST” and our  public trust  has been violated, knowingly and with forethought, malice and intent, by every court official since about the late1860′s, and continuing to date, as securitizing our names and signatures for investment purposes, but failing to discharge the debts of the American people as the other half of the contract, whereby the courts and all other agents thereof, by through and with the banks, federal, national and international, have gained unjust enrichment embezzling every American’s money from the constitutional side of the “mirror” to the “defacto” side, now  fraudulently converted and hidden deep  in their own offshore pockets, and George Sorros is not exempt from this ponzi scheme.

The reader will be disheartened  to see how this diabolical plan has been so successfully carried out to date.  The more knowledge taken in the wiser one becomes, as was Abraham Lincoln who paid the ultimate price for his preemptive  actions.

Every [judge] in this country knows full well of the guilt on his/her shoulders from their intentional actions as belligerent traitors and their  treasonous activities  against America,  employing armed belligerents against unarmed civilians in this country,  the former acting under military law but failing to act within military protocol, now each and all subject to the ultimate consequences thereof, by the hands of the military duly qualified to fulfill that task.

Many years of research  by those of us on AIB radio and all the  listeners around the world also seeking the truth  are slowly but surely  gaining  on the heels of these fleeing  thieving impostors and their bankster kinfolk. It won’t be a mere nip when we latch on, but rather a rabid dog  jaw locking to the bone death grip around every attorney, and bankster’s ankle walking this planet, slowing that walk to a complete halt.”

All rights reserved in perpetuity.
Jeanette- Audrey; [Triplett]

For researching the Lieber Code the following is useful;


of April 24, 1863

also known as

Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field,

General Order No 100,


Lieber Instructions

signed by

President Abraham Lincoln



[The Unmasking of Maine….and Beyond]