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Washington Post Declares Barack Obama a “Messiah” President

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Even for the ultra-liberal Washington Post, the most recent column by E.J. Dionne Jr is an exercise if near absolute adoration of Barack Obama that does little to quell concerns the mainstream media has simply become a Pravda-like extension of the Obama White House.

The word messiah should be used sparingly, and certainly not in describing an American president who once so snidely remarked certain Americans were simply “clinging to their guns and religion”. Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr does just that though in a headline and opinion that paints Barack Obama as a mythical figure “unlike any candidate the country had seen before”. The entire piece is an obvious and heavy-handed attempt to reignite the White Guilt tendencies that were so crucial in aiding Obama to Election Day victory in 2008. (The Washington Post would never admit that fact of course – but rather hint that to NOT vote for Barack Obama in 2012 would be a clear sign of America’s still prevalent racist tendencies)

Mr. Dionne spends considerable time replaying how the media and the entertainment industry fell over themselves to support then-candidate Obama in 2008. The songs, the magazine covers, all of the unprecedented image making that surrounded Barack Obama’s rise to national prominence and eventually the White House. What E.J. Dionne fails to do is portray that image making as something odd and terribly misguided – an untested, largely unknown Senator is given the keys to the country for little more reason than the hue of his skin and his ability to read from a teleprompter. No, what the Washington Post instead does is to hope longingly that America will do again in 2012 what it so foolishly did in 2008 – elect Barack Obama its president.

Dionne even points to the FALSIFIED POLLING data that has since already been disproven. (As INSIDER WARNED – once the poll is released, whether true or not – the media will simply repeat the intended results until they do become the reality) He calls the economy that President Obama has so damaged in just three years “sluggish”, and the repeated failures of the Obama administration “difficulties”. Trillions in debt, millions unemployed, the value of the dollar plummeting, and America’s international standing and influence at ever- increasing risk…”difficulties”, of which Barack Obama is not to blame. Just check out this direct and alternate-reality quote from Dionne’s column:

Most Americans still believe that Obama inherited rather than caused the economic turmoil. Barring another crisis in Europe, there is a decent chance of somewhat better times by Election Day. Obama’s fall offensive against Republicans in Congress has paid dividends. Voters seem inclined to blame Washington’s dysfunction on the GOP, not on a president they still rather like. Most also think Obama’s foreign policy has put the nation on a steadier course.

Perhaps E.J. Dionne Jr, sitting atop his Washington Post perch, has failed to review the numerous polling data showing a majority of Americans disapproving of the job President Obama is doing – or the nearly two-thirds of Americans who state the country is heading in the wrong direction? What of a recent head to head poll showing Mitt Romney thrashing Barack Obama were the election to be held today? Or Obama repeatedly polling lower than the “Generic Republican”?

To that, Dionne simply says the following:

In their jaunty song on Obama’s behalf four years ago, the alternative reggae band Michael Franti & Spearhead promised a country that would “soar through the sky like an eagle” and saw Obama as “seeking finds of a new light.”

Anyone else getting tired of the cult-like devotion so many in the media have for a failed president? And will Americans, who have been kicked down by the policies of the Obama White House for the last three years actually reach out their hands in 2012 with the meek plea of ”Can I have more please?”

Read the full Washington Post column HERE

Washington Post Declares Barack Obama a “Messiah” President

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