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More Evidence Queen Elizabeth Will Be Quitting

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The Water Dragon,
The Water War Crimes
The Royal Family

The year 2012 correpsonds to the year 4710 in the Chinese Calendar and under Chinese astrology is represented by the Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon is reputed to be a great danger to persons in high places who have been part of a criminal conspiracy or a cover up of a criminal conspiracy because the Water Dragon can see through the veils that are maintained to cover up criminal misconduct.

Although the Chinese New Year commences on January 23 there are increasing rumours that the Royal Family is on the run and facing financial disaster. This web site began predicting the demise of the English Royal family in September 2011, shortly after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his colleauges were advised of new information that alleged that Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip has been secret investors in the diabolical scheme to loot the water export revenues that Canada would earn from exporting fresh water to the United States and Mexico.

The truth of these allegations is now corroborated by the refusal ofthe Government in Canada issue a formal denial notwithstanding the fact thatthe allegations have been made in official communications to its lawyers and have been filed in pleadings in the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. The difficulties faced by Canadian Prime Minister Harper should not be underestimated. As a well known royalist, Harper would have beenshocked, stunned and disoriented by the news that Queen Elizabeth and her husband had broken their solemn obligations and acted in a way that sought to undermine the sovereignity of Canada.

Furthermore, as a staunch ally of the United States and a man with a reputation for integrity and honesty in his dealings with American presidents, Bush and Obama, Harper was now in a very embarassing position due to the past activities of his allegedly disloyal Queen.

Queen Elizabeth, who had previously publically embarassed US President Obama at a state diner at Buckingham Palace, was now facing a huge public scandal that could leave her reputation completely destroyed throughout the British Connomwealth and disenfranchise her family including the newly crafted celebrity, Prince William, from the continued occupation of the Thrones of Canada and herother Commonwealth Realms.

On December 14, 2011, this web site posted the first predictions of a possible early death of one or more members of the Royal family in the comng months and as if in rush to fulfill the prophecy Prince Phillip was suddenly rushed ot hospital on December 23, 2011, where his life was saved through high level medical intervention.

Today, former Forbes Magazine editor and now world famous international geo-political and global financial analyst, Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian who lives in Japan, has revealed that certain global powers“have issued a warning to the British Royal Family that they must replace Elizabeth with her grandson Harry by April 1st of this year.“

For those who are unaware of the significance of these matters, it has long been suspected that Harry is not the legitimate son of Prince Charles but comes from another line of descent which means that Harry,but not his older brother William, would be entitled to occupy the Throne of Canada if Queen Elizabeth and her progeny were disqualified. due to corrupt practices.

Click here to read the Fulford story about Queen Elizabeth

More disturbing are revealtions that human remains have recently been discovered buried at the Royal Family’sprivate estate known as Sandringham.

Click here to read media report on the highly secret police investigation

More Evidence Queen Elizabeth Will Be Quitting

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