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A Decidedly-Non-Commital Response From Microsoft Re: The Arrest of Bill Gates

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This has been going on all last week, Benjamin Fulford says Tim Geithner was arrested (but then appeared at some banker meeting), Benjamin Fulford says George Bush Snr was arrested, and his most recent claim that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been arrested was put to the question by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

So, she wrote an email to Microsoft’s PR Department to enquire whether their founder had indeed been arrested or not, and waited, expecting no response.

Here’s a sample from the decidedly-non-commital reply she finally received:

Thank you for your patience as I looked into your request. I have connected with my colleagues and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your request at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you need attribution, please attribute to a Microsoft spokesperson.

So, what the fuck does that mean?

Either Microsoft can’t understand the question, “Has Bill Gates been arrested or not?” or this is an A.I. or automated pro-forma reponse they send out to all such kook-mails or they really can’t say i.e. aren’t allowed to disclose at this time? And the real funny thing is, Microsoft don’t need to adopt this peculiar holding-pattern stance. They could just deny everything like corporations always do. But no, can neither confirm nor deny.

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy receives a decidedly-non-commital response from Microsoft re: the arrest of Bill Gates

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March 8th, 2012 at 7:54 pm

Three Days of The Candor: David Wilcock In Dramatic Presentation of Ben Fulford’s Disclosures

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Two ‘Must Listen To’ Interviews

First, David Wilcock offers an intriguing Benjamin Fulford interview. Ben explains the backstory to a lawsuit filed in New York on behalf of the royal family of China. The problem involves a bonds for gold swap in the tense period before World War Two as the Japanese invaded parts of Asia. In the 80 years that followed things went awry. Instead of safekeeping the gold bricks they somehow got mixed up with gold painted tungstun and the bonds were registered with sloppy typo errors according to Fulford. And to make matters even worse, the whole kit and caboodle of documentation and gold was buried and lost forever in the rubble of building number 7 on September 11, 2001.

Ben Fulford Interview

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Then, David Wilcock began to receive death threats and called Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot to tell her about it. Protection was arranged for David immediately. A man named Anonymous got on the telephone and encouraged David to get the whole story out. And, as far as the death threats were concerned, he said David should forgetaboutit.

Kerry Cassidy speaks with David and Mr. Anonymous

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The World Is Not What It Seems To Be
– Terence McKenna

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Project Camelot’s Livecast on YU-55

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I’ve just watched a very interesting conversation among Kerry Cassidy, Richard Hoagland, and David Wilcock on a Project Camelot broadcast.

Richard was saying that YU-55 has been targeted to hit the moon and is part of a plot to knock out low-Earth satellites with the dust debris, cause a blackout here on Earth, shut down financial markets, etc. Tomorrow’s ESA alert is also a part of it, he says. The whole thing is a Project Bluebleam, false-alien attack.

Here is a recent talk show in which I believe Richard discusses his theory of YU-55. 42 mins. I won’t have time to listen to the whole broadcast at this moment, I’m afraid.

Click here to view the embedded video.

He added that an alternative theory is that President Obama could “pull a Kennedy thing” and use YU-55 as a screen behind which he can disclose. Late in the program he asked David if David thought disclosure would occur tomorrow, to which David replied that he didn’t think it would, though it will be happening at some point. Kerry presented the theory that the Chinese were planning to take over the United States and take over the world. And David countered that he didn’t think they’d be allowed to.

It was quite clear that no one among the group reads SaLuSa and Wanderer of the Skies.

Richard did respond that “another player in the game has intruded into this [nursery?] and is changing the rules.” At another point in the conversation he said: “Someone at a higher level has shut these guys all down and they don’t have a clue what is going on.”

Soon after David joined the call, David said that “there is someone steering the ship … that is ensuring that we somehow navigate through each of these little detours that we could have gotten thrown off on and for that reason I am resolute in my optimistic focus.” High-level ETs, David called them. “There does seem to be a very consistent X factor that keeps us from collapsing,” he said on another occasion. He believed that this high-level ET coalition was taking what he called “the old World Order” down.

“I feel, like David, that we’re on the precipice of something really wonderful happening,” Richard added. He predicted that something spectacular will happen on 11/11/11.

So my next comment is really difficult to say and I’m watching a primitive vasana of arrogance arise in me as I say it. (1)

But that X factor, those high-level ETs, that someone at a higher level, is precisely what we’re following here. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle and the piece we have is the “intelligence” that SaLuSa, Wanderer, the Arcturian Group, and all the other ET channels supply us with on a regular basis.

We hear channeled messages being attacked from time to time among lightworkers but here, in this very conversation, we see the benefit of those messages.

Kerry, David and Richard rely on insiders as well as their own observations and internal data and they are gradually arriving at a sense that something is preventing what David calls the “Old World Order” from winning. Their “insider intelligence” is very valuable to us and is one piece of the puzzle. But it doesn’t allow them to put their finger on what is happening.

Our channeled intelligence is another part of the puzzle and it does allow us to put our finger on what is happening. It doesn’t allow us the rich intelligence on what the terrestrial players, often cabalists, are saying and doing, which Kerry, David and Richard contribute.  So I’m not saying their part of the puzzle is not a contribution. Just that it’s a different piece and has its limits just as our piece does.

To return to our piece of the pjuzzle, the extraterrestrial sources (plus Matthew Ward) that we follow here actually do explain these matters fairly precisely (as far as they can) and sometimes at some length. They tell us the plan, warn us against false-flag and other engineered operations that won’t be permitted, tell us how it will all work out, etc.

Watching Kerry, David and Richard struggle with something that is common knowledge to those who read channeled messages was reassuring for me because it proved the value of channeled literature, which so many people pooh-pooh. And I may refer to this evening’s discussion of YU-55 as a good example proving the usefulness of channeled literature so perhaps put a bookmark here.

OK, enough arrogant “I told you so” on my part.

Some of the other interesting comments included David saying that a general had told him that he had a few years back seen a briefing program for the evacuation of the White House in December 2011 in an attack attributed to aliens. He didn’t think this was going to happen. There was very good intel that says that the earthquakes were in fact the explosion of underground bases. And these and other operations had disoriented the cabal.

David went on to say that the universe is made of a conscious energy. It is governed by intelligence. And that intelligence did not create life here on Earth just to see it belched off the planet by a sunspot. He said he did think that this intelligence was protecting the Earth from disaster. Well, yes, that intelligence takes the form of the Galactic Federation and other space coalitions currently around the planet in cloaked ships. And yes, it is protecting the Earth from disaster.

So I personally have just seen a pro9gram that wonderfully affirms, though it did not set out to do so I’m sure, the value of channeled messages.

I’m not posting much on YU-55 because we’ve been told that any attempt at running Project Bluebeam or trying to cause a planetary disaster is doomed to fail. YU-55 may very well hit the moon tomorrow, but I also believe that the galactics will prevent it from doing damage to Earth in the way Richard described.

We’ve gone through so many disaster scenarios, and Richard himself knows this and spoke to it, and none of them have turned out. I don’t believe there is any sense in getting ourselves wound up around a fresh prediction. As our sources have said, there is no catastrophe that will overtake the Earth. The “X factor, those high-level ETs, someone at a higher level,” which we know as the Galactic Federation, will see to that.


(1) In my view, there is nothing one can do to prevent a thought or a vasana, like this one of arrogance, from arising. But one can do one of two things when it does arise. (1) Refrain from writing until it passes or (2) write from that space but declare the thought or vasana so that everyone knows about it and then write awaredly, not projecting the vasana and being careful how one phrases what one wants to say.

If I’m not careful in my phrasing here, my comment could come out like “I told you so.” I want to avoid that but I also thought it might be good to actually write while in a vasana of arrogance, to show it can be done, without projecting or lecturing.

Project Camelot’s Livecast on YU-55

[The 2012 Scenario]

Project Camelot: Dutchsinse Interview

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This is an up to the minute report and overview of all of Dutchsinse’s work so far. He covers the attempted murder of a close friend and the growing issue with the active volcanism under California and up the coast to Oregon. We talk about Yellowstone, the Gulf oil spill and Fukushima. Groundbreaking and excellent infomation. Must see . . .

Part One

<a href="" class="broken_link"><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>

Part Two

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>

Part Three

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>

The Dutchsince Interviews

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Smoke and Steam Coming Out of the Ground in Southern California

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CONFIRMED ! Smoke and Steam Coming Out From The Ground In Southern California

From Kerry Cassidy's Blog . . .


I just spoke with Dutchsinse. We will be doing an interview this Thursday at 4pm PT (6pm CT) for free on my Livestream Channel — no pw needed! Tune-in to hear about his excellent work, his …

8/15/2011 — CONFIRMED ! SMOKE and STEAM coming out from the ground in south California – YouTube

DUTCHSINSE will be Interviewed on PROJECT CAMELOT — Thursday, August 18th @ 4PM PT (6pm CT)

[2012 Indy Info]

[The Original TNT Bulletin Board]

NASA, White House, Operatives Pushing Psyops Meme Around Comet Elenin

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Oh My God! What Will We Tell ‘The People’?

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

A subtle psyops – psychological warfare operation – intended to engender public fear and apprehension around Comets Elenin, Levy and Honda (all expected to pass near Earth in the Fall of 2011) may be part of a future false flag environmental war attack on specific human settlements and populations using the HAARP-Chemtrails tectonic and weather warfare system.

Statements by NASA officials, the White House, and specific statements falsely attributed to operatives formerly associated with NASA such as Richard C. Hoagland infer or explicitly state that Comet Elenin’s near passage to Earth may create an “extinction level event (ELE)”.

NASA email and video to employees

Recently, NASA took the unusual step of sending an explicit disaster preparedness email to its employees, stating, “NASA is the only federal agency responsible for its people’s safety and well-being here on Earth and in space and has a longtime commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Over the past year, Administrator Bolden has emphasized the importance of Family/Personal Preparedness for the entire NASA family. Family and personal preparedness plans are key to protecting our families and communities during potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes.

White House letter: Smoking gun that Elenin is a threat or Psyops promoter?

On Oct 15, 2010, the White House issued a letter highlighting the hazards of near earth objects including comets. One fair interpretation of the White House letter is that its timing may be part of the Comet Elenin psyops.

One source that is reporting on the White House promotion of the Comet Elenin psyops as though it were a genuine threat states,

“Comet Elenin: White House letter addresses “US Must Prepare For Comet Collision With Earth”

“We had previously reported how Planetary Alignments with Comet Elenin Causing Big Earthquakes. And about Comet Elenin HUGE MASS, as objects with smaller mass having short elliptic al Orbit, from 2 up to 1000 years or so like Asteroids or Comets. The fact that Elenin comet (C2010 X1) enters our solar system close to the ecliptic with a Period of ~11’800 Years (Long Period Orbit), makes this Object very dangerous.

“In latest development now we learns 10 page letter is already out on the web since October 2010, which proves that US NASA and the White House know about ELENIN and consider it “a real threat” (On October 11, 2011 Elenin will be only 0.246au away from Earth; that’s a quarter of the distance to the sun.) it`s possible even more dangerous against earth than we understand.

“They are calculating and preparing to if possible take action against this Comet. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, or OSTP, outlines plans for “(A) protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth.

“Interestingly, Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was only ‘discovered’ by civilian Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, in the official White House letter below, written back in late October 2010, the White House addressed the possibility of an Comet/Asteroid striking the Earth.

“The terminology used in this letter, along with several other facts that have emerged in the time since the letter was written, lead us to believe that our ‘shadow’ government and elements within NASA have long known that anticipated effects of the arrival of Comet Elenin would indeed be much greater than they are telling the public. In fact, we believe that the White House letter below may be the ‘smoking gun’ to help prove that the government indeed does know that the potential consequences facing planet Earth from this comet will be far more disastrous than what they are “officially” telling the public.

White House Letter – Source:

“In breaking down this letter, it’s important to address several questions that have since more recent information come to light. After the letter above clearly shows how important it is to monitor such incoming objects due to their propensity to “change” orbit? Why was it that NASA turned off the granddaddy of all NEO (Near Earth Objects) telescopes & SETI ATA this year?

“Flashback Quote: “The WISE spacecraft will remain in hibernation without ground contacts awaiting possible future use.” The SETI ATA has been in hibernation – a safe mode of sorts, where “the equipment is unavailable for normal observations since April 15, 2011. Why are we not getting any straight information from mainstream media about Comet Elenin 2011 while most Google searches on Elenin will bring you straight to the alternative news sites throughout the world?

Yet the evidence suggests that Comet Elenin is no threat and the White House and NASA communications and other actions are part of a psyops to make it seem that Comet Elenin is a threat.

Richard Hoagland, Sorcha Fall, Elenin and disinformation psyops

One notorious disinformation website, Sorcha Faal, openly reports Richard C. Hoagland as predicting coming Earth catastrophes associated with Comet Elenin as in psyops terms. According to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, this is contrary to Mr. Hoagland’s statements at a recent Project Camelot Forum on Comet Elenin in which Mr. Hoagland did not state that Comet Elenin may bring an extinction level event.

Sorcha Faal reports,

“July 7, 2011

“Top US Space Expert Issues Catastrophic Warning On Comet Elenin

“By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

“A grim warning was issued this past week by the former NASA consultant and noted US space expert Richard C. Hoagland that the newly discovered comet named Elenin, designated C/2010 X1, that is fast approaching our Sun is under “intelligent control” and heralds a warning to all humanity of a great Global catastrophe soon to come.

“According to Hoagland’s report, the significance of the name ‘Otto Matic’ being associated with Comet Elenin lies with it only being able to be associated with a video game developed by Pangea Software, published by Aspyr Media and then released to the public on 11 September 2001, the same day the United States suffered a crippling attack.

“Hoagland further asserts in his report that is “beyond coincidence” that Comet Elenin is scheduled make its closest approach to the Sun on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 11 September 2011, and that on 11 November 2011 (11-11-11) its orbit will carry it into a “grand alignment” between itself, the Earth and other planets in our Solar System.

“For the ‘secret meaning’ hidden from normal public view about Comet Elenin, Hoagland says, one must know about the ‘Otto Matic’ video game,

“It should, likewise, be noted about this comet that its Russian discover may itself be a ‘secret code’ in that the first three letters of his first name contains the exact constellation Comet Elenin is approaching our Earth from (LEOnid) and the first three letters of his last name eerily gives the most dreaded designation a comet can have, ELE…Extinction Life Event. “

Psyops-like predictions were also mistakenly attributed to Mr. Hoagland by, as part of an apparent Elenin psyops. at:

Russian astronomer LEONID ELENIN comes out to debunk the “Extinction Level Event” psyops

Readers can watch a video interview in which Leonid Elenin, a 29-year-old Russian astronomer on the staff of the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC), comes out publicly on Russian TV to debunk the catastrophe psyops circulated by entities such as NASA, the White House. The video is embedded in article above and can be accessed at the URL below:


In this interview, among other facts, Mr. Elenin states that the photographic effects around Comet Elenin that have been interpreted by a number of analysts including Richard C. Hoagland and Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute as UFO spacecraft are in fact effects caused by photographic artifacts and not evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs following Comet Elenin, or evidence that Comet Elenin is a piloted UFO craft.

Mr. Elenin also states in the interview that a false Facebook account was opened under his name and that this account has been instrumental in promoting the Comet Elenin catastrophe psyops.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has previously reported on the deep interpenetration of Facebook and the total information access program of the U.S. Department of Defence, raising questions as to whether the false Facebook identity may be part of a covert black budget strategy around Comet Elenin to create the conditions for a another false flag environmental war attack on the heels of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tectonic warfare attack, triggered by the HAARP-chemtrails weapons system.

Continue reading on NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin – Seattle exopolitics | Examiner.com

NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin

[EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe]

Benjamin Fulford Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy

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P l a y l i s t

The Ultimatum

Benjamin Fulford with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

February, 2008

The son of a Canadian diplomat, Benjamin Fulford rebelled against his upbringing and at the age of 17 made his way by boat into the heart of the Amazon to live with a tribe of former cannibals.
Continuing to seek answers and better understand Western society, he spent time in a self-sufficient community in Argentina before heading to attend university in Japan. Principled, brave, and still a diehard idealist after all these years, he resigned as Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine after investigating a scandal which the editor refused to report. As he researched global affairs further in his own time, he uncovered for himself the complex web which is global financial control at the hands of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds – and also the existence of racially
targeted bioweapons such as SARS. It was these plans for global depopulation that upset some important and powerful factions in Japan, Taiwan and China. After being approached by a real-life, present-day Ninja, matters came to a head in 2007 when Benjamin became the first Westerner for 500 years to be admitted into the ranks of the Eastern Secret Societies, a vast group with six million members. Acting as their spokesman, he stepped up to the plate to deliver a simple message to the Illuminati: Recognize that your time is over, step down without a fight, and allow the world to thrive as it should – or face the consequences from up to 100,000 professional assassins for whom no love is lost towards the self-styled ruling elite of the planet. This was first communicated through Dr Henry Makow and Jeff Rense in July 2007.

Project Camelot has now traveled to Japan to meet with Benjamin Fulford personally. Our comprehensive interview presents the farreaching and literally incredible background story – and will also enable the Illuminati, who we have every confidence watch our videos carefully, to be reminded that the ultimatum is real, serious, and still in force. Armed also with a contagiously optimistic vision of the future, Benjamin is fully prepared to be the next Finance Minister for Japan. His plans for how he would spend Japan’s $5 trillion of foreign reserves to eliminate global poverty are plausible and inspiring as practical steps, way beyond rhetoric, to repair the generations of damage done by a ruthless ruling elite. This is a man with a deep understanding of both East and West, a global economic historian who thinks way outside of the box, a lover of peace who is unafraid to speak warrior words.

In this comprehensive three part video, Parts 1 and 2 focus on global financial history and Benjamin’s most interesting personal story leading up to his approach by the Ninja. Part 3 contains the details of The Ultimatum itself.

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