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Greatly Increased Chance of Leukemia, Organ Damage and Cancers

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February 29th, 2012 at 6:33 pm

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Nuclear Plant Vents Radioactive Steam

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Dutchsinse video

According to Dutchsinse the prevailing winds traveled in the direction of downtown Chicago

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“I Cannot Talk About Radiation With Anyone”

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A reality in Japan from one of my Japanese blog readers.

(UPDATE: I have her original Japanese writing in my Japanese blog, here. Share it with your Japanese friends.)

From what I hear and read, she is not alone at all, and she doesn’t even live in Fukushima. More she tries to do to protect people she cares – family, friends – people think she’s crazy.

She may not be eloquent or sophisticated as Ms. Numauchi, but she is just as sincere in her fear and courage (though she says she’s not courageous).

From the reader “Nectarina”, from her original Japanese writing sent to me:

I am a housewife living in Aichi Prefecture with my husband. I was born in Shikoku. My life completely changed in 2011. Before the nuclear plant accident, I enjoyed my hobby (crafts) and taking a walk on the beach. But after March 11, I don’t feel like doing any of that, because I am afraid. How long can I remain healthy? Will something happen again tomorrow?

What’s been sad about the nuclear accident, radiation:

My husband, whom I shared the same values and whom I trusted, has changed. When I try to talk to him about the nuclear plant accident, the color leaves his face and he becomes angry. When we had a big fight, I asked him why. He said “I don’t want to know. If I knew I wouldn’t be able to work”. My husband puts a lot of energy in his work, so I suppose he wouldn’t be able to cope. So, even when I learn about some horrible news I cannot tell my husband. I deal with it by crying when I’m alone.

My husband resents it when I try to store safe food items like old rice. He thinks anything that’s being sold in the marketplace is safe, and thinks I’m crazy. Because I don’t want to argue with him, I use my savings to buy food when there is not enough money for [safe] food.

My husband approves of the wide-area disposal of contaminated debris. His reason is that the disaster-affected areas alone cannot dispose all of the debris. It doesn’t occur to him that the debris may be contaminated with radiation. I believe he’s wrong, and I cry the tears of misery.

He doesn’t care about food or drinks, and doesn’t appreciate my effort to make sure of the safety of the food I buy.

My mother back in Shikoku doesn’t understand at all when I tell her about the danger of radiation-contaminated food. She says I’m too nervous and it’s too tiresome. She believes TV more than me, her daughter, and thinks I’ve gone crazy.

I have a friend in Fukushima. I told him a number of times to leave Fukushima, but was dismissed. He is still young, single and healthy, and able to move anywhere, but he says he doesn’t want to leave his home and his family. We have become distant as the result, as I don’t know what to say to him any more, who is like a total stranger now.

And My sister. She’s been married for 5 years, and she became pregnant before the nuclear plant accident. During her pregnancy I wanted to tell her to be careful with food and to wear a mask. But my sister didn’t care at all about the nuke accident, and I feared that by telling the truth she might be shocked and that might affect her baby. So I couldn’t say a word. I felt I was a coward not telling the truth. But I bought a teddy bear as a present for the new baby. I prayed every day to the teddy bear to protect the baby.

But 7th month into the pregnancy, the baby suddenly stopped moving. The baby was dead, and had to be aborted. It was a late child-bearing, so I know it’s not necessarily because of the radiation. But I think it’s wrong if you cannot bear a child safely.

Afterwords, my sister told me that she had recovered and was now back to work. I thought the future was more important than the past, and plucked up my courage and told her to be careful with food she ate. My sister hasn’t contacted me since. Just like my mother, she must have thought I was crazy. Or she was shocked. I failed to make her understand, but I’m not regretting that I told her.

What’s been good:

No family member nor friend understood me, I was alone. With horrible news, I was crying by myself every day in the early days of the accident. But in a blog that I often visited for my hobby, there was one person who was writing articles on the nuclear plant accident. I left comments to the articles and emailed that person, and soon we hit it off together. With that person and that person’s friend, three of us started an anti-nuke plant blog. My first friends after the plant accident.

On their recommendation, I started using Twitter, where I met several more kindred spirits. On further recommendation I started using “mixi” (a social site), where I found more friends. Now, I’m active in anti-nuke plant movements. To have met with the like-minded people via the Internet is the happiest thing for me.

What is scary.

All my life, I have believed that Japan is a safe, and good country. I am very shocked that it was nothing but an illusion. [The government] is hiding and lying about the situation of the nuclear plant accident, in collusion with TEPCO and the media. There are many people who could have avoided radiation exposure if the government had warned the danger right away. Children and pregnant women still live in the high-radiation contamination areas in Fukushima Prefecture.

The government wants to spread the radioactive debris from the disaster-affected areas all over Japan. Most municipal officials don’t have knowledge of radioactivity. The government is trying to coerce people into accepting the debris with words like “share the pain”.

Food is distributed throughout the country with hardly any testing for radiation. With the high numbers set for the safety limits, the [contaminated] food is used in school lunches. When I try to pick food by the place of origin, it is often disguised. I’m scared to go shopping, for I don’t even know what’s safe to eat.

I am not courageous, I don’t have an ability to take action, and I’m not smart. But for the sake of my sister and her unborn baby, I want to “return a blow” to the government and TEPCO. No matter how small a blow it may be.

To people outside Japan.

Radiation from Japan has contaminated the ocean and the countries around the world. The Japanese who know this are very much shocked. We have done the tremendous damage that cannot be undone. I am truly, very sorry.

I ask my readers please to support Japanese people like her and Ms. Numauchi in your hearts.

Guest Post: “I Cannot Talk About Radiation With Anyone”


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January 5th, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Will We All Die Together?

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by Clif High

It’s your fault… with respect, let us be clear.

At this time, and for a period that i have reason to suspect extends to March of next year, a delicate balance exists in the planetary social body.

A small number of psychopaths will end that balance with a global war of such proportions that most humans will NOT survive it.

Let me restate this for clarity: the small number of people who rule this planet are proceeding with their plans to engage the masses of humanity to fight each other until most are dead.

This is their intent. They have chosen a day in March of next year that represents certain symbolic energies in their twisted understanding of universe to escalate to the next level of their horror show.

Even now the aware observer sees daily maneuvering in their propaganda media to vilify an enemy and to spark contention and divide humanity along the artificial lines of the geopolitical map drawn by our ‘masters’.

The collapse of the paper money system is in play as the distraction for those humans not content with ‘bread and circus’, nor the broadcast pabulum for damaged minds (the ‘news’).

All this so that armies are not observed as they are set in motion.

But this is an old, even ancient story, and we have all seen it before…just as we are now seeing it again.

This time, however, new special effects will be added to this war. This time, the actual horror of scalar (quanta affective energy weapons) will be thrown into the regular terror of metals and chemicals searing through soft human flesh.

It is underway now, this ‘next war’. One only need look around carefully to watch as they, the psychopaths (some of whom you call ‘leaders’), wage war on humanity.

You see, it has never been us against each other. No, the ONLY war ever has been the psychopaths against us, humanity. In fact, and in spite of appearances to the contrary, every war in the past has always been ‘them’ against ‘us’.

THE problem is that we let the psychopaths decide who is ‘us’, and who is ‘them’.

For my part, i am with humans. This makes me ‘against’ them, the psychopaths. They won’t understand that, being so blinded by their own surety of purity they are certain that everyone wants to be them, but even the psychopaths will understand that right now, a state of grace exists.

This is a special time, to the educated palate the karios of the moment imparts a dark, and bitter-sweet flavor.

At this juncture, humanity, the whole stinking roiling contentious disparate, and dysfunctional mass of us, over these next few precious months, needs to learn to ALL live together, for surely, if we let the psychopaths begin this next war, we will ALL die together.

This one thing is true: they are not in control, you are. Remember, if this shit war happens, it is your fault.

Half Past Human . com

Copyright Does Not Matter Now. We Have Mere Months.

November 27, 2011 by clif high


Clif High warns Psychopathic Doom

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December 15th, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Clif High on Time Monk Radio – December 9, 2011

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Leuren Moret: 100,000 Excess Deaths In North America From Fukushima Radiation In 2011

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October 28th, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Will Tokyo Be Evacuated Due to Fukushima Radiation?

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By WashingtonsBlog

Tokyo Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl In Some Places … Japanese Government and Experts Discuss Evacuation

As I noted last month, radiation in some parts of Tokyo is higher than in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Yesterday, Al Jazeera pointed out:

Experts estimate the radiation leaked from Fukushima nuclear plant will exceed that of Chernobyl.

The need to evacuate parts of the sprawling capital of 35 million may have once seemed an incredible prospect but some experts say the possibility can no longer be ignored.

Indeed, as Japan Times reports today, the Japanese government started discussing the potential need to evacuate Japan soon after the quake hit:

In the days immediately after the crisis began at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the government received a report saying 30 million residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would have to be evacuated in a worst-case scenario, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan revealed in a recent interview.

“It was a crucial moment when I wasn’t sure whether Japan could continue to function as a state,” he said.

After the March 11 earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant, Kan instructed several entities to simulate a worst-case scenario. One of those assessments said everyone residing within 200 to 250 km of the plant — an zone that would encompass half to all of Tokyo and cut clear across Honshu to the Sea of Japan — would have to be evacuated.

Things Are Getting Worse – Not Better – In Japan

While this is a worst-case scenario, things are getting worse – rather than better – at Fukushima. See this, this, this and this.

Will Tokyo Be Evacuated Due to Fukushima Radiation?

[Zero Hedge]

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September 20th, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Leuren Moret: Nuclear Genocide of Babies & Children In Japan, U.S., Canada Grows

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Independent scientist Leuren Moret

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview (released July 17, 2011) with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD (ABT) by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, Ms. Moret reveals that the hidden nuclear genocide of babies and children resulting from the March 11, 2011 Fukushima false flag tectonic event can now be documented and is growing.

Leuren Moret also released her court statement as an expert witness in a lawsuit brought to force government officials to evacuate more than 350,000 children from the Fukushima area where they are being forcibly exposed by the government to lethal doses of radiation. Ms. Moret’s court statement is reprinted below in this article as a public service.

Watch ExopoliticsTV interview with Leuren Moret on radiation genocide of babies and children

Readers can watch an ExopoliticsTV with Leuren Moret on radiation genocide of babies and children embedded in the article above or at the following URL:


Leuren Moret Court statement in Koriyama City, Fukushima, Japan

In her court statement as part of a lawsuit in Japan to force the evacuation of more than 350,000 children from lethal levels of radiation in the Fukushima area, Leuren Moret states,


“The west coast of North America is thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean, a long way from Fukushima Daiichi and the radioactive solids, liquids, and gases being released daily and recklessly to poison both near and far. Already we are seeing the effects in North America.

“Air filters from cars in Seattle have been analyzed for hot particles and indicate that Seattle residents are inhaling 5 hot particles a day, in Tokyo it is 10 hot particles a day, in Fukushima Prefecture it is 30-40 times higher – 300-400 hot particles a day.

“Hot particles and alpha emitters such as Uranium and Plutonium have not even been mentioned by the government or TEPCO, nor has their contribution to total radiation released been considered. Alpha particles are biologically 20 times more damaging than beta particles.

“Iodine 131 in drinking water in San Francisco was reported by UC Berkeley to be 18,100% times higher than the EPA drinking water standard, yet the US government quit measuring it.

“Infant mortality in Berkeley, CA, and other west coast cities was reported by Dr. Janette Sherman to have increased 35% since March 11, after the Fukushima disaster. The babies are the first to die.

“Infant mortality in Philadelphia, PA. where the highest Iodine 131 levels in drinking water measured in the US have been reported, has increased 45% since March 11.

People on the west coast of the United States and even in Arizona are reporting a metallic taste in their mouths – an indication of radioactive particles in the air as in Japan.

“On the night of June 14, a nuclear incident occurred in the Reactor 3 building in the spent fuel pool when huge bursts of gamma ray fluorescence lit up the night sky and turned the reactor building as bright as the sun, indicating the spent fuel rods and melted uranium and plutonium were boiling off, vaporized along with the rest of the fission products.

“The radiation from this unreported but very dangerous event was released without protecting the residents of Fukushima Prefecture – especially the children. But the radiation was detected at elevated levels from 2:30 AM until 7:30 AM on a monitor in Ibaraki Prefecture. How many Curies were released? When will this nuclear war against the Japanese people and the Northern Hemisphere ever end?

“Instead of evacuation, the government gives the children (sick with radiation symptoms) film badges to measure the external exposure dose… another study group like US govt. studies on Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims (they are still being studied), Iraq victims, Gaza victims. And the US government did the same thing to Americans during 1300 nuclear bomb tests in the US.”

Epidemiological evidence of 35%+ spike in infant mortality after Fukushima

In her ExopoliticsTV interview, Ms. Moret demonstrated that there has been a spike of 35% in infant mortality in the west coast of the United States and of Canada since the HAARP-triggered Fukushima event that can be reasonably attributed to the ionizing radiation ferried across the Pacific ocean and dumped on west coast U.S. and Canadian cities by HAARP-caused weather warfare.

Ms. Moret cites multiple articles by scientist Janette Sherman and Joseph Mangano, documenting the 35% spike in infant mortality in west coast U.S. cities after Fukushima.

On June 9, 2011, Sherman and Mangano write, “The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:

4 weeks ending March 19, 2011 – 37 deaths (avg. 9.25 per week)

10 weeks ending May 28, 2011 – 125 deaths (avg.12.50 per week)

“This amounts to an increase of 35% (the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3%), and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. In 2001 the infant mortality was 6.834 per 1000 live births, increasing to 6.845 in 2007. All years from 2002 to 2007 were higher than the 2001 rate.

“Spewing from the Fukushima reactor are radioactive isotopes including those of iodine (I-131), strontium (Sr-90) and cesium (Cs-134 and Cs-137) all of which are taken up in food and water. Iodine is concentrated in the thyroid, Sr-90 in bones and teeth and Cs-134 and Cs-137 in soft tissues, including the heart. The unborn and babies are more vulnerable because the cells are rapidly dividing and the delivered dose is proportionally larger than that delivered to an adult.”


On June 21, 2011, Scientific American published a nuclear apologist article by Michael Moyer (SCI AMERICAN: “Are Babies Dying in the Pacific Northwest Due to Fukushima? A Look at the Numbers” June 21, 2011 by Michael Moyer) attacking the results that scientists Sherman and Mangano had published on the 35% increase in infant mortality. Yet critics of the nuclear apologists cherry picked 4 cities (Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane) and calculated the infant mortality and came up with a 42% increase for those 4 cities. So the infant mortality spike due to Fukushima, Ms. Moret states, must be higher in the Northwest U.S. and Canada where there is higher rainfall.

On June 25, 2011, Sherman and Mangano confirm their 35% spike in infant mortality and write, “The current news indicates that radioactive fallout [from Fukushima] continues to spread across the hemisphere, blanketing oceans, lakes, farmland and cities – everywhere that people live, breathe and eat. We call for extensive monitoring of at least Cs-137, Sr-90, I-131, plutonium, and hot particles in food, water and air, across the U. S, with the data available to the public without delay.”


Canadian government and CBC media continue radiation cover-up

Officials in Canada and the Canadian mainstream media, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are continuing the radiation genocide coverup, Ms. Moret stated in her ExopoliticsTV interview.

A July 5, 2011 article by the CBC confirmed the spike in infant mortality in British Columbia Canada, as stated by the B.C. Coroner. The B.C. Coroner, however, blamed the spike in infant mortality in western Canada on parents and their sleeping habits with children, rather than do the obvious research into the effects of the Fukushima radiation on infant mortality in B.C., Canada.

The CBC, a government funded public media outlet on which many Canadians depend for their “reliable” news merely printed the B.C. Coroner’s fabrications without any independent research, which was available from Sherman and Mangano’s and other research of the radiation-related 35% spike (and higher) in such west coast cities of the U.S. as Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, which are contiguous to such B.C. cities as Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., and which would have received approximately the same amount of radiation-laden rainfall from Fukushima.

Below is the CBC article/B.C. Coroner’s radiation-coverup report. Compare it with Sherman and Mangano’s science-based analysis of the radiation caused growing baby genocide in the U.S. and Canada.

CBC writes, “B.C.’s chief coroner is urging parents to use safe sleep practices in light of a spike in the number of sudden infant deaths across the province this year. There have been 21 sudden infant deaths in B.C. so far this year, while there were 16 sudden infant deaths for all of 2010, Lisa Lapointe said Tuesday. Lapointe said that in most of this year’s deaths, risk factors included babies sleeping with an adult, on a couch or a soft bed. Babies should be placed on their back in a crib with a fitted sheet, without a lot of puffy blankets or toys that could obscure their face, Lapointe said.

“We know there’s been a spike in the first six months and we know it’s related to unsafe sleep practices. Why so many of those [deaths] have come up this year, we don’t know,” Lapointe said. She said the reason for the increased number of deaths is all the more mysterious because health authorities, family doctors and public health nurses have kept up efforts to educate parents. The B.C. Coroner’s Service is continuing to investigate the 21 deaths.”

Continue reading on Leuren Moret: Nuclear genocide of babies & children in Japan, U.S., Canada grows – Seattle exopolitics | Examiner.com

Leuren Moret: Nuclear genocide of babies & children in Japan, U.S., Canada grows

[EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe]

Arnie Gundersen: What The Nuclear Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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It is good to be back from vacation, and there is so much to catch up on.   Yes,  I did bring my netbook for the week that I was away, but I used it only for email primarily and not to write any articles for this blog.

While on vacation, I watched the American news channels closely at night, and I was shocked as to how badly the American public has been misinformed and badly misled… basically lied to…. by their own government and media heads as to exactly what is happening around the world.   The Mainstream media was not focused on any serious issues such as the latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla, the crisis in Greece, or even the deadly radiation that is still spewing from the meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan.   I was even more astonished when talking to some Americans and finding out that most are totally in the dark about the facts that right now they are being subjected to deadly radioactive fallout from Fukushima that will eventually cause many of them to get Cancer!

Speaking of the continuing situation in Fukushima and the deadly radioactive fallout that is falling all over North America, I want to present the latest Youtube video from the nuclear watchdog, Arnie Gundersen, right here for my own readers to view.  It gives the latest updates on the continuing situation with Fukushima, and lets the public know exactly what the Nuclear Industry does not want them to see.  Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  The fact is that the situation in Fukushima is still far from being under control and even now the people in continental North America and primarily on the Pacific west coast are being bathed in a myriad of deadly particles that have half lives of anywhere from weeks to millions of years!

I have been reading some reports that are now coming forward that show a sudden jump in infant mortality rates primarily along the Pacific coast of North America… Is this related to the deadly fallout?  It does seem strange, and I personally doubt if it is a coincidence…..  As more comes forward, I will put up an article in this blog in the near future… Stay tuned…

More to come


Important Video: Arnie Gundersen: What The Nuclear Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


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July 14th, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Ft. Calhoun: America’s Fukushima?

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From . . . unlike (I hope) Japan where it was a earthquake . . . the dikes were blown in Nebraska and now, we got a potential American Fukushima brewing. 

US Nuke Plant In Trouble
New Video Inside Ft. Calhoun – Plant Still Called ‘Safe’ – Vid
Calhoun Vital Equip Still OK As Workers Must Use Catwalks
NRC Keeps Extending Lives Of Aging US Nuke Plants
Floods Could Trigger Fukushima Disaster At Calhoun – Vid
Flood Waters Surround Calhoun Spent Fuel And Reactor Buildings
30,000 Barrels Of Plutonium Waste Stored At Los Alamos
NBC News Coverage Of Sandia, Calhoun, Minot Disasters – Vid
100% Chance Of Core Damage With Another 3 Feet Of Water
Flood Waters Surround Calhoun Spent Fuel And Reactor Buildings
Fire Chief Can’t Guarantee Sandia Nuclear Lab Safe
30,000 Barrels Of Plutonium Waste Stored At Los Alamos
NBC News Coverage Of Sandia, Calhoun, Minot Disasters – Vid
100% Chance Of Core Damage With Another 3 Feet Of WaterFloodwaters Now In Calhoun Turbine Building
Some Calhoun Fuel For Cooling Washed Away In Dam Break
NE Officials Say ‘No Danger’ After Water Berm Pops
Minot Nuke Silos Sandbagged As Waters Rise
Ft Calhoun Newest Photos Have Disappeared
Calhoun On Backup Generators To Prevent Meltdown
Rubber Berm ‘Accidentally Punctured’ – Waters Surround Calhoun
Calhoun Operators – ‘Don’t Worry’ About 2,000 Foot Berm Failure
Calhoun Water Berm Collapses – Waters Now Inside Perimeter
Berm Fails At Calhoun – ‘Aux’ Bldgs Surrounded By Water
Calhoun Went On Auxiliary Power – Primary Said Restored
Water Level At Cooper Nuke Plant Still Rising
NRC – Calhoun Spent Fuel Casks Near Flood Pose No Threat
Floodwaters Rise Around Ft. Calhoun Nuke Plant
Ft Calhoun Spent Fuel Casks – Photos


[Freedom Guide]

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June 29th, 2011 at 2:47 pm