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Joel Skousen Predictions From One Year Ago for 2011

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On Coast to Coast AM – December 29, 2010

Guest host John B. Wells spoke with political scientist and personal security expert Joel Skousen about the growing government assault on privacy and liberty, as well as New World Order and war scenarios. The current security precautions such as at airports are not really to stop terrorists, but to ferret out potential dissidents and resistors who could pose a problem for the future police state, he suggested. We are already seeing the three aspects necessary to establish this police state, Skousen outlined– a false threat of terrorism, thug-like individuals in the police, and a judiciary that won’t prosecute the police.

He laid out a financial end game in which the US national debt will become untenable, with the rise of inflation, sometime between 2020-2025. People have been diverted with the false threat of terrorism in order to cover up “our real enemies,” Russia & China, with whom the US will battle in a World War, he continued. “In the aftermath of that, they’re going to have an excuse to walk away from the debt,” because the US financial centers and computers will be destroyed.

Skousen described a Russian surgical nuclear attack on 15 American cities with military facilities such as San Diego, Seattle, Jacksonville, Norfolk, Colorado Springs, and Washington DC. While 20% of Americans will die in such attacks, he argued that nuclear attacks are survivable and promoted the idea that people construct fall-out shelters in their basements, as well as increase their self-sufficiency, as an EMP attack will knock out electricity for up to a year. He also foresees that America will go to war against Iran, probably in 2011– the U.S. is just waiting for the right provocation.

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Possible Geologic Event? Strange Fumes Being Reported Across San Diego California

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Reports to the media, and hundreds of calls to 911 have come in to authorities all across the San Diego region —– all reports are similar : the smell of “burning petroleum”… or some other kind of noxious fumes. The fumes are bad enough that the entire area can smell it, and its alarming locals enough to call 911 !

Download the video here:

8/18/2011 San Diego California strange fumes are being reported over a large area

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8/18/2011 — Strange fumes being reported across San Diego California = possible Southern CA “geologic event”


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