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Debtonomics of Suicide

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CANTOPOP KEISER by WilliamBanzai7/Colonel Flick

CANTOPOP KEISER, a photo by WilliamBanzai7/Colonel Flick on Flickr.

We discuss burning matches at stall speed as the US is now producing as much new debt as goods and services and the rate of currency dilution exceeds the rate of production growth. And what happens when an Empire hits ‘stall speed?’ They plunder and steal from workers and savers through inflation; or through the NSA ‘surveillance.’ In the second half, Max interviews Wolf Richter of about the ongoing and escalating economic fallout from the NSA spying scandal.



[[KR520] Keiser Report: Debtonomics of Suicide]


Written by testudoetlepus

November 7th, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Catastrophic Rage

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ALL IN THE FAMILY, a photo by WilliamBanzai7/Colonel Flick on Flickr.

With Allies Like These Who Needs Enemies


by Dedefensa France

[Translated from French]

October 24, 2013 – “? With allies like that, who needs enemies,” exclaimed Julian Borger in his commentary article in the Guardian on 23 October 2013. In fact, this is the title of his commentary: “Merkel spying claim: with allies like these, who needs enemies” It tells us a lot about evolution “deluge” (again this term [see August 2, 2013] of / crisis Snowden NSA), on what is in the head of the diplomatic consequences for the United States “a crisis within a crisis” and even “a crisis over the crisis.”

In three days, BaHuOb had intense diplomatic activity and telephone, and some optimistic dreamers and Américanolâtres could believe that the “master of the world” is back among us. .. Not really, actually. Holland Monday, Mexican Enrico Pena Nieto on Tuesday with an official statement late yesterday afternoon Angela Merkel. Diplomatic deluge, each with the same message more harshly expressed: “The NSA are sick !” Calling Merkel, whose personal communications are monitored by the NSA is probably worth more cruel so far for the U.S. president, who begins to acknowledge the hard fact of the succession of blows and the overall effect of this avalanche.

Borger: “For the third time in a week, Barack Obama found himself trying to placate the leaders of Closely allied nations Who Have Discovered the extent of NSA Surveillance In Their countries. As the flood of spying scandals Threatens to engulf the White House, It has raised the issue over the Negotiating Whether Such secret eavesdropping Provides edge is worth the reputational damage to Washington once it is secret no more, mostly as a result of the revelations of form NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

“With Each leak, haemorrhages American soft power, hard power and Threatens to seep away with it. .. “[. .. ]

“[. .. N] othing Could be more personal than for a foreign leader to find Their Own Mobile phones tapped by a nation They Considered an essential friend and ally. That Appears to be the case for Angela Merkel, as it has-beens for Mexico ‘s Enrique Peña Nieto. The other humiliating phone call of the week was on Monday with Francois Hollande, Whose phone was not bugged as far as he knew, but Demanded Have you an explanation for the revelation – once more from the Snowden files – that the NSA HAD beens recording tens of French millions of phone calls a month. The White House was forced to admit That the evidence raised “legitimate questions for our friends and allies.”

A crisis within a crisis: the crisis – Damocles

The events of the last three days show what must now be considered a “crisis in the crisis,” a crisis within the bloc BAO (with some foreign affiliates) born of great crisis Snowden / NSA. The truth of the situation can no longer be ignored as a major fact, soon made ​​a structural relationships within the block, these continual interference and catastrophic revelations Torrential / crisis Snowden NSA. The cohesion of the block, the influence of the USA, the leadership of Saint- Obama, all this happened at the breakneck pace of the mill – Snowden.

The worst of this is his terrible unpredictability. Nobody knows what tomorrow, no, what the next hour will be made: which publication? Coming from where? Touching that? This crisis has got to be figured as a sword of Damocles constantly weighing on policy directions BAO block, and striking at the right time, wherever she wants. There is no worse imaginable without confrontation necessary, without external cause we can see ahead and understand. There is no increased tension, no pressure one feels grow – but a permanent tension, pressure does not stop. The crisis Snowden / NSA strikes where it wants, when it pleases her, as from Heaven untouchable.

In this situation, Obama is like a groggy boxer who knows where the shots came from and who continues to collect. Friends of BAO block does not take at all to give Klitschko these shots, but they can not do otherwise than to Klitschko. The system of communication, public opinion about which we know nothing specific but any fears, this is a ruthless force that continues to transmute the belief that it is necessary to react. This is the deus ex machina ( the crisis Snowden / NSA) decides. .. As Obama, BAO block itself “as a groggy boxer who knows where the shots came from and who continues to collect. “

Exchange Clapper – The World: 0-1

Returning to France, estimated BAO block with an interesting case revealed Monday by The World more member. .. The revelations of the World (see October 22, 2013 ), that is to say, a zest Snowden funds for the NSA spying in France, prompted a violent response from James Clapper, the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence ) U.S. under the administration of which is particularly the NSA. Clapper said that the information published by Le Monde, including 70.3 million intercepted by the NSA of 10 December 2012 to 8 January 2013 telephone calls were false. This approach was highly specific, and not the result of accidental or marginal indication, since it is a statement released by Clapper, as officially the world. Russia Today reports this action October 23, 2013.

“The NSA About did not French record 70 million phone calls, Does it carry out espionage in France, HAS Intelligence Director James Clapper said. Responding to media reports on NSA activities in France, he dismissed ’em as ” false and misleading. ” The head of the National Security Agency (NSA ) stopped short of Denying the U.S. espionage Carried out in France, the Claimed contents of a report by Were the World “false. ” [. .. ]

” ” Recent Articles published in the French newspaper Le Monde Contain inaccurate and misleading information Regarding U.S. foreign intelligence activities, “Clapper said in a statement released on Tuesday. Addressing the claims SPECIFICALLY That The NSA HAD tapped French citizens ‘ phone calls, Clapper STATED, “The allegation That The NSA Collected more than 70 million ‘ recordings of French citizens ‘phone data’ is false. ” HOWEVER, the intelligence chief About did consent That “the United States gathers intelligence of the kind Gathered by all nations. ‘”

Of course, Le Monde said. Snowden The fund is not managed to a slight case. .. ( We also noted that the credit Snowden as master source of information is generally the highest level possible. All governments take almost anything for cash that comes from Snowden, as soon as there publication. Only a few cranks a little unstable and very tired Clapper, to allow doubt to try to justify their salaries . . . )

The response of the world is anything but controversial, and absolutely spectacular. It comes at the end of an article title on the good will of the president which lectured BHO as it should, but as soon propose a “bilateral” US – France makes information. The pear – France continues to show its full principled firmness and President its sovereign stiffness of the kind Teddy Roosevelt, then Vice President, affublait its President McKinley ( “He has as much spine as a chocolate eclair” ). Nevertheless, controversy remains controversial, and the revelations as much as the reactions of the NSA revelations are few and other uncontrollable. .. Even President is obliged to impose a certain stiffness.

In the text of 23 October 2013, the World response to Clapper is finally followed by a chart: “Pointed finger, NSA, who made 70.3 million recordings of telephone data between the French December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013, expanded its intelligence to French diplomatic representations.

“The information that the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James R. Clapper, considers, in part, as “inaccurate” and “misleading”. In a letter made ​​public, he denied the extent of the collection. Here is the document of the NSA, questioned by Mr. Clapper. It clearly indicates that the data of 70.3 million French calls were recorded by the agency. “

Who controls the NSA? Edward Snowden, Jove

Clapper is why he embarked on this minefield, as it is the case of all documents from the fund Snowden, who was said serious face this gas routed what the NSA? This is the first time Clapper directly addresses this issue, and if so formal (press release). Posit two hypotheses, which does not exclude any one of the other, and even complement very graciously.

The first assumption is that Obama is tired. It was on the arm of shutdown suites with a view not very pink in this area in early 2014, and then the convulsions of his great work, the great reform Social Security -type named Obamacare for now in a catastrophic state with the poor functioning of the site must collect enrollment of U.S. citizens and therefore sanctify something massive popular support. ( The site cost, according to the Washington Times [ 10 October 2013] $ 630 million from an initial cost of $ 94 million, and is structured by millions of lines of code – in short, a sort of JSF, with the troubles that come with it. ) the assumption therefore concludes that Obama has tried to take the baby to the NSA itself in the person of the Comptroller General, the DCI Clapper, which oversees all intelligence agencies.

The second assumption is that Clapper got NSA erratic information about its actions in France, compared with what was said the funds Snowden. .. Because the NSA ment knowingly about it, hoping that his ” authority ” and the Clapper prevail against the Snowden funds, while Snowden fund operates with admirable documentation? We leave this hypothetical explanation for another, much more likely: NSA does not know what it does, in the sense that it does not know the structure, size, orientation of his actions, because that it is a headless monster that runs through automation that no control – and an obscure computer used as Snowden, who knows the secrets of the internal documentation of the automation, knows him, much more than the leaders NSA. (Indeed, the NSA itself does not know what has Snowden. ) It is clear that this second hypothesis the first complete: no duplicity, no absurd attempt to deceive, but just complete ignorance of those where they are to learn and to know and meet, knowing nothing and knowing nothing, totally overwhelmed, totally manipulated by the huge machine that turns increasingly be defined better as a huge gas plant.

Conclusion no surprise: no one controls the NSA or knows its activities, making difficult any defense, and more forecasting challenges from every corner of the BAO block. .. But no, this is not quite right, that ” no one controls the NSA or knows its activities “. .. A person truly control the NSA, which is Edward Snowden and no other.

Chronic disorder

But the French episode and reaction Clapper yesterday were immediately overwhelmed by the accumulation of anti- NOS interventions. The Merkel, reported in the text entry dominates all others, but there are others. The accumulation is staggering.

So we will report to the chronic, extremely urgent indirect intervention with Mexican President Obama. ( See McClatchy.News October 22, 2013. ) Mexicans so far remained a discretion which is inversely measure their proximity to USA, decided this time under pressure from things and revelations cascade to the openly their discontent: ” Foreign Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, reading a statement in Geneva, lambasted the Alleged NSA penetration of email accounts Belonging to President Enrique Pena Nieto and form President Felipe Calderon. The reports, All which cam out in the German news outlet Der Spiegel Were based on document leaked by train NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who’s in exile in Moscow. “

Italy is also engaged in an operation ” white hands ” who, for once, not about its own practices, at least not completely. .. This country is affected like so many others by the activism of the NSA that recognizes no boundaries and no borders, and there is talk of the eternal refrain (surveillance, ” millions of email” intercepted, listen, blah blah blah ). An investigation has been decided by the COPASIR a parliamentary committee monitoring intelligence activities. A delegation from the COPASIR went there three weeks in the U.S. and came back with the confirmation of the scale of operation. The COPASIR is decided not to stay there and is instead engaged in a process of impeachment. The Italian management, which is one of the most – aligned instructions System Washington, led a defensive battle delaying the inquisitive dynamics COPASIR, but can it now in the current climate? Even the press system gets going: ” As share of the program, phone calls and computer communications of ” millions of Italians “are reportedly Being Gathered. Moreover’s Corriere della Sera added That the implications extended to ” a monitoring network That started years ago and is still active, ” All which of the Italian government and spy agencies Might Have Been well aware of. .. “( Russia Today, October 23 2013).

Today, the EU summit, we will discuss the course / crisis Snowden NOS ( EUobserver, 22 October 2013) that profoundly affects the BAO and the EU block compared to the USA. With Merkel matter was added to the French case, the discussions will be very serious. The European Parliament is now turbo – pace to push for the establishment of very strict measures “defense electronics” of the continent against the NSA. Diving in the heart of the crisis is no longer avoidable, the ultimate weapon of hypocrisy that runs chugging BAO block not working (see further below ).

The Repute of Edward Snowden

Along with this stunning din and never seems to stop – Greenwald, giggling on inside him, continues to announce new loads of unpublished documents – Edward Snowden status continues to change in the direction of a paradoxical repute. A very significant symbolic event in this respect, the evolution of minds under the blows of the truth of the situation that continues to unfold, is Article commentator Richard Cohen of The Washington Post, October 23, 2013.

The mea culpa of this influential Post reporter, who never spared his support structure system Americanism, is particularly revealing. It is presented in full light, without a single reservation on the error itself, Cohen made ​​initially. Nice Snowden time criticized by Cohen as despicable and disease has become the equivalent of a modern Paul Revere, one of the heroes of America’s origins, the Revolution of the Founding Fathers. This kind of position shakes psychologies and System itself, showing the extreme confusion that prevails today.

“What are we to make of Edward Snowden? I know what I once made ​​of him. He was no real whistleblower, I wrote, but ” ridiculously cinematic ” and ” narcissistic ” as well. As Time has Proved, my Judgments Were just plain wrong. Whatever Snowden is, he is modest and curiously HAS bent over backward to Ensure That He Has the information divulged HAS done as little damage as possible. As a ” traitor, ” he lacks the requisite intent and threat.

“But what is traitor Snowden has-been roundly called Expired. Harry Reid: “I think Snowden is a traitor.” John Boehner: “He’s a traitor.” Rep. Peter King: “This guy is a traitor, he’s a defector.” And Dick Cheney not only Snowden Denounced as a “traitor” but also Suggested That Might Have he shared information with the Chinese. This innuendo, as with Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, is more proof of Cheney ‘s unerring determination to be cosmically wrong. .. [. .. ]

“My initial column on Snowden was predicated on the belief That really nothing that he Revealed was new. Did members of Congress know all this stuff and Had not much of it leaked? Yes, that’s Largely true. But my mouth is agape at the sheer size of thesis data- gathering programs – a waterfall of news stories That leads me to Conclude That this very column was known to the National Security Agency before it was known to my editors. I wrote aussi That ” No one lied about the various programs” Snowden Disclosed. Goal then we found out That James Clapper About did. The director of national intelligence was Abebooks web sites at a Senate hearing in March if ” the story Abebooks web million gold Have Hundreds of millions of people is completely Call records are false” and he Replied That It was. Actually, it was His answer That was ” completely Call false. “

“Snowden is One of Those for Whom the people Conjunction ” and “is apt. Normally, I prefer the more emphatic ” purpose ” so I Could say ” Snowden About did some good but he About did a Greater Amount of damage. ” Trouble is, I’m not sure of That. I am sure, though, that ‘ He Has instigated a worthwhile debate. I am safe That Police powers Granted the government Will Be abused over time and That Snowden is an authentic whistleblower, appalled at what he saw on His computer screen and wishing, like Longfellow ‘s Paul Revere, to tell “every Middlesex town and farm ” what our Were doing intelligence agencies. Who do they think They Are, Google? “

The end of hypocrisy

The epic What the decision / crisis Snowden NSA continues to broaden the scope of its intervention, influence, and therefore, its constitutive essence itself. With this point that John Glaser reported in, October 23, 2013, the key to deepening the meaning of the crisis ( the essence itself) that provides dramatically demonstrated its extension.

This is both ironic and significant in the case reported here is that it is a procedure that is presented in Foreign Affairs, the publication of the Council of Foreign Relations, the almighty CFR is the mainstay of Washington’s establishment. Glaser noted an article by two professors from George Washington University in the November- December 2013 in the journal. Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore signed article The End of Hypocrisy, which argues that the whistleblower Manning and Snowden – and essentially Snowden certainly – have perhaps irreparably compromise the true soft power of the U.S., which is simply the hypocrisy of their diplomatic and moral approach common. This is the implicit assertion of the USA, in their contacts with its allies, the U.S. has the right to speak with authority and influence because they are morally exceptionalist power than we know.

The action of a Snowden, today it is no longer possible, as it is measured in the growing embarrassment of Obama, who is not even able to reach an outline control monster NSA and receives a daily phone call from a friend and furious president. Glaser notes that no one in Washington has been able to define exactly how the action of a Snowden (and Manning ) is a “threat against the U.S. national security. ” The simple answer is that this threat is real, but it can not be expressed as such, that is to say, it affects an aspect of “national security” of extreme power, but always kept in the most complete concealment of philosophy – System and modernist “a” deeper threat That leakers: such as Manning and Snowden pose is more subtle than for direct assault on U.S. national security: they Undermine Washington ‘s Ability to act hypocritically and get away with it.”

Hypocrisy out, RIP soft power

Glaser provides a significant part of this study if unconventional if not “revolutionary” anti-system in the sense – and it appears in Foreign Affairs is the height of the infiltration capacity of the anti-system dynamics. The study uncovered the foundation of both the approach of Washington as the active complicity accomplices BAO block playing the game the recognition of moral leadership of the USA. Now the almost innocent face Snowden consistently slips in their meetings and in their dialogue. ..

” Hypocrisy is central to Washington ‘s soft power – its Ability to get other countries to accept the Legitimacy of icts shares – yet FEW Americans appreciate icts role. Liberals tend to believe That Cooperate with other countries the United States Because American ideals are attractive and the US-led international system is fair. Realists May Be more cynical, yet if They think about Washington ‘s hypocrisy at all, They Consider it irrelevant. For em, it is Washington ‘s cold, hard power, not ideals icts, that ‘ encouraged other countries to partner with the United States.

“. .. This system needs the lubricating oil of hypocrisy to keep icts gears turning. To Ensure That The world order continued to be seen as Legitimate, U.S. Officials Regularly Promote and must claim fealty to icts core liberal principles, the United States cannot icts impose hegemony through strength alone. Purpose as the recent leaks Have Shown, Washington aussi Consistently Unable to abide by the values ​​That It trumpets. This disconnect Creates the risk That Other states might decide That the US-led order is Fundamentally illegitimate.

“Of course, the United States HAS gotten away with hypocrisy for some time now. It has long preached the virtues of nuclear nonproliferation, for example, and some states HAS coerced into Abandoning Their atomic ambitions. At the same time, it tacitly accepted Israel ‘s Nuclearization and, in 2004, signed a formal deal affirming India ‘s right to civilian nuclear energy DESPITE HAVING icts flouted the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty by Acquiring nuclear weapons. In a similar vein, Washington talks a good game on democracy, yet it Stood by as the Egyptian military overthrew year Elected government in July, Refusing to call a blow blow. Then there’s the “war on terror”: Washington hard pushes foreign Governments on human rights claims purpose sweeping exceptions for icts own behavior When It feels safety is threatened This icts.

“The reason the United States up to now Suffered HAS FEW consequences for Such hypocrisy is That Other states Have a strong interest in turning a blind eye. Given how much They benefit from the global public goods Provides Washington, They Have little interest in calling on the hegemon icts bad behavior. Public criticism Risks pushing the U.S. government Toward self- interested positions That Would Undermine the larger world order. Moreover’s, the United States can punish Those Who points out the inconsistency in icts by downgrading shares trade relationships or through other forms of retaliation directly. Allies Malthus Usually air Their Concerns in private. Adversaries May Point fingers, aim FEW can convincingly occupy the moral high ground. Complaints by China and Russia Hardly inspires admiration for Their purify policies.

“The ease with All which the United States has-been able to act inconsistently HAS bred complacency icts Among leaders. FEW countries ever since the point out the nakedness of U.S. hypocrisy, and since Those That Usually do can be ignored, American politicians desensitized to Have Become Their country ‘s dual standards. Goal thanks to Manning and Snowden Such dual standards are getting harder and harder to ignore.”

A crisis over crisis

The / NSA Snowden crisis continues to surprise us with his perfect timing, as if she were herself and chose a great tactic to Klitschko ‘s blows that have strategic significance more profound. Obama was just beginning to try to recover from a ” Pyrrhic victory “, the shutdown of where he pushed the Republicans to the price of a dramatic weakening of its pseudo- extraordinary leadership in our time – to his Washington, the U.S. in the world, which continues to survive chugging like a stuffed corpse that continues to exhibit – by total absence of alternative and with what is left, or left of ” lubricating oil of hypocrisy. ” And now this terrible blow firmly told him with this horrible beginning of the week, Holland Merkel.

Snowden / NSA is trying to disperse the last drops of this magical potion after his magic (the ” lubricating oil of hypocrisy “). The lightning resume / crisis Snowden NSA past three days overwhelms the stuffed corpse of leadership exceptionalism Americanist and weakens again Obama himself in Washington’s waiting for the next episode -type shutdown. There is a perfect coordination in the arrangement of Americanists crises in this sequence ” crisique string” specific to Washington we identified (see October 14, 2013 ), in the coordination of these crises, the super power of the ‘crisique infrastructure that supports them in their ability to take turns and to revive each other.

It is clear that, in this situation, the crisis Snowden / NOS by its rhythm, its ability to raise seems as infinite as the ambitions and reservations of metadata of the NSA has become the most important element in both the highest in the arrangement of “high crisis ” that has migrated to the U.S., both the most active, both more able to transform according to the opportunities and necessities. The current episode shows that this crisis is so rich it reproduces itself and continually gives birth to new aspects of herself becoming new crises in the crisis. The current episode is not only ” a crisis within a crisis “, it is also, and above all, a “crisis over the crisis ” ;

Not only the “whippersnapper 30 years” threat that remains steady and power structure of Washington’s power, but it now threatens what remains of balance and power of the collective power of BAO block. In short, it threatens what remains of balance and power system and acts as a great ” lubricating oil ” acceleration – destruct sequence in the equation of overkill – destruct system.

… But it is well known, moreover, that it is not even the ” whippersnapper ” or BHO and embarrassed on the phone answers, nor the NSA and its poor attempts to stem the flow which assails, or anything human at last. The crisis saw itself, multiplies itself, spreads and deepens itself. The crisis Snowden / NSA, aka the crisis of the collapse of system that takes all the masks that fit him, and the Crisis of the fall, like a stream. …



[Notes sur une colère noire devenue catastrophique]

[Dedefensa France]

Written by testudoetlepus

October 24th, 2013 at 4:21 pm

Undermining the Surveillance State

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by Keith Farnish

Some people are prone to sleepwalking. The zombie-fuelled idea of a sleepwalker, with arms outstretched and eyes closed, magically avoiding contact with walls and tables, really isn’t the way people do it. More truthfully, their eyes are open with a level of awareness usually sufficient to avoid serious injury, but with actions more akin to a computer program than a fully aware individual. Many can communicate, of a fashion, but it is cursory and stilted. It’s an appropriate metaphor when describing the functional level of a typical citizen, compared to the fully connected and aware pre-industrial human.

Some people who sleepwalk also have night terrors. They report seeing strange figures looming over them, as if watching their every move – silent, dark, conspiratorial. Not so strange, given the circumstances . . .

The New Secrecy

I have spent a great deal of time, perhaps too long, pondering conspiracy theories and the vast range of plots being overseen by “those in control” against the ordinary person. It wasn’t so much the nature of these conspiracies, as the nature of the belief in such conspiracies that most interested me. This came to a head when I discovered yet another apparent plot against humanity related to that old chestnut Chemtrails. Apparently people exposed to the precisely-targeted-toxins-from-thirty-thousand-feet are finding strange threads emerging from wounds that HAVE NO EARTHLY ORIGIN! The previous emphasis is that of the Conspiracy Theorists (the capitalization of the previous two words is mine—there has to be some way of identifying crackpot theories from sensible ones).

So, about two-thirds of the way through writing my most recent book, I had a pop at the whole idea of Conspiracy Theories, with the express purpose of clarifying the real dangers we face from those who purport to control our behaviour. If we can learn to look towards that which is obvious and tangible, rather than being distracted by the ethereal and, frankly, bizarre, then we will learn an awful lot and perhaps do something about it.

Bradley Manning (soon to be Chelsea Manning, which should throw a few libertarians into apoplexy) knew that vast amounts of data were being kept out of the public realm, for no better reason than to protect the murderous activities of those keeping the information secret. His conscience, and his obvious intelligence, gave him little other option than to release what he knew – and conveniently, Wikileaks was in a position to receive that information, and channel it on to the wider media.

For this striking act of subversion, Manning is going to be incarcerated for 35 years. We don’t have a say in this, for justice has prevailed, and we must trust the judicial system to do the right thing. I suppose in another country the sentence may have been death – China perhaps. Which is ironic, for that was the first known port of call of Edward Snowden, one-time NSA operative, who revealed another set of truths about what is being done in order to keep the system safe from anyone who dare distrust the goodness of the industrial machine. The fact that I used the phrase “The government are recording everything we do on the Internet” in iUnderminers/ii /ias an example of something that could be objectively proven, is no coincidence. When you spend time exploring raw truths about the nature of civilization, as others like John Young, Dmitry Orlov and Glenn Greenwald do so well, then what would once have seemed like wild speculation becomes obvious. Why iwouldn/ii’/iit/ii /igovernments, and their corporate owners, be trawling through and examining everything we do. What better environment to gather the thoughts and intentions of the ordinary citizen than a centralised, globalized Internet, built for the very purpose of disseminating vast amounts of information?

Who would be so silly as to put their entire life online?

Of course it’s not just the Facebook/Flickr/Twitter/Instagram generation who are making the job of the information gatherers so simple. Clandestine phone tapping, letter opening and bugging by government agencies, with the help of almost every major corporation that has ever existed, has been going on ever since it was realised information was power. We knew this happened because Hollywood and the mainstream press told us so (and also assisted in the process). Why wasn’t this kept secret? Because if you think you are being listened to then you are far more careful what you do. How many subversive plots have been foiled by such “anti-terrorist” activities? How many, so many more plots have never happened because of the fear that they would be found out?

Fear is a wonderful way of dissuading someone from doing something. Its role as a Tool of Disconnection , along with so many other methods by which people are prevented from living real, connected lives, is a far more pervasive secret than the fact that we are being watched, tracked, mapped and profiled every time we deign to communicate.

Undermining Surveillance

For now, though, because you are interested in this kind of thing, I suspect you would like to know how to avoid being a subject of the surveillance state. Maybe you would like to undermine the system that makes such surveillance possible, and perhaps the idea of making people less afraid and more proactive in their pursuit of a less controlled life is an exciting thought. These are all possibilities, and there are so many ways to achieve them. I tackle this in some detail in the book Underminers, however space and the need for a coherent narrative means that some things have to be discussed elsewhere – such as the role of technology in avoiding harm.

Make no mistake, the rulers of any technology that appears to help the ordinary person, are those that control its production and application. iPhones exist not to help people communicate in a fuller, more connected way, but to make Apple heaps of money. The Internet, in its current incarnation, is primarily a tool of commerce, not a tool of free and rapid communication or, if you were really thinking this, a means of subverting the system that created it in the first place. Even such apparently useful programs as TOR are, most likely, a means of allowing the NSA, Mossad or GCHQ to gather information about those who are naive enough to believe TOR is genuinely secure from government interference.

That’s not to say you cannot use such things to undermine the system, but they must be handled with great care, with neutral phrasing, innocuous subjects and vague locations and times. Always imagine you are being watched, because you probably are.

More useful is to disrupt or remove the means of mass communication entirely. Such outages or even terminations will cause far more harm to the system than to anyone who thinks they can use it to bring about genuine change.

Cut off its nose and you really can spite its face – along with the ability to sniff you out.

We need to be smarter than that, though. Communication across continents seems like a laudable thing, but to what end? Maybe the occasional document of real significance will come the way of someone who can use it to great effect, and maybe genuine empathy can be felt over the vibrating copper and pulsing fibre optics; however, the only real way to keep you safe is not to use such things at all. I know of many people who have closed Facebook accounts, thrown away their Smartphones and reverted (such a negative term) to talking directly (not over the phone) to those who really matter in their lives and writing them letters using pens and paper. Some might call this going backwards. I call it returning to your roots. The surveillance state is unlikely to be able to dig those out. The process of bugging buildings and steaming open envelopes is far too labor-intensive.



Keith Farnish is the author of “Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis”, and more recently “Underminers: A Guide to Subverting The Machine”. Underminers is published by New Society Publishers in September 2013, and is also available in a free version for download or online reading at

Read more . . . .


Undermining the Surveillance State


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September 5th, 2013 at 1:49 pm

The Keiser Report: Rich Guys Totally Observe You

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We discuss the riches made monitoring the population and the pittance paid for agreeing to be monitored. The also discuss the Serious Organised Crime Agency threatening to monitor Stacy for following a link while Max envisions a future in which granny gets it. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Charles Hugh Smith of about social fractals, tanking energy consumption and a citizenship futures market.

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[KR251] Keiser Report: Rich guys totally observe you


Somewhere Between Sept. 11th 2001 and Today, The Enemy Morphed From A Handful of Terrorists To The American Population At Large . . .

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by James Bamford

Somewhere between Sept. 11 and today, the enemy morphed from a handful of terrorists to the American population at large, leaving us nowhere to run and no place to hide.

Within weeks of the attacks, the giant ears of the National Security Agency, always pointed outward toward potential enemies, turned inward on the American public itself. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, established 23 years before to ensure that only suspected foreign agents and terrorists were targeted by the NSA, would be bypassed. Telecom companies, required by law to keep the computerized phone records of their customers confidential unless presented with a warrant, would secretly turn them over in bulk to the NSA without ever asking for a warrant.

Around the country, in tall, windowless telecom company buildings known as switches, NSA technicians quietly began installing beam-splitters to redirect duplicate copies of all phone calls and email messages to secret rooms behind electronic cipher locks.

There, NSA software and hardware designed for “deep packet inspection” filtered through the billions of email messages looking for key names, words, phrases and addresses. The equipment also monitored phone conversations and even what pages people view on the Web — the porn sites they visit, the books they buy on Amazon, the social networks they interact with and the text messages they send and receive.

Because the information is collected in real time, attempting to delete history caches from a computer is useless.

At the NSA, thousands of analysts who once eavesdropped on troop movements of enemy soldiers in distant countries were now listening in on the bedroom conversations of innocent Americans in nearby states.

“We were told that we were to listen to all conversations that were intercepted, to include those of Americans,” Adrienne Kinne, a former NSA “voice interceptor,” told me. She was recalled to active duty after Sept. 11.

“Some of those conversations are personal,” she said. “Some even intimate. … I had a real problem with the fact that people were listening to it and that I was listening to it. … When I was on active duty in ’94 to ’98, we would never collect on an American.”

Despite his hollow campaign protests, President Barack Obama has greatly expanded what President George W. Bush began. And through amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Congress largely ratified the secret Bush program.

So much intercepted information is now being collected from “enemies” at home and abroad that, in order to store it all, the agency last year began constructing the ultimate monument to eavesdropping. Rising in a remote corner of Utah, the agency’s gargantuan data storage center will be 1 million square feet, cost nearly $2 billion and likely be capable of eventually holding more than a yottabyte of data — equal to about a septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) pages of text.

By Sept. 11, 2011, the words of George Orwell in his novel “1984” will have become prophetic. “Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it,” he wrote in 1949, long before the Internet. “You have to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard.”

On Sept. 10, 2001, however, Winston would have found a radically different society. The NSA, the surveillance equivalent of a nuclear bomb, was allowed to point its massive antennas and satellites only away from the country. Before an American could be targeted, a judge from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court would first have to find a link to terrorism or espionage in order to issue a warrant. And installing permanent taps on all of the country’s major communications links would have been impossible.

More than 35 years earlier, one person warned of such a possibility. On Aug. 17, 1975, as America was enjoying a lazy summer watching “Jaws” and “The Exorcist” at the movies, Idaho Sen. Frank Church took his seat on “Meet the Press.” For months, as the first chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Church had been conducting the first in-depth investigation of America’s growing intelligence community.

When he looked into the NSA, he came away shocked by its potential for abuse. Without mentioning the agency’s name — almost forbidden at the time — he nonetheless offered an unsolicited but grave warning:

“That capability at any time could be turned around on the American people and no American would have any privacy left, such [is] the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter,” Church said. “There would be no place to hide. If this government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.

“I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”

Church’s warning then has even more resonance today. In 1975, most people communicated only by telephone and the mail. While the NSA had the technical capability back then to intercept the limited telephone calls sent by satellite, it lacked the capability to monitor the millions of calls transmitted around the country over wires, the predominant method used, or anything sent through the mail.

Today, with everyone constantly communicating over cellphones and email, and spending hours on the Internet, the agency has the ability not just to hear and read what someone says but even to understand what and how they think.

America crossed Church’s proverbial bridge not because of the attacks. It’s been clearly shown that Sept. 11 could have easily been prevented with just the technology at hand — it was caused by human failure, not technological failure.

Rather, it was years of fearmongering that sent everyone rushing across the bridge. Without these draconian measures, we were told, we were in imminent danger of death by terrorist. For the Bush administration, the constant drumbeat of fear was necessary to launch and support the war in Iraq since no real danger existed.

From the outside, America began resembling Deputy Barney Fife from “The Andy Griffith Show,” shaking and trembling and constantly pointing a gun in every direction. There was Homeland Security with its rainbow of colors for security alerts; the weekly warnings of dire attacks, with no indication of time or location, none of which ever turned out to be credible; messages plastered on buses and billboards warning members of the public to keep a close eye on their neighbors and even their family; and body frisks at airports by security thugs looking for forbidden tubes of toothpaste.

Church was also right in his warning that once over the abyss, there is no return. Laws put in place stay in place — even if the reason for the fear is gone or never existed in the first place. And technology always moves forward; it never recedes.

A surveillance system capable of monitoring 10 million people simultaneously this year will be able to monitor 100 million the next year — at probably half the cost. And every time new communications technology appears on the market, rest assured that someone at the NSA has already found a way to monitor it. It’s what the NSA does.

What Church likely never anticipated was the rise of the security-industrial complex, a revolving door between those generating the fears and those profiting from them.

When warning the country of the dangers of an unchained NSA, Church may have been thinking of a passage from Friedrich Nietzsche when he spoke of the abyss:

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that

In the process he does not become a monster

And when you look long into the abyss

The abyss also looks into you.”

James Bamford writes frequently on intelligence and produces documentaries for PBS. His latest book is “The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America.”


But we have always monitored our own citizens. Always. The only things new after 9/11 are the scale, the shift in morality and the “legal authority”, which might be compared to laws banning criticism of the state or laws against cheating on your wife. One way for Western powers to surveil their citizens was for Canada to spy on the United States and the United States to spy on Canada, then they would exchange surveillance data. In other words, you’ve cleverly circumvented your own checks & balances on domestic spying. Sick, isn’t it? And that was already going on before 9/11. Those big satellite stations? They aren’t looking for ET. They’re situated in what’s called ‘satellite footprints’, and suck up all international phone, internet and e-mail traffic. They don’t even need a connection to the phone company. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Somewhere between Sept. 11th and today, the enemy morphed from a handful of terrorists to the American population at large…

[Project World Awareness]

Ben “Big Brother” Bernanke Goes Watergate, Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed

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Two weeks ago, the media’s heart went aflutter when it learned that the president had borrowed a page right out of ole’ Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt book with the launch of Attack Watch. The response by everyone, even fans of Obama, was immediate and brutal. Yet where Obama took about 24 hours to crash and burn, someone else has stepped in with a far stealthier method of ferreting out the traitors amongst us: none other than our old friends, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, which in a Request for Proposals filed to companies that are Fed vendors, is requesting the creation of a “Social Listening Platformwhose function is to “gather data from various social media outlets and news sources.” It will “monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.” The Fed’s desired product should be able to “determine the sentiment [ED:LOL] of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document”… “The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc.” Most importantly, the “Listening Platform” should be able to “Handle crisis situations, Continuously monitor conversations, and Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.” Said otherwise, the Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world. After all, why ask others to snitch for you and anger everyone as Obama found out the hard way, when you can pay others to create the supreme FIATtack WatchTM using money you yourself can print in unlimited amounts. And once the Internet is completely “transparent”, the Fed will next focus on telephone conversations, and finally will simply bug each and every otherwise “private” location in the world. Because very soon saying that “printing money is treason” will be treason, and such terrorist thoughts must be pre-crimed before they even occur.

All we can say is we welcome our new Chairsatan Voldemort overlord. For it is truly he who must not be named henceforth.

From the key section of the RFP, presented in its entirety below:

I. Introduction

Social media platforms are changing the way organizations are communicating to the public Conversations are happening all the time and everywhere.
There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.

II. Social Listening Platforms

Social media listening platforms are solutions that gather data from various social media outlets and news sources.  They monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.  They can also determine the sentiment of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document.
The information gathered can guide the organizations public relations group in assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies.

Here are some of the services it can offer:   

o Track reach and spread of your messages and press releases    
o Handle crisis situations    
o Continuously monitor conversations    
o Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers    
o Spot emerging trends, discussions themes and topics    

A. Geographic scope of social media sites

The solution must support content coming from different countries and geographical regions. It should also support multiple languages.

B. Content and Data Types

The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc.

C. Reports and Metrics

The solution must provide real-time monitoring of relevant conversations.  It should provide sentiment analysis (positive, negative or neutral) around key conversational topics.

It must be able to provide summaries or high level overviews of a specific set of topics. It should have a configurable dashboard that can easily be accessed by internal analysts or management.  The dashboard must support customization by user or group access.

The solution should provide an alerting mechanism that automatically sends out reports or notifications based a predefined trigger.

D. FRBNY Technology Integration

The solution must be able to integrate with existing FRBNY technologies such as: Google Search appliance, Lotus notes suite and web trends.It must have support for single sign on or windows integrated authentication.

E. Cost Structure

The solution should offer a flexible pricing structure that can support multiple user licensing.  It should also have the option to base pricing on content volume and usage. Supplier acknowledges an understanding of and agrees to comply with the above minimum solutions requirements.

Full RFP:


Big Brother Ben Bernanke

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Facial Recognition Technology Comes to Facebook – Without Consent

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As someone on Facebook, I don’t want to sound overly melodramatic . . . but man is this creepy. Once again, Mark Zuckerberg, despite what you may think about the social network he ostensibly created, has proven himself to be an enemy of privacy if there ever was one.

I speak of the recent revelations that Facebook began utilizing facial recognition technologies without consumer consent.  And now, thanks to the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the first complaint to the Federal Trade Commission has been filed.

In addition to EPIC, there’s also the reliable privacy stalwart in the House, Rep. Ed Markey, also calling on the FTC to look into this latest, in a long line, of privacy violations by the social networking site.

Not surprisingly, the European Union has launched an investigation into the feature, and Ireland and the UK’s data protection officials are also in the midst of an inquiry. 

AS reported by PC World, “EPIC’s central argument seems to be that Facebook may have run afoul of consumer protection laws with how it rolled out the feature. The site gave little warning to users that it was going live, and only admitted the procedure was a mistake after the fact.”

“When it comes to users’ privacy, Facebook’s policy should be: ‘Ask for permission, don’t assume it,‘” Rep. Markey said in a statement. “Rather than facial recognition, there should be a Facebook recognition that changing privacy settings without permission is wrong.”

Indeed, EPIC highlighted in its complaint Facebook’s seemingly careless attitude when it comes to changing user’s privacy settings. EPIC cited the company’s Beacon service, as well as the company’s controversial policy of having a right to your data, even after you delete your account.
“Users could not reasonably have known that Facebook would use their photos to build a biometric database in order to implement a facial recognition technology under the control of Facebook,” the complaint reads in part.
In addition to calling for the FTC to force Facebook to stop using facial recognition, EPIC is also asking the agency to require the company to develop a “comprehensive privacy plan,” and forbid the site from reintroducing such a feature until its opt-out system is improved and “appropriate security safeguards” are established.

In other words, FB  is suggesting to your friends to tag you without asking you if its okay first. Like most Facebook features, the default setting for facial recognition is “on” – and users must “opt out”…instead of the always more preferable opt-in.

PC World has more: 

if I upload six photos of my friend Kaitlin, Facebook may “recognize” her face (thanks to other tagged photos of her on the website) and “suggest” that I tag her in those six photos. This makes the tagging process a little easier for me–after all, aren’t I more likely to tag Kaitlin if all I have to do is click a button that says “yes, tag away”? Another “benefit” is that I can tag all of these photos of Kaitlin at once–as Facebook said in a blog post, isn’t it a whole lot better to be able to tag all of those photos of Kaitlin at once, instead of having to tag each one individually?

Sure, I guess it’s easier. Easier for Facebook to invade my privacy, that is.

Ok, I know I sound a little melodramatic. But let’s take a look at some facts here:

– Facebook has 600 million members….Each day, Facebook’s members upload over 200 million photos, and Facebook currently hosts over 90 billion photos.

– Each time you “tag” a photo on Facebook, its facial recognition technology learns more about what that person looks like.

– Even if you happen to “opt out” of the facial recognition tagging, Facebook’s technology can surely use the tagged photos of you (hey, perhaps even the tagged photos of you that you end up un-tagging) to figure out what you look like.

– Right now Facebook is using this technology to help people tag photos. But once they have an accurate facial recognition database of several hundred million people? Hmm. 

Opting out of the service doesn’t mean Facebook will stop trying to recognize your face–it just means that Facebook will stop suggesting that other people tag you. Even Google has noted the utter creepiness of facial recognition technology (though I suspect they’re just waiting for Facebook to get burned).

Facial recognition technology will ultimately culminate in the ability to search for people using just a picture. And that will be the end of privacy as we know it–imagine, a world in which someone can simply take a photo of you on the street, in a crowd, or with a telephoto lens, and discover everything about you on the internet.

Obviously, we can’t stop the world of technology from moving toward the development of accurate facial recognition software. But so far, no facial recognition software has really been a threat to our privacy, because nobody has that huge database of people and photos required. Oh wait, except Facebook totally does. 

This all goes back to a familiar topic of discussion on this blog, and that’s data ownership. Clearly, Facebook believes your data is its data, to do with as it pleases. As I have written here before, I have a different perspective. Some questions to ponder then becomes, What kind of control should we have over our own data?

The argument by some, such as Mark Zuckerberg, is that all information should be public
, and as time goes on we’ll only be sharing more of it. In addition, we all will benefit from this communal sharing of private information in ways yet to even be discovered. Already, from this sharing, we forge more online friendships and connections, old friends are reconnected, distant parents see pictures of their kids’ day-to-day activities, jobs might be more easily found due to our profiles being more public, internet services improve as companies like Facebook and Google learn about peoples’ Web browsing histories, sites are able to tailor content to the user, and so on, and so forth.

What concerns me is what are the side effects of living in a society without privacy? Not just on the net, or about our personal habits, but from the watchful eye of government, be it the knowledge that we could be wiretapped, that smart grid monitors are daily in home habits, that our emails can be intercepted, that our naked bodies must be viewed at airports, that our book purchases can be accessed (particularly if Google gets its way and everything goes electronic), that street corner cameras are watching our every move, that RFID tags allow for the tracking of clothes, cars, and phones…and the list goes on.

For more information on the general concept of biometrics and facial recognition as related to a National ID card, check out my post from May of 2010.

Facial Recognition Technology Comes to Facebook – Without Consent

[Privacy Revolt!]

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The New Manhattan Project

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The Elite Final Plan: The AGI Manhattan Project

The world keeps getting crazier and crazier, at an accelerating rate, and we haven’t seen anything yet. At a glance it all appears to be impossible. Impossible to happen, yet even more impossible to stop. Unpossible because it promises to undo every notion that we know about this world and the future of the human species. Here you will find answers and truths that explain it, and cannot be found anywhere else. Here you will find the why of it all, and even the solutions to undo this dystopian technological agenda.

The push for trillion dollar military budgets to fight “terrorists”, as if they’re the Soviet Union, doesn’t make much sense. Neither does the extreme global warming related proposals, such as a global government and a global carbon tax which will bankrupt what’s left of the worlds economy on its own. All this push, while the premises of these issues are highly debatable. That’s the truth that the advocates pushing for either issue doesn’t want to admit. Ask yourself when haven’t you seen 2 people dramatize an event between them, and didn’t each have different stories to what actually happened?

Meanwhile, not only has the global economy imploded rather dramatically, all the hard numbers point to a total collapse, especially in the USA. The Federal Reserve and Eurobank are both privately owned institutions, and there’s no debating this fact. The Federal Reserve in particular was at the heart of the US economic meltdown, which brought the rest of the world with it. These institutions are literally at the helm of each federal economy, and aren’t subject to being audited. They’re above each government, just the same as your local city government is subject to the state government, and the state to the federal government.

So we’re in the middle of a collapse that by all measures looks deliberate, that was caused by private stock holders, who made unfathomable amounts of cash on the ways up and down, and were handed trillions of unaccountable dollars in “bailout” money. Despite all of this, there’s still this push for a near-trillion dollar military budget (in the US alone), along with a global government based on a global carbon tax. Meanwhile the new administration is spending at all time record levels on all other fronts. We’re already on the brink here, how can they push harder, and tax us in all new ways? How can this looming total collapse not be deliberate? Why won’t they stop spending, and is there something this a lot of this money is going to that answers this question? The answer is yes.

We’re in a new world that changes everyday. Technology keeps expanding in its abilities, and our own. This is all happening at en exponentially increasing rate. This refers to its “doubling rate”, and in general the power of computational technology doubles roughly every 18 months, while it’s cost drops by half. This is most well known with computer CPU’s, but this rule applies with a similar rate to virtually every facet of technology, including revolutionary new technologies. There are 4 main areas of technology I’m referring to: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences. They’re all beginning to merge in different ways in each area of technology and innovation.

This is very important. This answers the questions being posed above. These new thrusts in science are giving rise to new technologies that are game changers in human society. Mankind is on the verge of radical life extension, brain implants, nanobots, and a wide range of related technologies with artificial intelligence in the middle of it all. Technological progress increases with it’s own doubling rate. Meanwhile there’s an ever increasing push for more and more powerful artificial intelligence, so powerful in fact it’s like what you see in the sci-fi horror movies. Who hasn’t heard of Skynet? What they’re trying to build is already poised to be vastly more powerful than how it was depicted in the Terminator films.

This sounds insane, but it’s absolutely true and there is no debating this fact whatsoever, as we’ll see. At this point, even a conspiracy theorist might say that if there are powerful elites in control of everything, why would they risk losing that control in the face of a global artificial general intelligence (AGI) network? The answer is simple: they firmly believe that they’ll be able to live virtually indefinite life-spans, literally hundreds upon hundreds of years. They believe they’ll be able to stop and then even reverse aging. They believe they’ll be able have enhanced physical and cognitive abilities, as well as being able to connect to a new type of global consciousness based Internet, in a hive mind.

They literally believe they’ll become gods, and there have been many scientific break-thru’s that suggest they might be right on everything just listed. It all answers why we’re being bled and bankrupted at an increasing pace. They literally say we’ll face war if we try to stop them from becoming gods. I argue that this war has already begun, and the original questions answer the how and the why.

If you listen closely to Global Warming rhetoric in particular, or most environmentalist rhetoric in general, there’s a total disdain for humans and our populations. Note that multinational energy companies such as Enron and BP helped design the carbon trading scheme, even though supposedly the energy companies are to be the ones to lose out. But it’s what global climate change efforts have in common with the global War on Terror that this is all about.

Efforts from both the global War on Terror and global climate change are fueling funding in artificial intelligence, while helping keep everyone divided and distracted from debating the implications of the four aforementioned revolutionary sciences. Recall that AI, and especially AGI, inherently increases the rate at which the elites might get their hands on their god technologies. This common thread between these issues you will not see anywhere else.

Whatever is actually possible, it’s all coming sooner than the masses would think. Even majority of the front-men of this movement speak loudly about their dream wherever they can be heard, but they seem to project it as if it’s only something for the next-generation to be concerned. They carefully leave out the true scope of the current military science R&D. One thing is for sure, which is that they don’t care about you and me. Their job is to condition the masses so when this comes we’re not taken by total shock & awe, but not tell us enough so that today we might stand up appalled.

There’s a Manhattan Project type initiative to perhaps leave us with less than 5 years time till the beginning of the end. The players are the United States government & military with key corporations like Google and IBM. They’re doing much of it without explicitly telling you, and much of it is being done on your dime. The facts can be found in their own words, documents and websites. It’s not even a secret except that few would ever suspect the initiative or possibility, while the controlled Big 5 Media machine fails to make much mention let alone deliver actual context.

We exist under a so-called 2 party system. These 2 parties work in concert together to ensure that no “3rd parties” have any chance of succeeding, despite giving us a facade of being mortal enemies. They’re almost perfectly totally against what the other is doing, but each side is still inherently supporting the same Technocracy agenda in what they do push for, while most of the time the career politicians are generally just paying lip service to the ideals that are expected of them.

“Democrats” fling all sorts of anti-war talk, but still vote to fund the wars, and American Imperialism in general. The US has over 760 military bases in foreign nations, which the rest of the world knows to be a classical empire, and the Democrats are just as responsible for it. Meanwhile the “Republicans” talk all sorts of small government rhetoric, while helping expand government and spending over the past 10 years. Democrats and Republicans are both just as responsible to the shipping of our jobs overseas so that we can only afford Chinese garbage products that aren’t even worth fixing when they break. We don’t only use crude oil for fuel, we literally need it to be able to make virtually everything we enjoy in our daily modern lives.

The other related issue that we can all thank both Democrat and Republican career politicians for is the rapidly growing trend towards a Big Brother Police State. We’re on the verge of collapse, by their doings, yet they have more and more billions of dollars per year to spend on new ways to completely violate the Bill of Rights and spy on us in real time with virtually every device in our existence, while building a militarized police apparatus ready to crush any peaceful protest movement with state of the art technologies. Majority of the “western world” is already under a pervasive real time dragnet that makes the spying of the Soviet Union look like 1980′s 8-bit video games compared to XBox 360.

This is supposed to be a free nation, yet we’re not even free to move to the other side of the world and not pay taxes. We face prison time and the confiscation of our homes for possession of certain natural drugs that are less toxic than most of the drugs cooked up in big pharmaceutical labs that we’re overcharged for. We’re free to talk, but we’re completely marginalized, and talking about the government these days gets you put on terrorist no fly lists. We’re not even free to travel without being groped and naked body scanned, for a threat that didn’t even kill as many people in the year 2001 as did everyday aspirin.

The reality is, by all definitions, here in the US we’ve been enveloped by corporate fascism, while holding the world hostage as the only remaining “superpower” aka global empire. We have both the Democrats and Republicans to thank for this, including Obama, and Bush. Except the Democrats try and act different, by offering us global communism. The problem is that total communism and total fascism are technically indistinguishable, both being centralized government totalitarianism.

To assume there isn’t a group of like-minded people, large or small, that have the same elitist agenda, and power, especially considering all of the undeniable realities we face, is insanity. It’s not like there’s some watchdog organization that makes sure we’re not being undermined by some sort of oligarchy ‘click’. It could be said that there are, but they’re usually labeled kooky conspiracy theorists. Meanwhile technology marches on, and the elites of the world get closer and closer to becoming gods, and cutting us out.

It all starts with the technology side, the AGI Manhattan Project. Next comes the system behind it, and the war against the masses which has already begun. It ends with the psychology and philosophy of the people working for it, and those behind it.

The AGI Manhattan Project:

Radical life extension, along with body & brain augmentation, each aspects of the growing movement known as “Transhumanism”, are the overarching goals of the establishment. The first and foremost “holy grail” goal is Strong AI, aka Artificial General Intelligence. The world is full of AI; from video games to the stock market. But these AI’s are “narrow” in ability. AGI refers to a “general” intelligence. Generally intelligent, not narrowly. Human level and beyond intelligence would greatly accelerate their other technological goals kicking off what they call the “Technological Singularity”.

Regardless of whether or not you believe this to be possible, they’re actively doing it, and they’re taxing you for it. There is absolutely no debate or refutation to this fact whatsoever. This isn’t even to say it’s possible, but they’re trying with all of their might (and your money)to do it. It’s right on public military websites, and in video statements by the higher ups and even heads of top tech corporations.

Perhaps most importantly, especially considering how if they succeed it would be arguably the biggest event in human history, and most potentially devastating, with almost no chance of turning back, it’s all happening without an ounce of public discourse or debate.

This overall effort openly involves virtually every government agency and department, every branch of military, which are all funded by Congress, and led by the administrations of both George Walker Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. It also involves the projects and super computers at literally all major all national laboratories, along with virtually all national universities, and all of the above tied in with the majority of the crony heads of the top technology corporations.

The Pentagons Mad Science coordination division, aka Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), sits at the top of this dragnet of science research & development (R&D) gathering. Enter the Science pyramid… the AGI Manhattan Project.

DARPA is the lead agency. They are both the capstone, and the foundation. They coordinate national labs & universities, companies and corporations, and agencies with all branches of military. Their scientific “thrusts” run the entire gauntlet of transhumanist related efforts, from cybernetics to life extension to Skynet level artificially intelligent cognitive computers. They direct the R&D to the most appropriate groups and institutions, and then help orchestrate systems wide integration upon completion.

To cite all relevant quotes from their various programs could take half a book. At this juncture there’s only space to list and link the programs:

Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing (ACIP), Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures, Omnipresent High Performance Computing (OHPC), Real-World Reasoning (REAL), Cognitive Assistant that Learns (CALO), Deep Green (DG), Cognitive Information Processing Technology, Physical intelligence (PI), NetTrack (NT), Bootstrapped Learning (BL), Deep Learning, Integrated Learning (IL), Transfer Learning (TL), Accelerated Learning, Machine Reading (MR), Robustness of Biologically-Inspired Networks (RoBIN), Ubiquitous High Performance Computing (UHPC), Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts, Bio-Molecular Nano-Devices/Systems (MOLDICE), Biomimetic Computing, RealNose, SN-10-51, Global Autonomous Language Exploitation (GALE), Self-Regenerative Systems (SRS), and Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE).

It’s very difficult to even attempt to place budget figures on DARPA. They have their budget, as well as their cousins IARPA & HSARPA, while a lot of work by NASA, the NSF is in lockstep, not to mention military black budgets and secretive CIA & DIA budgets.

Funding for virtually every aspect of government agendas has hardly even decreased, while many areas have seen increases. The unique thing about DARPA is they aren’t limited by their budget alone.

NASA programs:

Singularity University, Intelligent Archives (IA), Intelligent Systems, High-End Computing Capability (HECC), Integrated Systems Research, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Cognitive Sciences, and a dizzying array of other complex projects in those research areas.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Programs:

Adaptive Systems Technology (AST), Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI), Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS), Emerging Frontiers (EF), Core BIO Investments, Adaptive Systems Technology (AST), Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS), Science and Engineering Beyond Moore’s Law, Cyber-physical Systems, Cognitive Engineering, Mapping the Brain in Time and Space, Cognitive Engineering,

One good example of virtually every government agency working in lockstep towards the Technological Singularity is the National Nanotechnology Initiative. The following institutions are all coordinated under the NNI, by the cabinet level National Science and Technology Council (NSTC):

Bureau of Industry and Security, Consumer Product Safety Commission, USDA, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Army Engineering R&D Center, Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Army Research Office (ARO), DARPA, Defense Research & Engineering (DDR&E), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of State, Department of Transportation, Department of Treasury, EPA, FDA, Forest Service, US Intelligence Community, U.S. International Trade Commission, NIH, NIST, NASA, NSF, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Patent and Trademark Office and the US Geological Survey.

That about leaves out only the ATF and the DEA, and of course the CIA & NSA, but why would they be listed?

Another prime example of the system wide drive for the Singularity is a 2001 conference organized by the Dept. of Commerce and the NSF, which produced a 482 page document titled “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance”. It had representatives and speakers from the following institutions:

The White House, National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Commerce, Newt Gingrich, NASA, National Institutes of Health, Hewlet Packard, Institute for Global Futures, National Science and Technology Councils Subcommittee on Nanoscale Science Engineering and Technology (NSET), IBM, Raytheon, Lucent, University of California, Stanford University, Sandia National Labs, Brandeis University, MIT, University of Washington, University of Strathclyde, Tissue Informatics, University of Pennsylvania, University of Louisville, NYU Medical School, University of Calgary, Duke University, University of Texas, UCSB, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Carnegie Melon University, Department of Defense, DARPA, Naval Research Laboratory, Defense For Research, New England Complex Systems Institute, University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Institute of Nanotechnology, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Commission on the Future of Aerospace, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, The EPA, Department of Chemistry, Princeton Materials Institute …

The goal of the meeting wasn’t merely to promote the 4 “NBIC” technologies:

“Four transforming tools have emerged: nanotechnology for hardware, biotechnology for dealing with living systems, information technology for communication and control, and cognition-based technologies to enhance human abilities and collective behavior.”

Instead it was about structuring collaborative research to promote the converging of the 4 revolutionary science paradigms into an all new form of substrate. The goal being eventually to create and merge humans with new forms of synthetic “life”, to become “Post Humans”, and to merge humans into a brain implant enabled “hive mind” (that’s a quote).

Another choice example of cross-sector collaboration to construct the Singularity is the Singularity University, which is housed at none other than the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), in Silicon Valley. It’s partners include Google, ePlanet, Autodesk, Motorola, FIAP, Steelcase, 23andMe, Canon, LinkedIn, WordPress, KurzweilAI, University of California, Stanford and others.

Universities are the next realm of the AGI Manhattan Project. It would be absurdly counterproductive to even list only the universities which are directly awarded project solicitations from DARPA. But the universities of most relevance here are Stanford, Carnegie, Duke, Vanderbilt, Caltech, the University of Chicago and University of California. These universities are amongst the forefront of transhumanist related research, and happen to be founded robber baron era industrial tycoons. These tycoons were heavy advocates for Eugenics, and their pet project schools listed above were amongst the leading fountain heads for eugenics theory. If you’re not aware of the history of eugenics this is required research material. By all measures, transhumanism is just the modern version of eugenics. A full history of eugenics and listing of their theories is beyond the scope here, but in short it was the race science and methods of ‘solution’ that influenced Hilter’s concentration camps.

National laboratories are the final realm. Literally all of them, and their supercomputers are fully integrated into the aforementioned apparatus. One example of choice would be Los Alamos, which was the home of the original Manhattan Project. They’re hooked up, along with many leading universities, into the NSF’s TeraGrid network, which is a super high speed advanced version of the Internet, designed specifically for large scale science collaboration across institutions, enabling access to the various different top-in-class supercomputers. What puts DARPA at the top of the scientific pyramid is that they have access to mining literally every resource, meaning even indirectly supportive work doe at different levels are still at their disposal for concept and results mining.

Moving on

There’s no debating the existence of the AGI Manhattan Project. It can be ascertained that the countless thousands of people indirectly involved in it don’t even realize what they’re a part of. With global telecommunications now being radically different than 60 years ago, private intranets can connect up any remote office or personal computer as a collective. This means that a modern day Manhattan Project could be operated across the planet in secret with great ease. This would especially be the case if you had literally a million or more parallel platformed CPU’s at your disposal (like Google does). Consider that computing power per $1000 is literally less than millionth what was during the Manhattan Project, and that project only cost about US$24 billion. Anything even resembling a modern semiconductor computer hadn’t even been invented yet. Meanwhile, every year their capabilities expand as CPU prices drop and work gets easier, exponentially, thanks to Moore’s Law and the Law of Accelerating Returns.

The issue is what the intentions of the true elites that shape U.S. policy have in mind for all of this. Listening to the PR people of transhumanism should offer a safe insight: becoming “gods”.

There’s a war being waged against us. A great many of the people on the planet are feeling the effects from this already, via the economic meltdown. While the economic war didn’t against us started generations ago, the modern technological war came before the economic assault, so we’ll explore that first.


We’re being targeted as children with social engineering indoctrination, to be desensitized to perpetual surveillance, while being systematically dumbed down. Every year school children’s productivity scores twirl around the downward spiral, despite increases in Dept. of Education spending annually. You get what you pay for. Today when we’re born our DNA goes into a federal DNA Databank. Next the children are targeted by manipulative marketers openly bent on turning them into mindless brand loyalist consumers via TV and other forms of media. Finally they make it into school where they face being monitored via microphones while riding the bus, and then they’re under the watchful eye of cameras and on duty police, including cameras in the restrooms and in some cases inside the actual toilets, and at lunch they pay using their thumbprint. Finally, when they go home they have to worry about being recorded by camera on school issued laptops and tracked with GPS trackers.


Perhaps in a few years the system will start installing full naked body scanners into schools like are going into all of the airports. As adults we’re being trained to be subjected to being frisked or filed into a naked body scanner, which are meant to become mandatory. You would never see a government official go through one of these and then post the images online, yet in the UK even children are supposed to go through them even though it violates child pornography laws. All of this over a ‘panty bomber’ plot that didn’t succeed, where reports suggest that the scanners wouldn’t have caught him, while the real problem was that he got on the plane without a passport. All of this being conducted by the TSA, while Obama has appointed a controversial spy figure to head the agency. It’s no surprise when we hear reports of maniac TSA employees power tripping over citizens and literally declaring themselves to be god.


We’re not even allowed to have privacy in our homes. It used to be illegal for any level of government to tap our phones without a warrant. Now the NSA, FBI and others do it anyways with an ongoing record of ‘abuse’. They decided that unilaterally, even though not even the Patriot Act set the precedent. But under the “Patriot Act” they can literally break into your home without anyone’s knowledge and go through your things and plant bugs, which opens the door to the planting of false evidence. They peek into our mail. Popping up in cities are police cameras with high-res night vision lenses than can zoom into peoples windows. Every census has them asking ever more personal questions, this time asking virtually everything, while having the census takers use a GPS transponder to mark your front door into their system. This is precisely what they used to do in the Soviet Union. Today it appears on virtually all fronts that despite out living the Soviets, the US federal government has become the enemy and makes those who criticize it enemies of the state.


When we’re being targeted, it can be assumed that we’re the enemy. We’re especially targeted on the Internet. Not only do many of the relevant Internet companies store our personal emails and surfing habits, they’re pushed by various levels of government to do so for at least 5 years. Between the military, CIA, FBI, NSA and local police we’re monitored browsing the web, using all of the major social networks and in video games. In case you assume they don’t have enough people to do all of this, they’re using AI in countless forms to catalog and chronicle all of the data they can. They even use AI to assess bloggers “moods”, for “hate speech” and other “subversive” behavior. All of this for domestic citizens, as now the “terrorist threats” are citizens from “supporters of the Constitution”, to “Luddites” and “conspiracy theorists” who complain about all of this Big Brother technology invading their rights to privacy. Next Obama is moving to create an ID token “Identity Ecosystem” designed to remove passwords from everything we do, where instead our personal names are tied to every single electronic device and component therein, right down to the flash memory chip you plug into your digital camera.


Then when we try to leave our homes it’s the same story. You walk out your door and a military satellite might spot you. Then you get into your car, that has an increasing chance of being equipped with trackable GPS. Your drive down the road to have your face and license plate scanned by cameras that mail you your traffic ticket via robotic automation. Mandatory black boxes are being proposed for all new vehicles that record even more data. Our airfare travel and border crossings being recorded, yet illegal immigrants are allowed to run rampant in border regions causing escalating drug cartel murders and beheadings. This crisis is caused by us not being free to do what we want with our bodies, according to the federal government, even when states decide for themselves that it is, but this is beside the point. Biometric ID cards were first proposed to domesticate the illegals, and now they’re about to be forced upon us all as an unconstitutional National ID, not to mention vice president Joe Biden once promised Supreme Court justice Roberts that one day he’d have to rule on whether or not everyone would be forced to take an implantable microchip to track their whereabouts via satellite.

Cell Phones

Even if you try to walk, your cell phone has tabs on you. Under Bush the precedent was set for us to be physically tracked via both triangulation and GPS and to be monitorable in real time via the microphone or camera. Obama’s Justice Dept. fought in court in 2010 to keep it active. Even if the phone is turned off, the feds and police can still activate the microphone. You literally have to remove the battery to stop it, while the more sophisticated phones like those made by Apple and Google have increasing methods to be able to study our behavior, and to condition us to actually enjoy being tracked 24/7. The Google Android phone even has a free app that ‘lets’ you take a snapshot of your eye’s iris so they can store it in their NSA databanks, while the army is developing high speed iris scanners that scan rapidly scan entire crowds of people.


Next we have DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program. TIA was to be about gathering and linking every scrap of data possible on people through massive artificially intelligent data mining supercomputers, and then to create complex maps of every possible connection people have to one another. Initially Congress ruled to shut it down as being unconstitutional, but it didn’t take long before it was parted out amongst the various agencies of interest, all connected under Homeland Security. After a few years mainstream media reports of it still being alive began to surface, and the new Democrat congress did nothing to stop it. Today Fusion Centers are being set up in every state using the TIA framework, manned by military, federal and state police officials, all under Homeland Security and endorsed by Obama.

AGI Panopticon

All of these tracking systems are being integrated into a pervasive and ubiquitous 3 dimensional real time global surveillance system. Stopping global warming is stated in the first paragraph of the official description of NASA’s “Planetary Skin” global nervous system. As Hewlett Packard prepares the nerves for it via technologies such as “smart dust”, IBM is working with DARPA to build the “global brain’ AGI system to hook it into. The EU has the same idea as they’re building a global monitoring system being designed to also predict into the future. It’s no wonder there’s all this talk about a global government starting with deep USA & EU integration.

DARPA programs that are part of the AGI Panopticon include:

Mind’s Eye, Fine Detail Optical Surveillance (FDOS), Flow-based Information Theory Tracking (FITT), Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System (PerSEAS), Exploitation of 3-D Data (E3D), Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGEnT), Standoff Precision ID in 3-D (SPI-3D), Persistent Operational Surface Surveillance and Engagement (POSSE), Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance – Infrared (ARGUS-IR), Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS), Fopen Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Tracking and Engagement Radar (FORESTER), NEOVISION2, NetTrack (NT), Harnessing Infrastructure for Building Reconnaissance (HIBR) and Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGENT).

The combination of all of these aspects would have this system able to see through trees, walls and deep into the ground; while having billions of sensors of all types and sizes spread out across the earth; in and on everything. And guess who gets to pay for it.

Reality Check

It’s worth noting that in 2003 9,000 people died in automotive accidents, three times how many died on 9/11, a single disaster which could have been prevented without any of these new Orwellian technologies, or a Police State.

The thing about 9/11 was that same day Bush said the terrorists attacked our freedoms, which was then parroted by media pundits and politicians for years. Yet the federal government has been the one attacking our freedoms increasingly and persistently, doing things to us that won’t stop Islamic terrorism, while doing things that is creating more terrorists globally, while not even doing things like securing our borders where terrorists could infiltrate our nation with supposed suitcase nukes. The “American” people are the ones being targeted across the board as terrorists, as enemies of the state. Guilty until proven innocent, and then still suspect needing to be monitored and tracked.


Protesting virtually any issue out there gets you added to terrorist watch lists. The Obama administration wants it so that if you’re put on a terrorist no fly list you can’t buy a firearm, without any conviction, while 6 years old kids have been rejected at airports for being on the list. So if you protest any issue you might not be able to travel or buy a gun. And if you do protest you may face brutal consequences. Police riot squads already have or are developing a daunting array of sophisticated “non-lethal” weapons including sonic cannons, microwave pain beams, optical ‘vomit beam’ guns, shotgun and grenade launcher fired tasers, “Shockwave” swarm fired taser batteries, crowd blaster tear gas launchers and discuss other sickening things like chemical neurowarfare for use against demonstrators. Odds of facing these weapons are higher than you’d think, as at protest after protest police agent provocateurs are busted vandalizing businesses and burning cop cars to justify beating and arresting crowds of protesters.

Police State

The growing trend for the past several decades has been the militarization of the police, turning them into a standing army. There is now even a NORTHCOM marine brigade has been tasked with Homeland Security objectives, including the stomping of protesters. All of this is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878 to prevent the federal government from using the military for law enforcement. Every year whichever president is in office signs new executive orders further consolidating the military takeover of the US, and Obama is no exception to this rule. We’re already under a state of de facto martial law, as we’ve been under a state of national emergency since before 1976, and these executive orders are always written under the context of a national emergency.

Laws are constantly introduced and even passed giving the military and federal government the ‘legal right’ to detain us in secret, against the foundational concept of Habeas Corpus, with no legal representation, indefinitely, where we can be brutally tortured and even ‘disappeared’ for ever. Whether or not you think that would ever happen is irrelevant, as this is already the case. Ask yourself why they’d install such measures, and ask yourself why they’d have hundreds of designated civilian internment FEMA / Halliburtan / military camps (with barbwire pointing inwards) for detainment and civilian labor.

With all of the police and the half a trillion dollar plus budget military, ask yourself why Obama has said repeatedly that he intends to set up a civilian national security “just as large, just as well funded as the military”, that includes a mandatory draft and youth snitch brigades. Ask yourself why Homeland Security is training the Boy Scouts in SWAT team gear and tactics, on mock missions to subdue an Iraq War veterans. Ask yourself why the military is constantly setting up checkpoints and patrol streets in cities across the US. Ask yourself why the military runs drills in US cities, that include foreign troops, doing mock roundups of groups of US citizens. Ask yourself why FEMA has a system of over 50,000 religious clergy ready to help round up guns, and to snitch on potential freedom fighters that might go to their local religious leaders for rest.

Ask yourself what these things have to do with terrorism, when the policies and actions of the federal government are what is pissing everyone off domestically and around the world. Ask yourself why each new administration is more secretive than their predecessors, with Obama’s being worse than Bush’s even after all the “change” he campaigned on. Ask yourself why the military is openly and deliberately training kids to be killers via video games, and why they’re making the interfaces of military equipment based on games, and why they’re calling for an all drone army. Ask yourself why the privately owned Federal Reserve bank has been handed more power over the US government and economy, with even less congressional oversight, in response to being responsible for setting the stage for the economic meltdown. Considering that the Internet is our last bastion of freedom, ask yourself why Obama has been given the power to shut it down during an emergency, while we’re under a constant state of emergency. Ask yourself why we’re being sickened by countless softkill weapons, and denied recent safe cancer cures.

There is still hope, but time is short. We have a way to slow down the growing AGI, using simple Automated Untelligence software tools that can be fun to use. For the political system, we have a unifying concept to pull the funding out from underneath the criminally corrupt Congress, via Consensual Taxation only, marginalizing their powers over us and to do these things that are bent on power instead of the human betterment their claimed to be. The future is now. Fight for what you want it to become, because the dystopian system being set up is already fighting you.


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