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The FreeTruth Radio Show Interviews ‘Dutchsinse’ & ‘Canadian Spartacus’

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FreeTruthShow – May 12, 2011

A two-part show featuring interviews with YouTube star ‘Dutchsince’ and chemtrail watcher ‘Canadian Spartacus’. They discuss global radiation reports, toxic isotopes in the jetstream, Fukushima, supression of information, HAARP, HAARP rings, weather modification, radar stations, earthquakes, chemtrails

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Weather Modification History, and Teachings of Demons

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1 Timothy 4:1 However, the inspired utterance says definitely that in later periods of time some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired utterances and teachings of demons, 2 by the hypocrisy of men who speak lies, marked in their conscience as with a branding iron.

In my first report, we covered the 1975 Weather Modification Treaty between U.S. and Canada. We also covered some of the patents and products used to generate them. Since that Friday night, Montreal has been sprayed constantly for the last 2 weeks. We are back to 2 by 2 ever 15 minutes! Ashes ON THEIR HEADS as far as I’m concerned. In this part, I’d like to cover my contacts with the government during last week, a little history on how we got here, and we’ll cover compartmentilization to some extent.

To begin with, I started by poking CBC here in Montreal. I called and reported to them that their weather forcast for the day “Sunny and Clear” , was already being undermined by chemtrail spraying. I informed the person answering me that at 7 A.M. they had announced sunny and clear, but that the planes had been spraying all morning, every 15 minutes, 2 by 2. So I told the person it was now 10 A.M. and the sky had become hazy and cloudy and cold due to the constant spraying, and that even BREATHING was becoming difficult. The person could make no explanation as to why CBC would never report on this, but suggested I contact Environment Canada to log a complaint. I informed CBC that they were failing miserably when it came to journalism and thus to some extent the budget cuts were warrented. I also stated that THIS was one of the reasons for the budget cuts: IF ANYONE COULD DO A GOOD REPORT ON THIS, IT WOULD BE CBC! To me and many others, this is WHY Harpo Bush was cutting the finances. YOUR GOVERNMENT CAN’T STAND THE LIGHT BEING SHONE ON THEM! Better to have us all chat and argue over who the best sell-out freemason is for the future; Harpo Bush or Mikeal Ignoramous? Or like yesterday, where the big BREAKING NEWS is Brad Pitt calling a film maker in Quebec. Yeah…with my kids staying in when they can’t breath and running to tell me another big V is in the sky….I WAS REALLLY WORRIED ABOUT MR PITT AND QUEBEC FILM MAKER’S FUTURES!!!

So after nailing that coffin, I set my mouth to Environment Canada. Whenever I call these children I have all documents open, so as to have the right answers as they spew their scripted disinformation. I usually enjoy it…THEY DON’T! It was going on noon, so the woman took my message about my concerns over chemtrails and said someone would call me back. At 13 P.M., a man called me from Environment Casmada (my jokie name for them). He had a french accent and was very confrontational. Angry from the word go, he attemted to discredit me, telling me I was being fooled by someone. “Ehh? You got dat on da net, eh?? Ehhh?? You have been fooled my freind! Someone has played a trick on you! Eh?”. I stated “First off you AIN’T my freind! Second, SO WHAT? What about the net?”. “You’ve been foole”…”NAH-NO-NO-NO-NO!! It’s YOU that’s been fooled! I have the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT HERE, signed by Jeanne Sauve! You do know who Jeanne Sauve is , don’t you?”. He answers “No sir, I don’t know dat persunnn!”. I laughed out loud! If you live in Quebec, you’d know how much of a joke and a lye that statement was! There isn’t a frenchman in Canada who DOESN’T know the star child Jeanne Sauve from Quebec. He was just so rude and ignorant that, even though I could quote document number and date, he still doubted and wanted to argue. I didn’t call to argue with ANYONE! I’M NOT ARGUING! I CONFRONT AND EXPOSE! So I hung up on him! Let him argue with himself!

Well, low and behold, at 13:30 P.M., another man calls me from Environment Canada. So I start by asking “Why are you calling me? To badmouth me and doubt me and call me a nut like the last child?”. He answers “No sir, no! I have the treaty here in front of me!” So I’m not so insane after all am I? He asks me “What do you think we should about it?” he asks. I told him Environment Canada has to justify it’s existance, giving fines to backyard burners while blindly turning their eyes on this. I informed him that I was no longer waiting on someone to do something, I’m writing articles using THEIR documents and exposing the truth. I could care less what the Canadaian government does, especially since 3 days later a lady calls me from Health Canada to tell me they DENY the existance of chemtrails. I answered “I know, that’s article 7 of the treaty “Nothing herein relates to or shall be construed to affect the question of responsibility or liability for weather modification activities, or to imply the existence of any generally applicable rule of international law”. But hey, at least she DID know who Jeanne Sauvé is!

After this, I went back to researching. I’d heard and read that they had started working on the treaty in 71…years i was born. So I googled it. Found 50a1971.pdf – “PROTOCOL RELATING TO AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ARTICLE 50(a), SIGNED AT NEW YORK ON 12 MARCH 1971. Entry into force: The Protocol entered into force on 16 January 1973. Status: 128 Parties. And when did Canada sign??? Canada 12 May 1971! 9 days before I came. Now I was curious about the original “Convention of International Civil Aviation”. So I went and found it. I found 7300_orig.pdf – “CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION DONE AT CHICAGO ON THE 7TH DAY OP DECEMBER 1944 “. I’ve read it. I found article 3 the KEY article :

A r t i c l e 3 I
Civil and State aircraft
(a) This Convention shall be applicable only to civil aircraft , and shall not be applicable to state aircraft .
(b) Aircraft used in military , customs and police services shall be deemed to be state aircraft .
(c) No state aircraft of a contracting State shall fly over the territory of another State or land thereon without authorization by special agreement or otherwise, and in accordance with the terms thereof.
(d) The contracting States undertake, when issuing regulations for their state aircraft , that they will have due regard for the safety of navigation of civil aircraft .

So ALL state aircraft need not be identified or registered. Try counting or finding or confirming Chemtrail airplanes in the state’s possession. According to this, they have no accounting to give where state aircraft are concerned. Yet notice C – the reason treaties must be agreed upon and signed. We must remember that in the 40′s, I doubt very highly Germany and Japan were ASKED before bombers were flown over them. And I’m sure Hitler and others had demonic laws and regulation like this written to justify what the Germans were up to. When the day came though, all hand shaking agreements were dropped, as well as the bombs. So that’s that for the history of “Leaders sticking to Agreements”. Another fanatsy. But now the bad guys were finished (Germany and Japan) and it was time for the illuminated murders to turn on their own…US! So out come new nobleminded agreements full of fluff and fanfare. But since everything is done to advance the U.N. Globalist Luciferian agenda, I dug further to find which branch would “Co-Ordinate” such an effort (much like pandemics are co-ordinated). I found this… United Nations “World Meteorological Organization”. Can anyone say “BABEL” or LUCIFER???

I know some will say “Ohh here he goes again!”. Sorry….NOT! I could care less. See I read my bible ( over 100 times now) PROPERLY!! We came from perfection to stupideness, NOT stupidness to perfection, as Luci’s lapdog Darwin would have you all beleive. We had PERFECT knowledge before the serpent began twisting it and turning us out all wrong. Ever wonder WHY anyone wanted to have the knowledge of bad??? I have. Who the HELL would want knowledge of bad? Look around….how ya like IT??? Is it working out well for everyone so far?? I’ve already considered the last egyptian plague and the angel of death flying over claiming all firstborns except the Jews (and even then only those who painted blood above their doors). Sounds like a biological race specific weapon to me. And who suffered from it? NON BELEIVERS! And why the firstborns and not any others. Could the older ones have received some kind of immunity the babies hadn’t had time to receive? Anyone seen the heiroglyph with the helicopter that’s over 5000 years old? If you listen to parrots, it means nothing. But I no longer listen to or beleive in parrots.

Even when it comes to Darkwing and his evolution fairytale, use your head. It’s easy to pick apart. It states monkeys were here 1st. Then something stronger came and took over, so monkeys disappear. On to the next one, on to the next one, till we get here to us standing up and walking. If this is truly so, there should only be us and big foot just behind. We’re here, can’t find a bigfoot to save our lives ( or reputations), and there’s those damn monkeys still swinging in the jungle. According to Luci and Darkwing, they are supposed to be dead. Lost out on the evolutionnary scale!?! Should all be dead and gone with just bones in museums remaining. WHY ARE ALLLLL THE MONKEYS STILL HERE?? WHY AREN’T THEY DEAD? WHERE’S BIGFOOT? WHERE’S THE PROOF? WHERE’S THE TRANSITION SPECIES?? A couple of human and pig bones mixed together and passed off as genuine until labs proved them insane!?! I know one thing…Monkeys are still here, just like when he created them. Another thing I KNOW…I’M NO MONKEY! Insult yourself if need be!

Anyways, even NAZI…uhhh..I mean NASA released a report in April 1971 too.

Report 71-5 April 1971
By: K. R. Biswas and A. S. Dennis
Prepared for:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Washington, D. C. 20546 NGL 42-001-004

Institute of Atmospheric Sciences
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701

Yes folks, they publish everywhere before they launch the full programs. I was born at quite an eventfull time as far as chemtrails go. Also the year the “Drug War” was started. Yeah, spray us with alluminum, thorium, barium, ammonia, drug us with vaccins and flouridation, then hypocrytically throw a god made plant called marijuana ( which helps reverse stress effects of chemicals and discern lyes from truth……TRY lying to a pot head…you CAN’T!) together with all the UNIVERSITY TESTED man made drugs the CIA wants pushed to destroy the youth, and envelope the whole thing in a phony drug war. But THEY ARE SOOOOOO SMART, aren’t they?

Now even in 2001 I found a bill being introduced:

1st Session
H. R. 2977
To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.
October 2, 2001
Mr. KUCINICH introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committees on Armed Services, and International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned

To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
This Act may be cited as the `Space Preservation Act of 2001′.

The problem, however, is in interpretations or the fine print let’s say….

In this Act:
(1) The term `space’ means all space extending upward from an altitude greater than 60 kilometers above the surface of the earth and any celestial body in such space.

My little problem with that? Well, when I’m watching them like this afternoon going over 2 by 2 every ten minutes is…I can see them! Their bottoms. They might be 20 km above me IFFFFFF! So once again, it’s a screw job over words. Anything UNDER 60 km, shut up and stop complaining, even with the list of exotic weapons in the bill, there’s NOTHING they’ll do about it anyways. Just deny and refute it like my faithful Canadian parrot on the phone! But hey, for those who live where it’s wide and open…go park something HUGE 60 kms from home, then go back and confirm to ALL OF US HERE YOU CAN STILL SEE IT! I doubt highly I’ll ever get an answer on that one!

Finally (for today), I’ll cover 1 more patent which deals with compatrtmentilization and why pilots would defend this without further research themselves. Remember back in the 80′s, a prez puppet Reagan fired many pilots. And you and I were told it was a working contract dispute? Rethink that my freinds. The spraying from the 75 treay was well underway, and it seems to my logic, many OLD pilots knew something had changed and they didn’t like it. The officials were probably trying to push propoganda training to TELL the old pilots what NEW things they were seeing in the rearview. An old pilot wouldn’t fall for it. “That, sir , is a crock, I don’t care how many reports and excuses you put in front of me! I’ve flown for 40 years all over this planet! NEVER have I seen things such as this! Why don’t you try and tell me what’s REALLY going on here!”. Probably MANY pilots voiced their concerns, and those intelligent and knowledgable would be a risk of exposure. So they all get canned, and Church of Scientology star child Travolta drops films and starts earning flying hours piloting folks all over. Too bad your son was sacraficed on that wall of Scientology John! Wonder if it was worth it? So now they hire ALL students and begin afresh with the new “CONTRAIL” propoganda to put inquiring minds at ease. Every site I visit that defends this stuff sound like they all went to the same class together. Just water in tanks. Doesn’t mean this, doesn’t do that, blah-blah-blah!!! Just my imagination that most of the morgellons reports comes from chemtrail pilots and their families, eh?? Keep sticking your head up your butt and telling us all how fresh and clean our air smells!

Then the question comes, “Well how could so many know and not do anything!”. Because if they put SOME of these demonic little recipies in the fuel, indeed which pilot would EVER know. He’ll listen to his bosses when they EXPLAIN to him what that stuff is. Just smoke bud, don’t worry! Only someone who is intelligent, discerning, and has dealt with eugenic governments before would be able to see through this. This next patent explains why those kegs are in my first article pic, different amounts in mixtures gives different outcome ( and I imagine pilots and crew will need to know when 1 barrel goes empty, though I figure a computer will just switch the intake from one empty to another full tank) and also explains some of these ingredients are MIXED IN WITH THE FUEL….thus some pilots unaware. I won’t post all, it’s too long, but I’ll leav in some keys.

United States Patent RE29,142
Papee , et al. February 22, 1977

Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process

A combustible composition for generating aerosols for the control and modification of weather conditions consisting of a readily oxidizable substance selected from the group consisting of aluminum, magnesium, alkali-metals and alkaline earth metals; an oxidizing agent selected from the groups consisting of: (a) sulphur and sulphur yielding compounds; and (b) organic and inorganic nitrates, alkali-metal and ammonium chlorates and perchlorates; The molar ratio of the oxidizable substance to the oxidizing agent being between 1.5:1 and 3.5:1 and a stable hygroscopic solid which does not directly participate in the combustion process of the combustible composition, said hygroscopic solid being present in an amount up to 40% of the total weight of the combustible composition, the oxidizable substance, the oxidizing agent and the hygroscopic substance having a particle size in the range of from -140 to +270 mesh, and a primer initiating the combustion of said composition whereby during combustion, a finely dispersed aerosol smoke consisting of moderately hygroscopic condensation nuclei, and a non-hygroscopic gas are simultaneously evolved, said gas acting to disperse said nuclei. .Iadd.

Inventors: Papee; Henry M. (Rome, IT), Montefinale; Alberto C. (Rome, IT), Petriconi; Gianna L. (Rome, IT), Zawidzky; Tadeusz W. (Ottawa, CA)
Assignee: Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (Rome, IT)

Appl. No.: 05/362,680
Filed: May 22, 1973

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Primary Examiner: Lovering; Richard D.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: George H. Riches and Associates

Parent Case Text

This application is a continuation-in-part of our pending application Ser. No. 742,956 filed on June 19, 1968, now abandoned, which was a streamline continuation of our application Ser. No. 444,923 filed Mar. 22, 1965, now abandoned, and which was a continuation-in-part of our application Ser. No. 392,809 filed Aug. 28, 1964, now abandoned. .Iaddend.

.[.This application is a continuation-in-part of our pending U.S. application Ser. No. 742,956, filed on June 19, 1968, now abandoned..].


What we claim is:

1. A combustible composition consisting of a readily oxidizable substance selected from the group consisting of aluminum, magnesium, alkali-metals and alkaline earth metals; an oxidizing agent selected from the groups consisting of:

(a) sulphur and sulphur yielding compounds; and

(b) organic and inorganic nitrates, alkali-metal and ammonium chlorates and perchlorates;

the molar ratio of the oxidizable substance to the oxidizing agent being between 1.5:1 and 3.5:1 and a stable hygroscopic solid to be dispersed which does not directly participate in the combustion process of the combustible composition, said hygroscopic solid being present in an amount up to 40% of the total weight of the combustible composition, the oxidizable substance, the oxidizing agent and the stable hygroscopic solid having a particle size in the range of from -140 to +270 mesh, and a fused compound which burns initiating the combustion of said composition, whereby during combustion, a finely dispersed aerosol smoke consisting essentially of moderately hygroscopic condensation giant nuclei and a non-hygroscopic gas are simultaneously evolved, said gas acting to disperse said nuclei, thereby generating aerosol smoke and a non-hygroscopic gas which control and modify weather conditions.

2. Combustible compositions according to claim 1, in which the oxidizable substance is aluminum and the oxidizing agent is selected from the group consisting of inorganic and organic nitrates which are stable at room temperature.

3. A combustible composition according to claim 1 in which said stable hygroscopic solid is selected from the group consisting of metal halides.

4. Combustible compositions according to claim 3 in which the oxidizable substance is aluminum, the oxidizing agent is selected from the group consisting of sodium and potassium nitrates, the stable hygroscopic solid is selected from the group consisting of sodium and potassium chloride, and wherein the weight percentage of the chloride in the mixture is in an amount up to 40% of the total weight of the combustible composition.

5. A combustible composition according to claim 1 in which the oxidizing agent, the oxidizable substance and the hygroscopic solid are amalgamated in the presence of a binder selected from the group consisting of organic and inorganic binders, the resulting amalgam being enclosed within a container, thereby forming a combustible candle.

6. A combustible composition according to claim 5 in which the candle has a central core comprising a metal containing substance capable of yielding free metal by thermal decomposition.

7. Combustible compositions according to claim 1 in which the oxidizable substance is aluminum metal and the oxidizing agent is selected from the group consisting of sodium and potassium nitrates, and wherein the molar ratio of aluminum to nitrate is in the range of between 1.5:1 and 3.5:1.

8. A combustible composition according to claim 6 in which the metal of the metal containing substance is selected from the group consisting of sodium metal and potassium metal.

9. A combustible composition according to claim 6 in which the core has an outer casing formed of a polymer.

10. A combustible composition according to claim 6 in which the core has an outer casing formed of aluminum.

11. A combustible composition according to claim 6 in which the core has an outer casing formed of resin impregnated glass fibers.



This invention relates to combustible compositions, consisting of or comprising: mixtures of one or more easily oxidizable, powdered metals and one or more powdered oxidizing agents, which mixtures are able to generate aerosols to be employed, in particular, to control and/or to modify weather, such as to clear fogs, to modify clouds, to prevent hail.

This invention relates also to the process for the aerosolization of the reaction products of said compositions realized by oxidizing said metal/s with said oxidizing agents. More precisely, the compositions of the present invention are able to give, after “giant condensation nuclei” and/or “giant freezing nuclei” for the purposes stated above.

This invention further relates to an aerosolization process of various substances which are contained in mixtures comprising one or more easily oxidizable, powdered metals and powdered oxidizing agents, the aerosolization being the consequence of the combustion of the above defined mixtures and/or of the melting or vaporization of suitable salts embodied in the mixtures.

Also the methods now in use to produce aerosols present various disadvantages, since they require dispersing or burning devices or other bulky and/or heavy apparatuses which in turn require special equipment for their transport and functioning.


This invention provides a solution to the above mentioned difficulties, which are encountered in preparing, dispersing and activating the substances for purposes of cloud-condensation and fog-clearing. An object of the present invention is to provide a combustible composition consisting of cheap, easy to be found and to be employed substances suitable to be transformed into aerosols particularly useful for weather control and/or modification.

Another object of the present invention is to obtain aerosol constituted by giant condensation and/or freezing nuclei.

Further objects of the present invention are:

(a) the obtainment of giant, monodispersed nuclei, that is substantially uniformly sized nuclei;

(b) the obtainment of giant, monodispersed nuclei, whose sizes may be adjusted at will within wide limits;

(c) to provide a method for the preparation of the described compositions;

(d) to realize compositions of substances able to burst or to burn at a controlled rate therefore influencing respectively a limited or a wide zone of the atmosphere;

(e) to provide devices suitable to contain, to preserve and to burn said composition;

(f) to apply the devices, containing the composition according to the invention, to carriers for transporting them in the atmosphere zones fixed in advance;

(g) to utilize, when suitable, the combustible compositions also as propellents for the carriers (i.e. jet fuel).

The above mentioned and other objects will be evident to a man skilled in the art from the following description of the present invention.

The invention, in particular relates to a combustible composition for generating aerosols for the control and modification of weather conditions consisting of a readily oxidizable substance selected from the group consisting of aluminum, magnesium, alkali-metals and alkaline earth metals; an oxidizing agent selected from the groups consisting of:

(a) sulphur and sulphur yielding compounds; and

(b) organic and inorganic nitrates, alkali-metal and ammonium chlorates and perchlorates;

the molar ratio of the oxidizable substance to the oxidizing agent being between 1.5:1 and 3.5:1 and a stable hygroscopic solid which does not directly participate in the combustion process of the combustible composition, said hygroscopic solid being present in an amount up to 40% of the total weight of the combustible composition, the oxidizable substance, the oxidizing agent and the hygroscopic substance having a particle size in the range of from -140 to +270 mesh, and a primer initiating the combustion of said composition whereby during combustion, a finely dispersed aerosol smoke consisting of moderately hygroscopic condensation nuclei, and a non-hygroscopic gas are simultaneously evolved, said gas acting to disperse said nuclei.

Among the more suitable metals to realize the present invention, we may indicate: Al (first of all), Mg, alkaline metals, alkali-earth metals and other readily oxidizable metals.

We have found that aluminum is the most suitable metal since, besides being relatively cheap, it may be considered inert at room temperature (this characteristic is an important factor for safety in the preparation and transportation of the described compositions), it yields remarkable heat of combustion which favours a good continuity of reaction and a good aerosol dispersion. Moreover it is available on the market in the suitable purity and particle size. However, magnesium, as well as other metals highly reactive at room temperature, may be used if suitable expedients are adopted, as for example that of incorporating and lining the composition granules with suitable inert and/or binding substances. One suitable expedient to prevent hazards is to separately heat the mg and oxidant to about C. and on mixing, they are pasted with small amounts of melted paraffin and then amalgamated together. In practice, the pasting (mixing) is done on the presence of polymers which, after setting, “segmented charges” are obtained and the ingredients are safer to handle since the reactive, powdered mixtures are coated and immobilized by the solid polymers.

The metals, as already indicated for aluminum, are used in their finely divided, powdered form.

The oxidizing agents more suitable for the compositions according to the present invention must preferably meet the following requirements: to be stable at room temperature, to be easy to grind preferably hydrogen-free, able to react with the metal with gas development (particularly nitrogen) which favours aerosolization.

The oxidizing agents are preferably selected from the following classes:

(a) inorganic and organic nitrates; special mention is made of sodium and potassium nitrates which have proved particularly useful;

(b) sulphur or sulphur-containing substances; or also in the following ones:

(c) alkali-metal or ammonium chlorates and perchlorates;

(d) chlorinated hydrocarbons such as carbon tetrachloride and chloroform;

(e) peroxides.

However, substances belonging to the chlorates and perchlorates class which are shock sensitive, require inert binders for safe use is mixed and packed together with reducing agents. If mixed, we have found that aluminum sulfide, which forms during combustion of compositions containing powdered aluminum and sulfur, is a very good ice-nucleating substance. The above mentioned oxidizing agents must be finely ground in order to allow a regular combustion and a complete mixture utilization.

The additives considered in the present invention are solid, stable, hygroscopic substances, which do not directly participate in the combustion process of the combustible composition and are preferably inert to the products of combustion and have prolonged activity towards water; they, besides being used as “condensation” nuclei, also have the purpose of controlling combustion rate, developing gas in order to favour aerosolization, stabilizing the composition and the like; further, they are preferably selected in such a manner that they form active dispersions by aerosolization of the combustile compositions during the combustion process.

The additives are generally mixed with the compositions as fine powder or can constitute the core of the charge. Some of the additives, as hereinafter mentioned, must be placed in a core and kept out of direct contact with the composition.

In particular we have found, under microscope analysis, that the combustion products of the compositions comprising aluminum, nitrates, sodium or potassium chlorides, contain aerosolized sodium or potassium chlorides, whose crystal lattices are altered or defective; as already noted, the so altered chlorides show a remarkable electric activity allowing their application in weather control.

.We have also found that combustible compositions containing for example finely divided aluminum metal, a suitable powdered oxidizer, such as sodium or potassium nitrate and a suitable amount of sulfur powder, can yield an aerosol of low hygroscopicity but of strong ice-nucleating action. In fact our tests have established that aluminum sulfide, formed in the reaction acts as a very active ice-forming substance from supercooled water; combustible, sulfur-containing compositions, such as above described, gave excellent results in this sense.

The container may be made of suitable material inert at room temperature, water-proof, and of a size suitable for the particular use, for example, tubular segments made of suitable metals or of glass-fibers impregnated with suitable resins may be used. In particular we have found that by employing thin-walled containers made of aluminum or anticorrosive, high-percentage aluminum, aluminum-alloy, they are burned during the composition combustion so realizing both the advantageous effects of producing other active aerosols and of avoiding the damages caused by eventual relapse of the container if the charge is burned aloft. A suitable container for this purpose is a tube made of anti-corrosive aluminum, 3.5 cm. in diameter, 1 mm. wall thickness and 25 cm. in length, the bottom of which is welded closed. It is to be understood that the foregoing dimensions are given by way of illustration and is not to be taken as a limitation since it will be apparent that other sizes of tubes may be employed.

Similar results can be obtained also employing containers of suitable magnesium alloys; pure magnesium, unless protected with coatings, is not suitable for this purpose, due to its reactivity.

The container, after being charged with the paste, is heated at a temperature suitable to solvent and moisture evaporation and then is cooled. The priming device is then introduced and the container open-end is tightly closed.

If a delayed aerosolization is desired, which may be obtained with a controlled composition combustion rate, the paste is uniformly packed in the container; in this case the primed charge can be constituted by gunpowder introduced above and in contact with the paste, wherein a fuse is immersed; the container sealing may be realized for example with a paraffin, tar or polymer plug wherefrom a fuse emerges.

If, on the contrary, an instantaneous aerosolization is desired, the charge in the container may be suitably shaped, for example by shaping it suitably hollow, compressed and primed with a suitable priming device.

The containers charged with dispersing aluminum compositions and primed as described, may be used immediately as aerosols generators, or may be safely handled, transported and/or stored for long periods of time, without deterioration.

The devices, prepared as above described, can be used as follows:

(a) They can be used at suitable places on the ground, vertically with fuse up, initiating the dispersion by igniting the fuse;

(b) they can be transported and ignited where desired in the atmosphere, by introducing them as rocket-nose inorifices made in the front part of small inexpensive rockets.

We have quite successfully tried out in the field both of the above applications; however, any other application means, which, under the circumstances, may be more suitable to transport the devices in the atmosphere zones where the compositions according to the present invention have to be aerosolized, is equally comprised within the ambit of the invention. For example, the devices may be dropped or towed behind from airplanes in the clouds and here ignited; alternatively the compositions of the invention may be used to fill suitable shells for mortars and then sent and ignited in the clouds, with possibly a larger degree of accuracy than could be obtained using small pyrotechnic rockets.

Some interesting characteristics of the compositions object of the present invention are shown in the accompanying drawings, which summarize in part our tests.

FIG. 1 shows the slope of the compositions combustion rate plotted against the molar ratio of the components, for loosely packed compositions constituted by aluminum and potassium nitrate. These tests are performed in aluminum cylinders of 9 mm. diameter.

FIG. 2 shows graphically the results of tests similar to the preceding ones, performed on the same compositions after sinterization thereof; the apparent density of the so prepared compositions was about 1.1 g./cm.sup.3.

FIGS. 3 and 4 show the slope of the combustion rate plotted against the percentage of the potassium chloride additive contained in mixtures aluminum, potassium nitrate and potassium chloride. The mixtures of FIG. 3 were packed in tubes of 13.7 mm. diameter, while the mixtures of FIG. 4 were not packed and were contained in tubes of 9 mm. diameter. The molar ratio aluminum to potassium nitrate was of 3.5:1 in both cases.

FIGS. 1 and 2 reveal usable molar ratios Al:KNO.sub.3 ranging from 1.5:1 to 3.5:1.

The present invention is illustrated by the following examples which do not limit the same.


A paste made of 120 gms. of powdered aluminum metal of about 20 microns in average particle size diameter, and of 100 mgs. of sodium nitrate added with 70 gms. of sodium chloride, which were ground to pass through an ASTM standard sieve of 270 mesh .times. inch.sup.-.sup.1, was amalgamated mechanically in the presence of small amounts of acetone, loaded into a tube of anticorrosive aluminum, 3.5 cm. in diameter, 1 mm. wall thickness and 25 cm. long, the bottom of which was welded closed.

Charges, such as described above, were fitted as nose-cones into small, pyrotechnic rockets of 1000 and 3000 meters vertical range respectively. These were fired into congested cumuli, and the dispersion of the aerosol within the cloud led to a speedy modification of the same, often followed by local precipitation, as monitored by photography from a distance and at regular time-intervals, as well as by monitoring downwind from the site. The above experiments were carried out at a suitable time of the year from a mountain ridge 1500 meters high. This was about the height of the cloud-base at the time.


A paste made of 100 gms. of powdered aluminum metal, about 20 microns in average particle-size diameter, and of 50 gms. of fine sulfur powder and 80 gms. of sodium nitrate which was ground to pass through an ASTM standard sieve of 270 mesh .times. inch.sup.-.sup.1, was amalgamated mechanically in presence of small amounts of acetone, loaded into a tube of anticorrosive aluminum alloy 3.5 cm. in diameter, 1 mm. wall thickness and 25 cm. long. This was followed by stepwise desiccation in a stove with the temperature increasing from about to C., cooling, priming with gunpowder and fitting with a fuse, after which the tube was sealed.

(b) Mixtures, at gramme-molecular ratios of:

were added with sodium chloride, and amalgamated with 15% of total weight of dry reagents, of fused paraffin, at about C. Those mixtures, when tightly packed and burned in containers such as described under (a), yielded a smoke of MgO and alkali, as well as particles of sodium chloride; hence it is thought that this could be a way of dispersing hygroscopic salts. Observations, such as described under (a) showed that here again the heat generated was relatively low.

FIG. 7 shows rates of burning of those probes, against the percent of total weight in NaCl, of the mixture. Lack of inter-action with water indicates here too the absence of magnesium nitride, in the aerosol.

(c) Mixtures, at gramme-molecular weight ratios of Mg:NaNO.sub.3 =8, were added with sulfur powder, and amalgamated with 15% of total weight of dry reagents, of fused paraffin, at about C. Those, when tightly packed and burned (with rates shown in FIG. 8) in containers such as described under (a), yielded a smoke of MgO and alkali, which contained large amounts of magnesium sulfide. The heat evolution was much higher here than in the probes (a) and (b) as revealed by microscopic examination of aerosol captured on greased slides which showed a fair amount of used spherules of magnesium oxide, which, in turn, contained coloured magnesium sulfide. The aerosol prepared in this manner nucleated ice at C. Furthermore, since the magnesium sulfide reacts slowly with atmospheric moisture, this combination could probably be used as a source of hygroscopic nuclei. Combustible compositions based on Mg are quite lighter (per unit volume) but they would generate less heat (per unit volume) than their aluminum counterpart.

(d) Combustion of tightly packed candles of the three types above described, but prepared in tubes made of an anticorrosive aluminum alloy, which were welded closed at the bottom ext. diameter 3.5 cm., wall thickness 2 mm., and 25 cm. long, was carried out in order to confirm the possibility of using larger charges in practice. The charges contained approximately 200 gms. of solid mixture each a molar ratio of Mg:NaNO.sub.3 =8; 15% of dry-solid weight in paraffin and: no additive, 20% NaCl, and 15% S, respectively. The charges burned fast and with rates in agreement with those measured in the laboratory, and projected burning sparks of magnesium into the air. The same favourable combustion effect was obtained upon igniting, pyrotechnically, a similar charge contaning sodium chloride, which was sent to an altitude of about 1000 meters by means of a pyrotechnical rocket.

The present invention possesses a number of important advantages, in that they provide a solution to difficulties encountered in preparation, dispersion and activation of cloud-precipitating and fog-clearing substances. The use of aerosols which are generated by combustion or explosion of suitable combustible compositions, enables large amounts of active smoke to be dispersed efficiently and at low cost, and eliminates the use of bulky and often expensive dispersing equipment. The variety of additives and possible components of the charges, opens wide fields of application; the ease of storage of units prepared and the possibility of using various sizes of standard charges increases the versatility of the method. The charges are shock proof and can be transported safely, as indicated by a 3000 mile test in automobile, on a batch of 40 units of types described in Examples 1 and 2.

Finally, I’ll leave you this geo-engineering pic so you can see how far reaching this demonic pollution planning goes. Should clear up quite alot as far as accountability. Not every pilot, ship’s captain, or any other OPERATORs knows what is going on, this is for sure. They’d have to be shown first.

luggnutz (U.N. “Persons” I.D./Deceased) – Witness

Weather Modification History, and Teachings of Demons!


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May 13th, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Scalar Radar Weather Weapon

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This is a 15-minute excerpt from a talk given in 1985 by Lt Col Tom Bearden on scalar technology and its use to create earthquakes, (fire balls) and as a weapon of weather modification. The film was uploaded to YouTube by on the 6th of May, 2011.

Scalar Radar Weather Weapon ~ Tom Bearden


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May 11th, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Flooding of The Mississippi River At New Madrid Fault Line Is Part of Campaign Against The American People

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New Madrid fault line attack underway, 15 nuclear reactors targeted

The “once in 500 year” flooding of the Mississippi river over the New Madrid fault line is part of a campaign directed against the American people, according to multiple intelligence agency (MI6, CIA, FSB, Japan Security police) sources. The HAARP caused flooding is expected to be followed by an earthquake and then a “nuclear emergency” involving the 15 nuclear reactors located in the region. This will be a pretext for mass evacuations into FEMA camps, the sources say. The best way to derail this plan, apart from arresting the criminal cabal in Washington D.C., is to widely announce and denounce these plans in advance.

The people planning this attack are the same ones who orchestrated the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster attack on Japan, the sources said. The attack on Japan involved long term planning. A suitcase nuclear device was brought in by sea to a remote island in the Okinawan archipelago before being brought to Kyushu by a fishing boat, according to a whistleblower within the group that smuggled in the weapon. The weapon was then taken by car to a property in Hinode, Tokyo owned by former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone. From there it was taken to the Chosen Soren (North Korean) headquarters in Tokyo before being transferred to the deep ocean drilling ship the Chikyumaru, according to the whistleblower. The bomb was then placed in a hole drilled 10 kilometers into the seabed off the coast of Japan where it was exploded, thus triggering the earthquake and tsunami. The subsequent “nuclear accident” was sabotage intended to provide a cover story for the radiation released by the bomb.

The investigative trail goes from there to George Bush Senior and his mafia gang as well as US Senator J. Rockefeller. If the American people wish to prevent a greater tragedy than the one that hit Japan, they must arrest these and other Washington D.C. criminals.

In other news, we have been given new information about the Vatican. First of all, the new “Black Pope” or head of the Society of Jesus is father Adolfo Nicolas. Father Nicolas was a professor when I studied at Sophia University in Tokyo. Although I never took any of his courses, he has a reputation for being a nice man and a genuine Christian. Trusted sources also say that both Father Nicolas (who is currently ill) and his predecessor Peter Hans Kolvenbach are extremely intelligent and widely read people. The sources say Nicolas and Kolvenbach are both very concerned, among other things, about the pharmaceutical industry’s use of toxic vaccines and dissemination of various poisons and diseases.

These sources are now saying Kolvenbach was misquoted by our previous source and that Kolvenbach never said he was the chief Satanist but only asked rhetorically: “are you afraid of Satan.” We have not talked directly to Count Kolvenbach or father Nicolas so all we can do is quote contradictory information from sources who are in regular contact with these individuals and let readers decide for themselves.

What is clear though, is that there is considerable confusion and disorder within the highest ranks of power in the West. The signs of extreme tension and high-level financial warfare are everywhere to be seen.

The “killing” of Bin Laden and the threat of high level retaliation by Al CIAda is one example. This “death” was preceded by Wikileaks tales of planned nuclear terrorism by Al CIAda. In other words, the old world order no longer cares if their fake stories are seen through by the rest of the world and are now openly threatening nuclear black-mail.

Italy is also in a panic over rumors they will be hit by an earthquake or nuclear device on May 11th. The group earlier threatening the Vatican with a suitcase nuclear bomb, for its part, says there will be no attack on the Vatican on May 11th.

A different group calling itself the Dark Brotherhood is also using the nuclear blackmail card and are threatening to “destroy the world” if a new financial system is not announced by June 1st.

The big threat, still hanging over us all, is of course World War 3 and nuclear holocaust.

On the financial side there are also many strange goings on. The battle between the fiat money printers and the supporters of an asset backed new financial system burst out into the open with a rash of fiat short-selling of commodities futures timed to coincide with hikes in margin requirements. The fall in commodities prices and subsequent rebound bought the fiat people some, but not much time.

Then there was the attack on Sony’s online consumer credit card database by the same “anonymous” group that attacked former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s internet infrastructure. This was a money grab also originating most likely with the fiat folk.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is also under intense attack. It started with a rash of regulatory torment against Toyota in the US. Then the tsunami shut down a crucial Toyota and Chinese parts operation. Now the Japanese government under Naoto Kan (pronounced “can not” in Japanese) is ordering that the electricity supply to their factories in their Nagoya operating hub be shut down. The reason for these attacks against Toyota is simple extortion. Years ago Toyota was given large sums of money by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their Japanese flunkies for the purpose of building industrial infrastructure. Toyota took a bunch of that money and set up a series of banks. The Feds, desperate to keep their fraudulent operations going a bit longer, are trying to force Toyota to cough up that money, according to Japanese security police sources. Toyota is saying no.

Despite all the chaos, fear and blustering going on, people must realize that such tactics are part and parcel of high-stakes negotiations. Because of the sensitive nature of these negotiations there is much we are being asked not to write at this time.

However, based on this information, we believe the end result will be world peace. The people in the Vatican seem to really think the world is going to end but that is just not true, the world is about to be reborn. World peace, an end to poverty, an end to environmental destruction and the release of new technologies will follow shortly after the announcement of a new financial system. A long predicted golden age is about to begin.

Ben Fulford, May 10, 2011

[2012 Indy Info]

What Is This? OMG! – Frequency or Particle Projection At Nexrad Station – 5/10/2011

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Here it is: last 12 hours on NEXRAD out of north Utah..

Notice the RED WAVE or BEAM particle projection that is occuring. WOW! never saw THIS before on RADAR.

hmm…out of north utah, shooting into the “eye” of the large swirling low pressure system currently parked over the area…


. . . . . . . . . . . . .

What Is This? OMG! – Frequency Or Particle Projection At Nexrad Station


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Climate Change Already Decimating Wildlife, Worst Changes Will Follow

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May 8, 2011 – SALMON, Idaho — A record number of big-game animals perished this winter in parts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming from a harsh season of unusually heavy snows and sustained cold in the Northern Rockies, state wildlife managers say. “Elk, deer and moose — those animals are having a pretty tough time,” said Wyoming Game and Fish biologist Doug Brimeyer. Snow and frigid temperatures in pockets of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming arrived earlier and lingered longer than usual, extending the time that wildlife were forced to forage on low reserves for scarce food, leading more of them to starve. Based on aerial surveys of big-game herds and signals from radio-collared animals, experts are documenting high mortality among offspring of mule deer, white-tailed deer and pronghorn antelope. This comes as big-game animals enter the last stretch of a period from mid-March through early May that is considered critical for survival. Wildlife managers estimate die-offs in the tens of thousands across thousands of square miles that span prairie in northeastern Montana, the upper Snake River basin in Idaho near Yellowstone National Park and the high country of northwestern Wyoming near the exclusive resort of Jackson. Brimeyer said the estimated death rate doubled among deer fawns in the Jackson area this year, rising to 60 percent or more from 30 percent. He said many thousands more elk have crowded the feeding grounds of the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, yet another sign of the toll winter is exacting. The trend also is pronounced in a wildlife management area near McCall in the mountains of central Idaho, where the estimated mortality rate among mule deer fawns is 90 percent this winter, compared with an average annual rate of 20 percent. -MSNBC

thanks Jamie

Climate change already decimating wildlife- worst changes will follow

[The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond]

The Plan to Divide and Conquer America At the New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free From the Crisis Engineers

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Vatic Note: PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THIS FAR AND WIDE. ITS GENUINELY TIME TO “WAKE UP” or expect to sleep forever. Remember the Iron Mountain Report which strongly suggested using an “ECODESTRUCTION” to move the unwary population toward globalizing, and that was written back in 1966. We know all about HAARP, we know all about creating Tsunamis now with micro nukes, and we know all about the infiltration at key military positions and intel positions by the satanists who are into these sorts of destructions and murder for their cult and religion. Click on that link and remind yourselves of the satanic world you will be living in alien to anything you have ever experienced before, these SICKOS already run NSA, and will be the rulers of the new world they want us to inhabit. A DARK AGES THE LIKES OF WHICH WE HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. They are already half way there when they blew the levees that were not necessary to blow.

So this is no longer in the realm of “maybe”, they have begun this, they know we know what they are doing, and they don’t care. They are committed and that will not change. Now, the question is, “HOW COMMITTED ARE WE?” AND THAT ANSWER will determine our fate. We also know that war games are or were going on when all the tornados began and are still continuing which is an anomoly now in nature which indicates its man made, so all the deaths and destruction can now be directly followed back to those in control of those facilities and operations.

Notice FEMA under the SPLC AND ADLDEPT OF HOMELANDSECURITY are no where to be found, no relief, no presence, etc, THEY DO NOT GIVE A SH*T ABOUT YOU OR YOURS, THAT IS THEIR TRADEMARK, no humanity whatsoever. MARK THAT DOWN AS EVIDENCE PLEASE. We now have someone to prosecute and obtain justice for doing these murders. Further, we now know our government is occupied by a foreign power who has already done other acts of terror against US citizens and property.

Given all we DO KNOW, its a cake walk to prosecute and this evidence is readily available to be given to any federal or state prosecutor who by law has to pursue such investigation or be liable himself for criminal action under the same laws of the crimes he refused to investigate. So we are building our trap slowly but surely by downloading these pieces of evidence.

This is an excellent article. Please read and see were the “loonie toons” running our country intend to take us. DOWNLOAD ALL EVIDENCE of criminal wrong doing in every area. Do not be taken in by elections that are preordained as we have seen since JFK. Know that not one soul supported and given exposure by the press, is a free agent, they will be owned. Please note WHICH COUNTRIES HAVE A HAARP FACILITY, AS THEY ARE ALSO NOW OUR ENEMY. Remember we are now going to be “BRUTALLY HONEST”?

Dividing And Conquering America At The New Madrid Fault
Thursday, May 05, 2011 12:20

Using Nature as a weapon against us all. The tornadoes and the storms surrounding the New Madrid Fault have not lessened, people are still suffering badly and there is still no sight of FEMA to help survivors; despite the FACT that FEMA has been on the scene (for the EXERCISE) since Apriil 3-8.
“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” - James Thurber

The Plan to Divide and Conquer America At the New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free From the Crisis Engineers
by Nicholas West and Zen Gardner, Activist Post and Before It’s News

The Powers-That-Be seem to be ramping-up efforts to drive a stake right into America’s heart(land). Natural disasters are on the rise, and an increasing amount of evidence is leading to the conclusion that these natural disasters might not be completely natural. (VN: he is being nice, but its time to quit being nice, its not working, its time to be brutally honest….. THESE ARE NOT NATURAL EVENTS AND WE KNOW IT. THESE WERE PLANNED AND WE CAN TELL, BY THE PURCHASES OF FOOD PACKETS AND BODY BAGS, WELL IN ADVANCE OF ANY FLOODING AND PRIOR TO ANY RAINS, ALSO THEY HAD WAR GAMES PLANNED AND IF 9-11 DIDN’T TEACH US ANYTHING, IT TAUGHT US THAT WAR GAMES ARE AN INDICATOR THEY ARE GETTING READY TO “KILL MORE AMERICANS”….. so how many do they have to kill before we start fighting back????)

Some already have speculated that we are entering a time of weather and earthquake wars, as the incidence of mega disasters has risen across the world. Is government experimentation simply going awry, or is it being orchestrated on purpose? Are they hiding behind or even amplifying current natural earth changes such as the strong solar cycle and the on-going magnetic pole shift to accomplish some furtive plot?

The hidden hand has always cloaked itself using a wide array of techniques to conceal its divide-and-conquer agenda. By owning the ultimate weapon — the very climate upon which we all depend — entire regions can now be put under a full spectrum of remote control already served up through climate change, economic instability, and the military-surveillance complex brought in under the false threat of terrorism.

Let’s first look at the evidence for the manipulation of natural disasters and the proposed government solutions, then move to the massive preparation being undertaken by FEMA indicating that something big is on the way for the area of The New Madrid Fault as indicated by the current cluster of disasters in the region. We’ll then finish with the solutions at our disposal to thwart the efforts of the elite cabal of gangsters that seeks control over humanity.

The Evidence of a Plan

Predictive Programming — This is where the groundwork is laid for directing people toward an imagined future. Through books, video games, movies, propaganda placement, and education, the passive receiving of orchestrated information can literally change the future. Elites have always been obsessed with mind control . . . and the best form is that which is the least obvious. The unaware are manipulated and controlled without a single shot being fired, or a single piece of legislation written. However, once one becomes attuned to their methods, it becomes incredibly obvious. Besides the constant bombardment of mega-disaster and end of the world scenarios, one prime current example is geoengineering (aka chemtrails). This chemical spraying has now wormed into movies and public places as an example for children to embrace the new normal of planes laying down a tic-tac-toe murky gloom across our skies.

HAARP –The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Gakona Alaska is under constant scrutiny, as researchers track its relationship to weather modification and earthquake activity. This facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone. Subsequent flooding is so severe and unprecedented that locals are even saying it seems like the whole area is sinking.

It is thought this weather manipulating technology is being tested and fine-tuned for worldwide use, as other such antenna arrays are located in Norway (EISCAT), Australia (Exmouth), and several other countries, as well as via space-based facilities. Benjamin Fulford is among those who claim to have spoken to insiders about specific threats made to Japan prior its 9.0 event. Video showing distinct vibrational patterns, as well as purported “punch holes” have been cited as evidence. Increased HAARP activity seems to correspond and, curiously, the HAARP site has been taken down. While the evidence that exists is somewhat tangential, HAARP’s stated capabilities are indeed ground penetrating.

Geoengineering — This might be the most obvious part of the elite plan for global control. Books like Ecoscience by Obama’s science czar, John Holdren; the military plans for Owning The Weather by 2025 ; and the recent Royal Society proclamations all point to a relatively small group of selected sociopaths who would love to play God with our climate, backed by ultra-elite front organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As described above, there already has been a conditioning program for people to accept seeing planes spray across the skies. Now, the evidence is in: it is a chemical cocktail which contains dangerous levels of toxic particulates such as barium and aluminum. Certainly Monsanto seems to have accepted this reality, as they were quick to develop an aluminum resistant gene to insert into their GM crops. (VN: Bill Gates owns Monsanto now)The recent mega-twister outbreak, which has led scientists to conduct a disaster autopsy, might also point to evidence of weather modification experiments that are facilitated by the presence of heavy metals in chemtrails that intensify the effect of manipulative EMFs.

The Ground Wave Emergency Network

Electromagnetic Control — It is known the toxic soup of electo-magnetic waves already in place through power lines, cell towers, WiFi, radio, television and a host of other broadcasting devices has a seriously deleterious effect on human health and mental well being. HAARP and its various localized outposts and GWEN towers (Ground Wave Emergency Network) has the known capability to affect human thought.

Another even more sinister capability using other inaudible ELF and UHF (extra low and ultra high frequency) electromagnetic signals is also in place since the 1990′s. This secret program nicknamed the “sounds of silence” operates within the frequencies the brain operates on, and the PTBs have been piggy-backing inaudible, subliminal programming to manipulate humanity for decades. No wonder so many are entranced by the media and the country appears to be so upset, confused, fearful and divided.

The Department of Defense even tested this Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) technology during the first Iraq war, causing unwary battle-tested Iraqi soldiers to act like submissive children running to American troops for protection. It’s also in use in the private sector and goes by the name of Silent Subliminal Presentation System and is used as an advanced marketing technique, among other things. It is believed this technology is one of the PTBs main tools being used for the subjugation of the American people.

Big Oil and Gas Fracking — Since September of 2010, nearly 800 earthquakes rattled Arkansas and the New Madrid Fault Line. The entire state only experienced 38 quakes in 2009. The New Madrid Zone is believed to be a part of a complex of faults that extends down the Mississippi Valley into The Gulf of Mexico. In fact, the oil volcano that was unleashed by the BP disaster last year is thought to be at the southern tip of this volatile area. Not only are oil and gas being extracted from beneath this zone at enormous rates, but an extraction process called fracking is further exacerbating seismic activity in the region and might even trigger a mega-quake. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pumps water and chemicals into the ground at a pressurized rate exceeding what the bedrock can withstand, resulting in a microquake that produces rock fractures. A close look at Arkansas’ history of earthquakes and drilling reveals a shockingly noticeable surge in quake frequency following advanced drilling. Fracking is now a global technique for finding natural gas.

Animal Die-offs — Perhaps the most puzzling, and one of the most alarming of unnatural phenomena recently has been the sudden and unexplained animal deaths. Many factors could be at play, but the increasingly apparent weather modification effort by the powers-that-be seems to be the primary suspect. Concentrated radio beams, both HAARP and local-based, have been detected in the very regions of these die-offs. The deliberate war on nature is also displayed by GM poisoning that is now leading bees to seal off parts of their hives as a defense mechanism.

Government Preparation

So, there are clearly elitists who wish to control populations en masse, and they are fully aware that much of their scientific experimentation with nature could have unintended consequences. For the eventuality of such chaos, they seem to be preparing to restore order with a rather harsh approach.

Back in 2009 Shepard Ambellas brought to light a mass grave site in Phoenix, Arizona, replete with plastic coffins and FEMA camp complexes. This has now been confirmed by many independent researchers, and is a theory endorsed by ex-governor and Conspiracy Theory host, Jesse Ventura, who was shocked to learn that this isn’t a theory at all; there really is a continuity of government agenda with 10 proposed FEMA regions to be controlled by selected governors. In fact, this police state agenda is so real that outside pressure led to the episode being pulled after release, and even remotely erased from the DVRs of TiVo, Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T customers. Nothing to hide? No plans? Right.

Doubters, or those who might feel comforted by the government’s version of disaster preparation, would do well to remember FEMA’s intervention following Hurricane Katrina and how horrendously that worked out for tens of thousands holed up in their stadium concentration camp where children weren’t even immune from rapes and beatings. By connecting the following dots, one should see that whether or not the chaos is deliberate, accidental, or even natural, one should think twice before entering the FEMA version of Club Med when societal collapse arrives.

–NLE 2011 — FEMA’s largest National Level Exercise in history has commenced. It reportedly involves over 1 million people. The states that are involved are those that already have experienced record tornado outbreaks, horrendous flooding, and consistent earthquake tremors. Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has detonated 250 tons of TNT in this fault zone to so-called mitigate flooding . Residents are now reporting that decontamination units have been set up as part of this “exercise”.

–FEMA has placed a rush order of $1 billion in dehydrated food.

Homeland Security has ordered expedited printing of over 350,000 national emergency detainee handbooks.

-The U.S. Navy released images of the future geography of America . . . divided nearly down the middle. (VN: Ok now this is evidence of treason. This is a US Navy map, not speculation, its evidence of planned harm and murder of millions of Americans, so now we have the legal and moral right to do the purging of the foreign occupying nations traitors. WE BETTER START CALLING ALL THIS WHAT IT IS. NO MORE DANCING AROUND IT, FOLKS, TIME TO THROW OFF THE MIND CONTROL, AND LOCK AND LOAD, FOCUS ON THE FOREIGN OCCUPYING ELEMENTS OF THIS TREASON AND NO ONE ELSE, YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND ITS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT PER SE, NOTICE THE “DETAINEE HANDBOOKS”: FEMA CAMPS RING A BELL???? , NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME I AM BEGINNING TO BELEIVE WHAT WE READ ABOUT SHACKLES AND BOXCARS.

As we consider the events that have taken place in this region over the recent past, there clearly is something major going on. Since Katrina we have witnessed dead birds and fish, increased earthquakes, The BP Disaster, and the worst disaster since Katrina: the mega-tornado outbreak.

Regardless of the theories (and evidence) showing signs of an attempt to orchestrate a divide-and-conquer strategy for America, we would do well to prepare ourselves for an increasing number of these disasters, as well as to prepare for the official response.

Solutions: It all comes down to self-sufficiency

Once we are alert to the machinations of the elite overlords, we can then devise our own plans for preparation and eliminate the fear that they require for our subservience. The system needs dependence from the population; we must, therefore, do all we can to reduce our dependence and render our would-be controllers impotent. Here are the 4 key areas where we can help ourselves, our families, and our neighbors break free from the elite stranglehold:


Of all the scams, the worldwide banking system is one of the most mind-boggling. Once you “buy into it” you’re already ensnared, and it’s either eat, or be eaten. That’s their design. Never mind the entire false premise of fiat money and the debt system — vast amounts of this illusory “currency” get shifted every micro-second in a wave of deceit and piracy. If we are to break free of our engineered financial shackles we must develop and promote competing currencies and barter systems. They are already trying to imprison people for doing just that, which is a sure sign that it is an Achilles heel. They can’t lock up everyone, so get started now developing your own private currency and discussing alternatives to The Federal Reserve fiat system.

Food and Water

This is the second main method of control the world over. Globalists use the IMF to literally use food as a weapon, which is exactly what was proposed in State Department Memorandum 200 from 1974 where Henry Kissinger addresses much of what we see happening across the globe in 2011. Food inflation already has begun in earnest, while environmental destruction is impacting food and water quality planet-wide. By all means begin by filtering your water . And it’s never too late to learn off-the-grid methods for food production such as aquaponics and permaculture. If you find that food growing is simply not possible, then learn where your local growers are so that you can support the strength of the community that can help you best in times of crisis. (VN: See Vatic Note above and revisit what was said and ponder it carefully over the next few days or weeks, depending on when they begin this process. Remember also there are 15 nuke plants along the madrid fault, so you must get your elected local officials to shut them down. Tell you law enforcement officers they are as vulnerable to all this as we are. I believe at least half of them are seriously worried and will not aid in this venture, but only time will tell on that, begin talking with them now)

Shelter and Skills

Much has been made of the massive rise in doomsday bunker purchases, as well as purchases to enter self-sustaining underground communities. This path is certainly not for everyone, as the most serious disasters could last for an indeterminate length of time.

Perhaps a better path is to stay mobile, rather than fixed. It is sad that many people have lost their permanent homes during the financial collapse; however, for those in such a position you might just be best suited toward survival. The ability to pick up and go has proven to be important as the fallout from the Fukushima disaster has circled the globe.

There is always someplace safe; it is important to identify where that is and be prepared to move when necessary. Rather than “running for one’s life” as a cowardly act, this should be viewed as running toward better opportunities when presented with adversity beyond one’s control.

All true survivalism depends on one’s ability to physically adapt, then to have the mental fortitude to make the best from unfortunate circumstances. Some key areas of focus are radiation protection, plug-in scalar technology, orgonite and EMP protection. With recent news from NASA that Comet Elenin is affecting Earth , it would be wise to also move to higher ground if possible.


We saved the best survival tactic for last. Ironically, the pooling of resources is the single most effective and inexpensive strategy to ensure your own independence. Disaster preparation can seem like an overwhelming task to take on single-handedly — much better to befriend people who are already skilled (and well-stocked) in certain areas. Every community already has people well-trained in mechanics, craftsmanship, food production, and tactical weapons.

Rather than try the nearly impossible task of gaining skills in all of these areas, offer your current skills, property, or ideas to other key people and strategize about what-if scenarios. Just such a project has begun in New Hampshire. The Free State project is a recruitment for liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire.

You can read their statement of intent to decide if this might be the path for you. This is a brilliant plan for people to connect with other like-minded individuals and carry out a shared goal. This erases the feeling of being alone, which lead so many people to inaction as they see their current neighbors turn a blind-eye to the problems we have outlined above.

We all sincerely hope that we don’t have to encounter a collapse scenario, but simple wishful thinking might not be enough; best to balance continued optimism with sound preparation.

* Nicholas West is a frequent contributor to Activist Post writing on topics such as HAARP, predictive programming, and government conspiracies real and imagined.

* Zen Gardner is the Contributing Editor for Alternative News at Before It’s News, and also posts at

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Plan to Divide and Conquer America At the New Madrid Fault; And How We Can Remain Free From the Crisis Engineers

[The Vatic Project]

HAARP I: “Owning the Weather” – Elitist Made Climate Disasters to Order

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Summary: You can see the CO2 climate hysteria with elite accusations against humanity for producing harmless CO2 in minimal amounts, an atmospheric CO2 increase of 0.00037% since industrialization began, as a circus performance with tragic clown numbers. Serious scientists have long turned their backs on this scam. But the case has a more serious side: The elite does what it can to create climate changes and weather disasters with the most advanced techniques of physics: nanoparticles and particles (chemtrails), particle radiation, and especially with HAARP, a fearful military weapon that is now directed against- all mankind. HAARP weapons are held by both the United States, Russia and China. The Press Core maintains that the US is waging a weather war on Russia and China – a dangerous game.

The official U.S. HAARP website has published its activities for years. But since the Press Core began writing about the short-term pattern changes that could be associated with violent weather changes, the U.S. government ordered the site closed for 3 weeks – and then ordered the HAARP pulses to be removed, which does leave visible traces, however.

In 1996, US military persons presented a paper to the US Airforce, “Owning the Weather 2025″, which states electromagnetic heating of the ionosphere to be a means to change the weather in order to harm the enemy and his communications in war. This weather change is part of the U.S. security policy.

In 1999, the EU Parliament issued a report on HAARP. It is described as a weapon that could cause catastrophic climate and weather change and eco-environmental abnormality, is in violation of international law and therefore should be prohibited. The U.S. is said to have made centuries-lasting disruption of the Van Allen Belt and large holes in the ionosphere (and Earth’s magnetic shield) with increased radiation on and incalculable consequences for humans. The U.S. has consistently refused to send representatives to EU hearings thereon.

But apart from this, the EU Parliament wants HAARP to be banned because it can affect the brain and manipulate people. HAARP is said to affect everyone’s mood and thoughts – and can thus be used to control peoples´ minds, which today could be in the EU’s interest! I.e., the elitists are using the CO2 climate lie as a scapegoat for the weather disasters that their HAARP, chemtrails, etc. are causing. Their motive besides military superiority: Possibly declared depopulation.


My latest post showed the deeply tragic clowning over the CO2 climate hoax. One tragic aspect is that the elite is permanently accusing mankind of being guilty of raising atmospheric CO2 from preindustrial 0.027% to now 0.037%, this being used for arguments to loot us through CO2 taxes and fees, grabbing dictatorial world government, which acc. to EU Council Pres. van Rompuy exists since 2009, and arguing for world population reduction. Of this very small quantity of CO2, only 1 percent is derived from human activity. But as will appear from the following, this accusation may very well be a cover-up for a real manmade climate change – brought about by the elitists! Thus, on April 28, 1997 Secretary of Defense William Cohen revealed that there are those who are “engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” About what specific terrorists was he talking, and how could they use electromagnetic waves to set off earthquakes and change climate?

Weather Modification

Press Core Updated April 21, 2011The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) website has been down for the past 3 weeks. It was ordered taken down by the US government to conceal US weather modification. HAARP’s waterfall charts and magnetometer charts gave evidence of an ongoing weather war between the United States government and foreign states. Evidence from HAARP’s own website revealed that the US government was acting in violation of the ENMOD treaty – use of weather modification techniques (HAARP) for the HAARP-weather-modificationpurposes of inducing damage or destruction. HAARP broadcasting data published on the HAARP website coincided with a number of recent HAARP-20.-apr.major catastrophes such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the 2010 Heat wave in Russia, the major floorings in 2010 in China and Pakistan and the major earthquakes in Haiti and Japan – all occurred since US president and commander-in-chief of the United States military Barack Hussein Obama took office.

Look at the HAARP waterfall chart for April 20, 2011 (left). The chart is missing data for approximately 1 hour. Since Press Core has been studying and writing about HAARP and how to recognize a weather modification incident HAARP data is being censored in exactly the same manner as seen by the chart for April 20, 2011. The HAARP waterfall chart for July 28, 2010 (right) shows what a HAARP weather modification broadcast looks like. The tight color band from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM is evidence of a HAARP weather modification broadcast. That type of data is being deleted from the waterfall charts – see chart for April 20, 2011.

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 by Col Tamzy J. House Lt Col James B. Near, Jr LTC William B. Shields (USA) Maj Ronald J. Celentano Maj David M. Husband Maj Ann E. Mercer Maj James E. Pugh (1996).

The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government.

In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications. Such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible.

In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Prior to the attack, which is coordinated with forecasted weather conditions, the UAVs begin cloud generation and seeding operations. UAVs disperse a cirrus shield to deny enemy visual and infrared (IR) surveillance. Simultaneously, microwave heaters create localized scintillation to disrupt active sensing via synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems. Other cloud seeding operations cause a developing thunderstorm to intensify over the target, severely limiting the enemy’s capability to defend.

Haarp6Communications Dominance via Ionospheric Modification

A number of methods have successfully been explored or proposed to modify the ionosphere, including charging via electromagnetic radiation or particle beams. Ground-based modification techniques employed by the FSU include vertical HF heating, oblique HF heating, microwave heating, and magnetospheric modification. Haarplys-norge246 Significant military applications of such operations include low frequency (LF) communication production, high frequency ducted communications, and creation of an artificial ionosphere.

Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather. A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability. They could also provide an atmospheric electrical potential difference, which otherwise might not exist, to achieve precisely aimed and timed lightning strikes. One major advantage of using simulated weather to achieve a desired effect is that the results of deliberate actions appear to be the consequences of natural weather

European Parliament 14 Jan. 1999 PE 227.710/fin. A4-0005/99
7. Considers HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) by virtue of its farreaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for its legal, ecological and ethical implications to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing; regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the high Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) programme currently being funded in Alaska;

29. Calls on the Commission, in collaboration with the governments of Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Russian Federation, to examine the environmental and public health implications of the HAARP programme for Arctic Europe and to report back to Parliament with its findings.

30. Calls in particular for an international convention for a global ban on all research and development, whet Haarp-cloud2her military or civilian, which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, including a ban on any actual or possible deployment of such systems.

HAARP-russianHAARP – a weapons system which disrupts the climate. On 5 February 1998 Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament held a hearing on the subject of which included HAARP. NATO and the US had been invited to send representatives, but chose not to do so.

The Russians, (left) too, have HAARP weapons as have the Chinese. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. An Elate system operates at Moscow airport. As indicated by the EU paper of 14 Jan 1999, HAARP is said to also be able to influence every ones mood and even thoughts and here– mind control of the unconvinced. Maybe that is the reason why all Danish politician submits to, even loves , the NWO and its commandments. Or could it be due to Rothschild´s money? Right: HAARP clouds – seen on a daily basis in Denmark.

HAARP is run jointly by the US Air Force and Navy, in conjunction with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Similar experiments are also being conducted in Norway, probably in the Antarctic, as well as in the former Soviet Union.(22) HAARP is a research project using a ground based apparatus, an array of antennae each powered by its own transmitter(23) The energy generated heats up parts of the ionosphere.

It is a weapon. The project would also allow better communications with submarines and manipulation of global weather patterns, but it is also possible to do the reverse, to disrupt communications. By manipulating the ionosphere one could block global communications while transmitting one’s own. Another application is earth-penetrating, tomography, x-raying the earth several kilometres deep, to detect oil and gas fields, or underground military facilities. Over-the-horizon radar is another application, looking round the curvature of the earth for in-coming objects.

From the 1950s the USA conducted explosions of nuclear material in the Van Allen Belts (24) to investigate the effect of the electro-magnetic pulse generated by nuclear weapon explosions at these heights on radio communications and the operation of radar. This created new magnetic radiation belts which covered nearly the whole earth. The electrons travelled along magnetic Haarp-hole-in-skylines of force and created an artificial Aurora Borealis above the North Pole. These military tests are liable to disrupt the Van Allen belt for a long period. The earth’s magnetic field could be disrupted over large areas, which would obstruct radio communications. According to US scientists it could take hundreds of years for the Van Allen belt to return to normal. HAARP could result in changes in weather patterns. It could also influence whole ecosystems, especially in the sensitive Antarctic regions.

Another damaging consequence of HAARP is the occurrence of holes in the ionosphere caused by the powerful radio beams. The ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic radiation. The hope is that the holes will fill again, but our experience of change in the ozone layer points in the other direction. This means substantial holes in the ionosphere that protects us (from cosmic radiation). This kind of research has to be regarded as a serious threat to the environment, with an incalculable impact on human life. Even now nobody knows what impact HAARP may have. We have to beat down the wall of secrecy around military research.

A series of international treaties and conventions casts considerable doubt on HAARP on legal as well as humanitarian and political grounds. The Antarctic Treaty lays down that the Antarctic may be used exclusively for peaceful purposes.(25) This would mean that HAARP is a breach of international law.

As seen from the above, HAARP is not “conspiracy theory”: It is a dreadful weapon as stated by the US Air Force and the EU against mankind – maybe even worse than nuclear weapons, because Chemtrail_poster360usa-231x300– as stated by the US Airforce – the results of a HAARP attack simulates natural catastrophes. The EU points out the secrecy surrounding HAARP, which is an offence against international law. The Press Core delivers probability that the US is waging a secret war against foreign states like Russia, China, Pakistan with drought and floodings.

Of course, it is problematic to decide if natural diasters are HAARP related or not. But due to the lack of transparency there now is a trend to connect any natural disaster or earthquake with HAARP attacks – excepting climate change – which seems so unfavourable to the US that it would be advantageous to open their HAARP activities to the public. But they don´t. Do they actually have HAARP crimes to hide?

As for the holes in the Ionosphere, NASA has recently discovered a gigantic hole in the magnetic shield around the Earth – which Georgia_guidestonesincreases the cosmic radiation at the same time as we have radioactive fallout from Fukushima and the US bombs with depleted uranium in Libya. It takes a good health to survive now.

The elite has tried to make mankind guilty of CO2–”pollution” with incredible energy – and shamelessly continue doing so although a large part of mankind have found out about the CO2 hoax. Something does indicate that a small elite are bringing about climate disorders, that a small clique of super rich one-worlders are the real climate crooks – although there is no global warming.

And they have a motive: They want population reduction and here and here and here. To the right the Georgia Guidestones admonishing the elite not to let mankind exceed 500 mio. persons.

I see a parallel between the Air Force military writing about using nanoparticles for cloud formation/seeding and the chemtrailing being coordinated by the Royal Society of London and supported by national governments and the EU. Chemtrailing spreads barium, arsene, Strontium etc. particles. For weather modification? For depopulation in the service of the 4 riders of apocalypse?

HAARP I: “Vi Ejer Vejret” – Eliteskabte Klimakatastrofer På Bestilling | HAARP I: “Das Wetter Besitzen” – Elite-Gemachte Klimakatastrophen Auf Bestellung.

HAARP I: “Owning the Weather” – Elitist Made Climate Disasters to Order


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Steve Quayle on The Vinny Eastwood Show – April 28, 2011

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P l a y l i s t

Steve discuses the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake, the Japanese nuclear disaster, preparation and drill around the U.S. New Madrid fault area. Steve believes that advanced weapons are responsible. Global forces wish to wipe out the old world and replace it with the New World Order.

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US Government Takes Down HAARP Website To Conceal Evidence of US Weather Modification and Manufactured Earthquakes

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Press Core

The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) website has been down for the past 3 weeks. It was ordered taken down by the US government to conceal US weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare activities against foreign states. The HAARP website was publishing very damaging evidence of US military weather modification and earthquake triggering operations against foreign states. HAARP’s waterfall charts and magnetometer charts gave evidence of an ongoing weather war between the United States government and foreign states. The magnetometer presented concrete evidence that HAARP triggered the Japan earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

HAARP’s magnetometer can be used to predict as well as give evidence of a HAARP created earthquake. A magnetometer measures disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth’s upper atmosphere. HAARP was broadcasting a 2.5 Hz frequency (the signature frequency of an earthquake) from just before midnight on March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. The 2.5 Hz frequency continued to be broadcasted and recorded by the magnetometer for another 10 hours the day of the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Scientists at the HAARP institute discovered that a 2.5 Hz radio frequency is the signature frequency of an earthquake. Since this discovery the HAARP phased array antennas have been used by the US military to beam the earthquake frequency into the ionosphere and the ionosphere reflects it back to Earth – penetrating as deeply as several kilometers into the ground, depending on the geological makeup and subsurface water conditions in a targeted area.. By beaming the frequency at a specific trajectory HAARP can trigger an earthquake any place on Earth. A short burst isn’t enough to disturb solid matter (the Earth crust) so they keep beaming the 2.5 Hz earthquake frequency for hours or days – until the desired effect is achieved.

US government takes down HAARP website to conceal evidence of US weather modification and manufactured earthquakes


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