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The World Is Watching. Has a Neutered Senate Gone The Way of Rome?

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‘Homeland’ Detains U.S. Senator

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In 509 B.C., Rome became a republic, a government in which power is controlled by the common people. It was under this Republic that Rome grew and expanded by conquest into the most powerful nation in the world at the time. As Roman territory increased, however, politicians and generals became more and more powerful and hungry for power. A series of events during the 1st and 2nd centuries B.C. led to the demise of the Roman Republic. Under the reigns of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, the Roman Empire was formed. The Empire was ruled by an emperor, who had complete control over his people. Power was no longer in the hands of the people . . . .

Under the Republic, senators were elected by the people to run the government. The vote of wealthy landowners counted for more than others and many elections were fixed by bribes. Extremely wealthy landowners, known as patricians, began to have more and more political power. Rich landowners and merchants were able to buy up most of the country land.

Caesar was elected consul in 60 B.C. He proposed laws that would gain the triumvirate even more power. When these laws were opposed, Crassus and Caesar resorted to violence and intimidation in order to get them passed. After a short time, the First Triumvirate began to crumble. Crassus was killed in battle in 53 B.C. Caesar, after his term as consul ended, was given a governorship of the area of southern France. Unheeding the word of the senate, Caesar raised his own army and led a path of conquest throughout all of Gaul.

After 8 years Julius Caesar returned. The senate was afraid that he might march on Rome with his loyal army. The senate’s fears proved correct. Pompey could not organize a counter offensive in time to save Rome, so he was forced to flee. Caesar marched into the city and appointed himself dictator. While the senate still existed, it was practically powerless against Caesar’s commands. The republic had died. While the senate still existed, it had little say in government matters and could certainly not challenge the word of the emperor. Ten Caesars came after Augustus to rule over Rome.

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Media Blackout of Defense Authorization Act

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by Joseph P. Farrell

A couple of weeks ago noted that a Republithug presidential candidate, whose first name resembles that of a lizard, made a remark during a presidential “debate” that basically inaugurated the principle of a two track system of law, one embodying our constitutional liberties, and another embodying the “notional security” requirements of our national security state, a legal system that effectively suspends all constitutional liberties for an individual if he or she is designated a national security risk. Well, now there is this:

The MEdia Black of the National Defense Authroization

What interests me here is the timing of all this, for I am not a bit surprised that the Dummycrooks and Republithugs would contemplate doing this, I’ve become that cynical about the political non-process of presidential selection in this country: “Here are our oligarchs=approved list of candidates, now choose from our pre-approved list.” I’m not surprised at that, as much as I am deeply cynical about the media blackout of any coverage of it.

The fact alone that there is no national nor public debate on this nonsense except for the lone voice of Ron Paul, who attempted to call out the Lizard on his slippery slope into tyranny. Let us be very clear: at no time in human history when such acts have been enacted to protect the “security” of “the People,” “das Volk” or “the peace of the realm” has it led to anything less than abuses of those acts against the people, since the act is inevitably used to silence voices of dissent, voices of protest, those who dare question the New Order of Things. That’s you and me folks.

It is my rather grim opinion that this is less directed at Iranian used car salesmen in Texas, or at crazed jihadists who might smuggle a nuke inside out borders, in spite of the billions we spend on our intelligence agencies, but rather is directed precisely at the voices of dissent, the Tea Partiers and Occupiers who have had enough of the crony capitalism of mercantilism, of banksters in the Fed bailing out their criminally irresponsible in the brokerage houses, mortgage houses, and corrupt and all-powerful banks.

But that should give, at least, some cheer, that they are getting that nervous to begin with. But make no mistake, the media needs to be held accountable for their neglect of this story. They need to to that they, too, are going to be held accountable for their slackery.


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